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  1. Sadly missed out on the Metamorphosed pre-order. Glad to hear there will be a wider repress. Seems like an album, with a runtime of 42:42. Although half of that is consumed by one track. Pre-ordered Weirdo Hairdo this morning, though. Curious about Panther Rotate (the remix album).
  2. So far, alphabetically. Expecting the new Oh Sees in the mail today so that'll probably be included once I hear it. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – X: The Godless Void and Other Stories Against All Logic - 2017 – 2019 The Cool Greenhouse – S/T Crack Cloud – Pain Olympics Datassette – Void Fill Product Hum – Inlet Nicolás Jaar – Cenizas Cindy Lee – What's Tonight to Eternity Men With Secrets – Psycho Romance and Other Spooky Ballads Police des moeurs – Péril Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – Innocent Country 2 R.A.P. Ferreira – Purple Moonlight Pages The Seneschal Arrives – Haze of Reality The Serfs – Sounds of Serfdom Stuck – Change Is Bad
  3. USPS status finally updated today, to say it arrived at LA distribution center and is expected to be delivered Sept. 16. 😑 That "label created" shit 5 days ago really got my hopes up for delivery this week.
  4. Mine's still showing as Label Created from Saturday. Expecting any day I guess. USPS tracking is whack.
  5. Very very much looking forward to this. Love the standard album and track lengths.
  6. Had to revisit Room(s) and Vapor City yesterday as I don't recall being that into them. Pretty good listens, with Room(s) being a bit more eventful and engaging. And I didn't try the last one, Human Energy. These new tracks sound pretty good, a bit more like Want to 1 2? which I liked quite a bit.
  7. This is how I feel about s/t. Can we stop letting the strength of White Pony negatively influence the rating of this album? If any one of their later albums had directly followed White Pony it would have suffered the same lackluster response. I'm in the same boat – I've never disliked any of their albums but the first 4 are the strongest. And as suggested by a few, age certainly does have a lot to do with it (as it could for many long-running bands). I started listening when Around the Fur came out and it remains my favorite. I think the evolution of my taste in music has also had an impact on my enjoyment of all subsequent albums. But I feel the drop-off came after s/t – I like Saturday Night Wrist, Diamond Eyes, and Koi no yokan pretty equally, but was definitely less impressed by Gore. Or again, it could be that I haven't been the target audience for a while. Since andrewlucas asked, here are my rankings: Around the Fur > White Pony > Adrenaline > Deftones > Koi no yokan > Diamond Eyes > Saturday Night Wrist > Gore
  8. Stoked! New track sound good and I'm happy to see lean track lengths and overall runtime. Also gonna wait for Castle Face variants.
  9. Nice, one of his best. I think I first discovered him via the track "Skip Town" on a DJ Spooky mix a couple years after this album came out.
  10. I'll be buying the hell out of this as soon as it's available from a local retailer. On the fence about Dry, since I bought an original on Discogs a few years ago. It's not as nice a copy as I expected it to be, especially the sleeve, but it plays pretty good and it'll do for the times I play it.
  11. My memory of this album is from the early 2000s, driving back from Austin to Houston with an acquaintance that wouldn't stop fucking talking and I kept turning this up incrementally, saying things like "damn check this shit out" every chance I had.
  12. Woah I am old. I bought this on cassette when it came out...their first new release after I got into them. I'm not compelled to own it on vinyl, but I could go for a re-visit in digital form.
  13. Oh shit this is hilarious and also why did it take so long
  14. It's pretty annoying to see this kind of stuff appear at the very beginning of December tbh. How is the year "wrapped" when there's a whole month of listening left? I use last.fm and submit all physical plays as well as those from my iTunes, so Spotify on its own isn't very meaningful for me. It's still fun to look at, but again stupid in early December. Though I know that's the thing to do across the whole music world - sharing Best Of/AOTY lists starting in November because as soon as the holidays start rolling around nobody cares and it's all about looking forward to the next year. /rant
  15. Nice. I'm not too familiar with their material but I do love Mickey Young and Total Control. I've only listened to their S/T, should check out the other two in the next few weeks. I like the new track.
  16. If I had some rad 70s muscle car still equipped with an 8-track I'd certainly jump at the opportunity to blast some Oh Sees from it. But it's an easy pass otherwise. Good job it's so limited because what's the audience, aside form hardcore collectors who most likely have never even owned an 8-track player? Until now I guess.
  17. I can't fault someone for making a bootleg and others for buying it when the band hasn't released what fans want. But yeah the color choice was dumb.

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