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  1. Just got an email confirming I will be getting the signed photo print and my order should arrive on release day. Glad I didn't hesitate to order!
  2. This band uses to play in my friends basements now they are recording with Will Yip. Crazy small world
  3. I blindly pre ordered the red splatter based off seeing the Fox video and it was one of the best vinyl decisions I've made on a whim, AOTY for me so far.
  4. Got the splatter because it was the first link I saw lol this week of releases has been bad on my wallet
  5. Picked up that deluxe, been waiting years on this one!
  6. I didn't realize anyone outside of Colorado knew this band lol
  7. The last show I saw before shows were canceled was Cloud Nothings, they turned Wasted Days into the craziest jam I've ever seen, Jayson is one of the best drummers I've ever seen play, I'm hoping this record is in the jam- jazz-punk style they lean into occasionally
  8. New Cloud Nothings album out tomorrow, self released and unclear if there will be a vinyl release. The last album was good but overall is probably my least favorite. Cloud Nothings have a new album coming tomorrow (July 3). It’s called The Black Hole Understands. The group is self-releasing it on Bandcamp, coinciding with the platform’s next day of waiving its fees to help artists through the COVID-19 pandemic. The band wrote and recorded The Black Hole Understands remotely while self-isolating in the early weeks of the pandemic, finishing the tracks over email. A 25% cut of the proceeds from album sales will benefit the music-education nonprofits Play On Philly and the Rainey Institute. The Black Hole Understands: 01 Story That I Live 02 The Sound of Everyone 03 An Average World 04 A Weird Interaction 05 Tall Gray Structure 06 A Silent Reaction 07 The Mess Is Permanent 08 Right on the Edge 09 Memory of Regret 10 The Black Hole Understands Edit for more info
  9. Is that third guitarist the same dude from the band Bugg? That Bugg record is highly underrated
  10. Are those white spots on the orange vinyl the same character as on the album art? I dont see any mention of there being an etching or a screen print on the record so I'm curious what that is Edit- nvm it is an etching, I went and read the fine print