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  1. There's no way this will be limited, they want that posthumous money. At least that's what I'm telling myself to not buy this right away since I'm unemployed at the moment. I'm not even a huge fan but this would be cool to have
  2. It's simultaneously their heaviest, catchiest and most experimental, gonna be jamming this a lot
  3. CatsNJazz

    PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

    This album is.... actually good? I mean my expectations were as low as they could be but this is a good listen front to back
  4. This band can do no wrong
  5. Satan In The Wait sounds like Self Defense Family trying to cover The Jesus Lizard, in a good way.
  6. There will be a standard black wide release according to my local store
  7. http://www.joyvoid.limitedrun.com/products/625092-joy-void-020-mathew-lee-cothran-my-first-love-mends-my-final-days I didn't see a thread for this yet and the /100 variant is still available so I figured I would post it here and let you all in on this. I love everything Mat puts out and this record is one of my favorites this year, don't sleep!
  8. CatsNJazz

    Repress: Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun

    Awesome, It seems like this will be a wide release so I'll hold off for now but this is very good news
  9. CatsNJazz

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    They sound really good so I'm not complaining, but still... haha honestly just really happy to have these. The nostalgia is hitting me hard as I'm listening to Mezmerize right now. I think I'm gonna wear my 'vintage' SOAD mushroom shirt tomorrow to feel even more like I'm living in 2005
  10. CatsNJazz

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Got mine in just now, I was thinking the artwork was going to be extremely pixelated and they're just a little blurry, Hypnotize isn't blurry at all compared to the others
  11. I haven't but I saw then in my local shop, they didnt seem to imply 180 g on the sticker or anything