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  1. I got the Black with White "clouds"... very underwhelming to say the least.. there is white but it's few and light..
  2. finally was able to finish and submit my order... sites kind of up but super slow.
  3. So if I pre-order NOW, then it's assumed what I order is the "deluxe" edition? Once those 2500-3000 run out then it might be just a standard edition? Sorry.. first time ordering from SRC.
  4. What's the verdict on other pressings, have they been good/sound okay? Bullmoose has one that's being released tomorrow and one that's being on Dec. 11th. Edit- they fixed it. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/21227591/all-american-rejects-all-american-rejects
  5. Likes others have said, dude you need to re-work your prices.. no one will pay those prices those albums...
  6. If still available. Motion City - Even Of It Kills Me.. Interested.
  7. Just looked at mine closer.. It has just a slight warp to it. Barely noticeable... Not sure it's worth replacing? How bad was your warp?
  8. Minnesota reporting. Got mine in today. . Love the surprise element of this. Vinyl is gorgeous and sounds amazing. The lyric book is also super nice.
  9. ha. i noticed if you hold it up the light, you see a "splatter" in the center like the picture showed.
  10. Got mine today as well. Splatter is really missing.. But I like the green. Sounds amazing too.
  11. I got my shirt/sticker and poster yesterday but no Vinyl.. so I imagine that it actually has been delayed.
  12. I haven't seen anything from Merch Now in regards to shipping.. but the album was released on Friday and my shipment says "Estimated Delivery of 9/11/2015" ? i hope that's not right..
  13. Bundles.... Grabbed the x2 Vinyl with Etched D Side and poster.. Why they hell is shipping from Merchnow so high? $11 is a little high..
  14. Spinning right now. Sounds great. I did notice that Except me is #3 but on the sleeve it's #7? No big deal.
  15. This Time Next Year and or 40 Hour Train.

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