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  1. Spitballing here since it really does feel like there’s some kind of tie-in: any possibility that it could be a retro documentary on DVD / blu-ray? Sort of like Swans’ Where Does A Body End? that came out a couple of years ago? Band has been awfully quiet for a good while now, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were assembling footage and recording something special for a big sign-off. These trailers are also way more cinematic and visual than the teasers for prior midnight drops, so… I dunno. Complete speculation but something like that - involving a full band timeline - would check a lot of these theory boxes.
  2. I'm already seeing dates start to appear for state's venues. Something tells me that there's something more – an actual drop – at midnight. That matches the pattern they've done for the majority of their recent pre-orders, I'm pretty sure. Seems weird to make the East coast stay up so late just for a tour announcement, exclusively.
  3. An all-encompassing boxset would be a filthy move after all these individual boxes. I don't think I could do it. Is a farewell live album feasible? I think I still want the remaining albums to receive the same box treatment as everything else, first and foremost.
  4. Kinda’ wish our boy Scorpio didn’t throw a temper tantrum and get stuck on timeout. I appreciate that he’s boiling on a Sunday night but all these passive aggressive post-reactions aren’t nearly as entertaining as full-blown gif meltdowns. Ah well.
  5. 100%, a Seam box would be the dream. I’ll gladly take these individual reissues as a consolation prize at least. I sure hope the others are on the docket too. @MyEnemy: which Unwound were you too late to? CFACS or something? Because there really aren’t that many colored reissues (yet). What’s more, I don’t think any of them command $40+ on the aftermarket, either. Hate to say it but it feels like very few people give a shit about Numero bands outside of Duster and some box sets. That’s the impression I get, anyway. I think it’ll be a long time before you see any Unwound variants balloon in price… which is surprising when you consider that their cult following and the size of Numero’s runs. I do know what you mean about prioritizing, though. It’s tough for me to feel any sense of urgency to drop $30 on a colored variation of something I already own.
  6. Just being nosey here, but what boxsets were you considering swapping to black? I’m genuinely curious.
  7. I'm still pining for individual Unwound variants, for the remaining albums. Especially New Plastic Ideas. But yeah, hyped on Rex and more Karate quite a bit, too. Yeah, I was chatting about this just the other day. Notably how dumb it is – this disease – to be perfectly content with a boxset, but still desire a limited colored variant. You are right; Unwound reissues are more than fair game since the comp boxes use exclusive jackets. But for something like Bedhead? – it's so excessive but I'm actually not opposed to doing exactly what you described. Rebuilding the boxsets from the ground up with colored editions, so long as they sound as good or better. I know that jeopardizes "the integrity" of the box's original setup, but I have no plans to re-sell any of this stuff, and it's for my own enjoyment... so why not? I'd do it for Bedhead and Codeine especially. Duster, though, I'm already a big fan of the aesthetic of that Capsule box. There's no way I could sell off those clear / smoke copies for cheap, whereas I'd be comfortable doing that with black Codeine or Bedhead LPs from the box. Just my 2¢ anyway.
  8. [ Stockholm Syndrome pun goes here. ]
  9. It depends on the age restriction for the venue, I think. But jokes aside for second, even nostalgia bands that didn’t age well can put on a great show. My girlfriend got talked into seeing Korn some years ago and said that they genuinely killed it.
  10. The only thing funnier than dropping $50 on a jank Limp Bizkit bootleg is knowing that an equally meme label – Enjoy the Ride – is handling a "proper" reissue of Chocolate Starfish later this year. Probably worth saving your allowance for that one.
  11. That's a fair pick. The instrumental break after the chorus in that song is super annoying, even after all this time. Regarding that UK "indie" variant: it looks like they color-corrected the eye on the cover to match the vinyl. It seems especially noticeable if you compare it to the actual art that was circulating yesterday. If that's the real deal, I think it's pretty cool. And makes me wish that other countries would get a marbled blue / turquoise, or a green-yellow, or any other colors that the eye reflects from the "OG" art. I think there's purple, blue, green, and yellow in there.
  12. I was looking for the album’s biggest wince (😣), not win. Unless you slipped and meant to say worst song on the record? Haha.
