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  1. Was hoping to just pick this up at my local shop but they didn't get any copies and now it's pretty much sold out everywhere. If anyone has a lead on a copy at retail hmu
  2. Yeah, I read things people write in here, thats the point. I also can retain information, which is why I dislike you and Derek so much, every thing you both post on here is unpleasant and it ruins the fun for most of us
  3. Says the guy that is obsessed with multiple users on here. Didn't you already pull the cuck joke on Ben last week? Seems like you're the one projecting in here
  4. Derek and Shelby bother me more than anyone on this site, Much more than harmless Kramer. I'd rather someone post about a PO no one cares about on a forum that is used for this exact purpose than 30 year old bros thinking they get to be the VC Police.
  5. My copy is a mispress, I ordered from Zia, not sure it will be worth the hassle to return it
  6. The tracks are up on spotify too, maybe we'll get a 7 inch
  7. Damn, the VMP variant will probably be the regular subscription price, so like $20 less than the black
  8. The new song is not good, what happened to this band 😢
  9. I emailed revolver asking where my order is at. They said it is still being manufactured and will be shipping in June lol
  10. I ordered the standard Loveless from the MBV store because it said it was shipping from the US, but it's been delayed in transit, and I also bought the deluxe Isn't Anything from the MBV store and it arrived today from the UK. Wild.
  11. https://www.beindependent.com/p/28792330/unwound-challenge-for-a-civilized-society-global-splatter-vinyl-limited-global-splatter-vinyl-amped-exclusive My local has exactly one in stock Edit- Zia has some too https://www.ziarecords.com/p/12928086/unwound-challenge-for-a-civilized-society-global-splatter-vinyl-amped-exclusive
  12. Still waiting on my copy I ordered from Revolver. The last email I got from them said all orders were expected to be sent out by 4/30/21
  13. I was able to order a gold just now, surprised it lasted this long

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