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  1. selling the Cloudkicker Box Set (splatter variant) /500, never opened it message me lets work something out!
  2. SELLING Cloudkicker 10 year Box Set - Opaque Splatter The Maine - American Candy (1st Press Light Blue) *Sealed The Maine - American Candy (1st Press Pink) *Sealed The Maine - Forever Halloween (Black & Orange Split) The Maine - Imaginary Numbers (Blue) Periphery - S/T (1st Press /50 Blue & White Mix) no set prices, negotiable!
  3. can somebody who is going to the tour maybe get me one of these? i cant get out there and its not online anymore anywhere. ive collected everything on vinyl from the maine and NEED this
  4. hey bud! i messages you about a couple records! please let me know

  5. i am selling a mint condition copy, WHITE press, of the album "Wolves Within" by After The Burial. Message me with an offer and we can talk about it!
  6. ATTACK ATTACK! - Someday Came Suddenly. 1st Press. /300 sold out https://www.ebay.com/itm/123618771840
  7. Animals as Leaders - The Joy Of Motion BLUE 2LP starting price is 99 cents!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Animals-As-Leaders-The-Joy-of-Motion-VINYL-BLUE-LP-periphery-instrumental-rare/123615303538
  8. Selling a pristine copy of Angelmaker - Dissentient on vinyl. This item is sealed and has never been opened. /200 Indiegogo exclusive
  9. bump! wanna get rid of this today pm me lets work something out:)
  10. does ANYBODY have the Sleep EP they put up on their site for 5 bucks around a year ago? missed it and id really like one
  11. Selling , The Acacia Strain - Continent TEST PRESS The Acacia Strain - 3750 TEST PRESS Message me with an offer!
  12. anyone have an idea about the pressing colors? on their insta and twitter the vinyl was blue, and on discogs somebody posted a picture of an off-white variant. maybe they did 500 of each?
  13. anybody know if there is a way to download the Live 2009 10inch digitally?? NEED this on my iphone. anyone got a download link? not equiped for ripping from vinyl myself
  14. everything about this thread is entertaining
  15. Selling a bunch of vinyl, shipping 4$ inside US. can ship same day/next day. No fixed prices, message me if you're interested Black Tongue - Born Hanged (purple and bone variant) (clear variant) sealed* ? forget which one is sealed Periphery - Self Titled (unknown variant) original press /50 *Sealed Counterparts - Prophets (Orange) *Sealed Counterparts - Prophets (Electric Blue) *Sealed Northlane and In Hearts Wake - Equinox (Green Splatter) *Sealed Northlane - Node ( 7 inch series) still has shrink wrap on it never played. [ill take what i payed for on this idc ehat its worth i just would like it out of my collection i have nowhere to put it] Humanities Last Breath - Self Titled (Red) *Sealed xSpongecorex - Brutal Bikini Bottom Beatdown (Green) The Contortionist - Exoplanet [Remastered] (Blue and Green split) & (back hole color) *Sealed The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots..(Green Mint) *has seem splits on inner sleeve - SOLD August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places (OxBlood Red) *Sealed The Maine - American Candy (Bubblegum Pink /500) & (Light Blue /1000) & (HotTopic White/Blue Swirl /500) all sealed* The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely (Purple/Black Split /500) sealed*

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