  13. Wildly nice improvement over white. With the center label, that mock-up looks like the eye on the cover. 👁 Awesome. Shame it’ll be tricky to track down in the US though. Sites like Norman Records - one of my favorites for imports - confirmed they were not offered to sell brown copies, so their exclusive is white.
  14. Wholeheartedly agree about the production. First pass though, neither of them are clicking as much as their previous work for me. I’m open to that potentially changing, but I find myself really struggling to convince myself that I need this at the moment.
  15. So did anyone actually listen to these new songs – since they dropped tonight on streaming platforms – or was it just a mad scramble to cop ‘cause new Crosses?
  16. Is that the new Crosses we’re getting this year? 2 songs across a 10”? Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but… 😶
  17. New Year are good for sure. I’m still missing 1 or 2 of their LPs but I love that they’re constantly like $11 or $12 (new) on Discogs.
  18. Fat man fat nerd funny gif lol XD But yeah, "Worst Episode Ever" totally makes sense when discussing pre-orders. 👍
  19. What is the biggest wince moment for ya’ll on EN? That’s the real juicy question. I’m not sure if it’s Regina’s vocals on the chorus of Electric Blue or maybe the lyrics to Chemistry. Peter Pan is so unbelievably goofy that it actually kind of won me over with its absurdity.
  20. Gotta' say that out of nowhere, for me, Neon Bible has really clicked more than usual in the last 5 years or so. No idea what happened. Always thought it was good / decent but I'd place it way higher on a list. (I'm lousy at lists.)
  21. Randy summed up what I was planning to write later tonight or tomorrow – a no meme, genuine response on what's happening vs. what the skewed perception is. There's a lot of accusations of seniority and elitism that get thrown around these days. (And it's definitely fun/ny to lean into those, sometimes.) But if you can't tell the difference between what went down on page 1 of this thread, and - say - one of us browsing sale threads and posting "lol great, another pandemic collector. This is all trash. Just quit this hobby you fucking casual"... I mean, I don't really know what to tell you. The same people being accused of bullying or acting as part of a toxic tribe are also the same ones who've actively participated in MUSIC discussions over the last decade. (Stop yourself right now and realize this is different from seniority. Think critically for once in your life and realize that's entirely separate from what I'm saying here.) Like Randy said, there are already sources and platforms to be spoon-fed PO links. Reddit and Facebook groups come to mind instantly. But VC has generally been about more than just that, and a lot of the "old-timer" members know that. If you don't understand that, or don't like it, that's perfectly cool... but with that, your ignorance comes at the cost of being able to use terms like circle jerk or toxic tribe. You forfeit those when you're too fucking dense to realize the heart of VC has always been the community and the discussions. Not the SRC links. I'm not gonna' keep rambling because at this point I'm just repackaging everything Randy took the time to convey an hour ago. I'm only writing this to dispel the bullshit notion that any of us are actively opposed to newcomers discussing music. I think it's cool to see discussions on artists and new releases – especially if they're relevant to me, but even if they're not my cup of tea – and that's absolutely not coming from Wasda or the folks that generally gravitate to his threads. Which is why nothing of any value is lost when topics like this one go off the rails. Moreover, I think it's complete bullshit to perpetuate this idea that myself and several other VC old timers get off by shitting on anyone who's enthusiastic about bands we don't like. Couldn't be further from the truth, and I hate the idea of a guest potentially seeing some MrSchizo rant and having it shy them away from joining and partaking on the boards, for fear of VC vets dismantling their tastes or whatever. That's nonsense and needs to stop.
  22. I can see where the TWOD comparisons are coming from and they're honestly not that far-fetched. Gotta' agree that I'm getting way more Suburbs energy from this than anything they've done in a long while though. And I'm in a very small camp that didn't completely hate Everything Now – though it absolutely has some of their worst material to date – but I'll still gladly add this to my 2022 Anticipated list.
  23. Whoops! It appears you've responded to one of my posts despite claiming you have me blocked. Instead of trying to stir shit, maybe consider fucking off and sticking to some hyper right-wing subreddits.

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