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  1. Can't believe I forgot to put the link 😅 https://www.discogs.com/user/codyoster/collection
  2. Slowly getting out of the hobby, trying to clear some space so if you see anything in my collection you're interested in send me a message and we can work out a deal
  3. I worked at a record store 2013-2016, it's my understanding from the policy of the store I worked at, if the record was defective in any way the store would refund you, and the store would contact the distributor for a replacement, the record label sells stock to distributors and record shops buy from distributors, there is no interaction between a record shop and a record label, so the label has no responsibility to replace defective records. It's the responsibility of the place you bought it from. FYI for anyone who doesn't understand how things work behind the scenes
  4. I ordered the rolling stones from you, but I never got a receipt or order confirmation?
  5. Because I dont harass the same user constantly? I've been on the boards for quite a few years now and I've noticed a steady decline in users and activity here and I'm pretty sure its the trolls and gatekeepers that keep people away. I'm just advocating for less of that attitude so more people feel accepted here.
  6. If you dislike a post why bother commenting an asshole remarks on it? It makes my eyes roll out of my head every time I have to read a snarky Derek comment on here as much as a spam bot post makes his eyes roll and makes him be an asshole troll, so why can he do that but nobody else?
  7. Personally I have no problem with low effort spam bot posting on this site, I dont believe every release needs a full on discussion. Maybe I just need to see something is available to buy and that's helpful as a collector. I dont want to speak for the rest of this "community" as you like to but I'm sure there are people on here who feel the same. You seem to be the only one who feels the need "to be an asshole and repurpose a thread for (your) entertainments sake" which is why I said you had a superiority complex, because you make the whole thing about you.
  8. I read every thread if I'm bored enough, not just the music/bands I listen to, so I see your posts enough to be annoyed by them as much as you're annoyed by the person who started this thread. You just seem to have a superiority complex on this forum that your tastes should dictate what gets posted here and how, just seems pretty low to comment on every thread this person starts just to voice your disapproval. No one cares if you have better taste and even if you objectively do have better taste, that does not give you the right to police what gets posted here.
  9. And your opinion about what gets posted on this forum is more important than anyone else's because....? I dont see you contribute new threads as much as I see you talk shit
  10. Didn't expect much from this record but it has some tracks, production seems pretty rough though, hows the record sound?
  11. I had a guitar and amp stolen out of my car after playing a show and I'm trying to get some funds to buy some new gear. https://www.discogs.com/user/codyoster/collection Message me an offer an something if you want to make a deal on anything in my collection
  12. Thumbs up for Ovlov and Anxious. I'll have to check out the others. I haven't seen foxtails mentioned here they are closer to screamo but really great https://fffoxtails.bandcamp.com/
  13. I ended up buying the regular version of this comic because they didn't have the deluxe version at my local comic shop and now I'm hooked on the story. Hopefully I can track down all the deluxe versions down the road