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  1. Chrisbenci

    ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    ATTACK ATTACK! - Someday Came Suddenly. 1st Press. /300 sold out https://www.ebay.com/itm/123618771840
  2. Chrisbenci

    ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    Animals as Leaders - The Joy Of Motion BLUE 2LP starting price is 99 cents!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Animals-As-Leaders-The-Joy-of-Motion-VINYL-BLUE-LP-periphery-instrumental-rare/123615303538
  3. Selling a pristine copy of Angelmaker - Dissentient on vinyl. This item is sealed and has never been opened. /200 Indiegogo exclusive
  4. Chrisbenci

    FS: The Maine - Imaginary Numbers /500

    bump! wanna get rid of this today pm me lets work something out:)
  5. Chrisbenci

    PO: The Maine - American Candy

    does ANYBODY have the Sleep EP they put up on their site for 5 bucks around a year ago? missed it and id really like one
  6. Selling , The Acacia Strain - Continent TEST PRESS The Acacia Strain - 3750 TEST PRESS Message me with an offer!
  7. Chrisbenci

    The Maine- Stay up, get down

    anyone have an idea about the pressing colors? on their insta and twitter the vinyl was blue, and on discogs somebody posted a picture of an off-white variant. maybe they did 500 of each?
  8. anybody know if there is a way to download the Live 2009 10inch digitally?? NEED this on my iphone. anyone got a download link? not equiped for ripping from vinyl myself
  9. Chrisbenci

    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    everything about this thread is entertaining
  10. Selling a bunch of vinyl, shipping 4$ inside US. can ship same day/next day. No fixed prices, message me if you're interested Black Tongue - Born Hanged (purple and bone variant) *Sealed Periphery - Self Titled (unknown variant) *Sealed Counterparts - Prophets (Orange) *Sealed Counterparts - Prophets (Electric Blue) *Sealed Northlane and In Hearts Wake - Equinox (Green Splatter) *Sealed Humanities Last Breath - Self Titled (Red) *Sealed xSpongecorex - Brutal Bikini Bottom Beatdown (Green) The Contortionist - Exoplanet [Remastered] (Blue and Green split) *Sealed The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots.. (Green Mint) *has seem splits on inner sleeve August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places (OxBlood Red) *Sealed
  11. Chrisbenci

    WTB: Erra Drift