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  1. Have found a couple since last update posting. Still looking for LPs listed above.
  2. Still looking for the LPs above. Appreciate the help.
  3. Found a few more. Thanks to those who have contacted me - I do appreciate it. Keep them coming.
  4. Just checking back in - have located a few more. Mining Gold - sent you a PM.
  5. Still searching - list is dwindling ever so slowly. Let me know if you have anything on my list. Thanks
  6. Still looking - let me know if you have any of these. Thanks very much.
  7. Found a few since posting this - thanks to those who replied - I do appreciate it.
  8. Been collecting comedy LPs for many moons - have over 3500 different LPs, which makes it harder to find stuff I don't have. Here are a few I am still hunting for. Let me know if you have any of these or anything else that is definitely off the wall. Thanks Bedell, Lew – Who The Hell Is Lew Bedell Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett – Best of the Brewmaster Clarence of Arabia – Same Thomas Forrell and Pollack Associates – Did You Say Humor Gas Man of Alka Seltza - Same Eddie Le Roy – Great Tradition O.W. Long – All About the Frozen Owl Business Miami Beachcombers - … In Person Tommy Moore – Did I Say That Mortimer – Unkie Dunkie The Baloney Slicer Scott, Jim – No Title Thomas, Brian – What Can I Tell You To Bill A Cocking Bird – same Danny Victor – same Weeks, Joe - Good Old Days