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  1. Been excited for this doc since I heard about it last year, hope to catch it soon - no idea where/how at this point though. I still have the original metal box Black Box, so I really don't need this soundtrack.
  2. Yeah I never quite warmed up to it, save for a few songs. Lacking hooks for sure. Have you heard the self-titled EP and Giddy Boys 7"? Both excellent pre-Sacred Bones releases.
  3. Fuck yeah, love this band. I preferred Catharsis over Subordination, but this new track sounds great and more in the style of the early stuff. I won't pre-order because I'm moving next month and might change jobs soon too, wouldn't know where to send it.
  4. Their last album was ok, I suspect this one will be too. Hope I can catch 'em on the tour, as they were great on the last tour!
  5. Sweet, not long after Plum which I liked quite a bit. I'm due for a revisit of that one.
  6. Looks like they're stacked, not vertical. What's strange is that the boxes don't appear square in the other photos. They look tall (too tall for 12s to stack vertically) and longer than 12". Yet in this photo, they're clearly square.
  7. A Josh Homme Christmas song? No thanks. Although tbh I don't give a shit about a Christmas song from anybody.
  8. Cool. Although I might be getting tired of their style, the MF DOOM colab was just decent. 01 “Back at Ringside” 02 “Face Off” 03 “Iron Claw” 04 “Czarrcade ’87” 05 “Powers and Stuff” 06 “Masked Superstars” 07 “Morning Ritual” 08 “Super Soldier Serum” 09 “The King Heard Voices” 10 “Listen to the Color” 11 “Mongolian Beef” 12 “(Post Credits Scene)”
  9. JESUS, somebody on Discogs wants $224 for s/t. I got mine for $80 (NM) on Discogs March last year.
  10. Hmm - I might have picked one up when I was in LA (& Amoeba for the first time) a few weeks ago if I'd seen them.
  11. Seems like LP5 In the Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing From Your Mind is out today (at least digitally) - combining the 3 EPs from this year plus an additional 5 tracks. You can stream it on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/album/7xaaWnqHbVIJYBOFadtXKC?si=swKJfU26QxqDl-rnVErLJA The artwork on these EPs has been quite terrible. Can't judge a book by its cover and all, but it's kept me from being that interested in them.
  12. Looking forward to this, I liked the track with his wife from Freedom Goblin. Also I like some work from The Cairo Gang.
  13. Guess so. 2500 just doesn't seem like a lot for the standard worldwide release. I haven't paid attention to previous album pressing numbers as they relate to retail sales, since I've pre-ordered them or purchased them via Discogs after the fact.
  14. Streaming this today for the first time. Dang why's it gotta be so damn long? 78 minutes! I mean yes, b'lieve was 60 and Wakin was about 70 min, so I guess that's his MO and I'm not sure why it's a surprise, but it's a bit excessive to me. b'lieve felt too long because to me it didn't have as many strong tracks as Wakin. This one so far who knows, I've definitely been enjoying ti so far but I doubt it'll justify the length (to me). Hardly any albums can really justify being over an hour for me. I caught this lyric from "One Trick Ponies" while walking to work this morning and it certainly rang true: "Cause I've always had a soft spot for repetition."