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  1. Shipping is included in the price listed and I only accept payment from paypal, I will also discount larger orders, don't be afraid to make me an offer. Daughters- You Won't Get What You Want- Clear w/ Black smoke- $60 VG+ My Bloody Valentine- Loveless (2018 Remaster) - $120 VG+ These Arms Are Snakes- Oxeneers... - White- $40 VG+ Brainiac- Bonsai Superstar - Repress- $50 VG+ Tiny Moving Parts- Celebrate- EU tour Variant Trans Blue w/ Clear splatter/100- $60 - VG+ Beach House- Devotion VMP Splatter-$20 VG+ Duster - Capsule Losing Contact- $65 VG+ Interpol- Turn On The Bright Lights !0th Anniversary edition- $80 VG Touche Amore- PTTBBAM- Clear/100- Friends and Family Variant- $80 VG+ Gorillaz- Demon Days VMp Red- $40 VG+ Ride- Nowhere- Reissue- $55 VG+ I have way too much stuff to list so I will post a link to my collection, just message me if you see something you are interested in and we can probably work something out. Thanks for looking https://www.discogs.com/user/codyoster/collection
  2. That's pretty sick, although I haven't spun my green copy enough to really justify a double dip
  3. Still my favorite band, I'm excited! Hopefully they go on a full tour this summer
  4. I never expected Tyler to stay around for as long has he has and I'm really surprised at how much better he gets every couple of years. This is definitely his best album yet
  5. I'm digging it quite a bit after my first listen
  6. I got mine on friday but just listened to it last night and I have a huge scratch on side c across all the grooves and it hisses all the way through and skips on the second song. Side D is equally scruffy but hard to tell because I have the clear variant. I order through deathwish so I doubt they could send me a replacement. Same thing happened to me with the Slow Crush record because of the way they shipped them. Huge bummer
  7. Is this the pressing thats still available on creep ?
  8. This album is amazing soooooo much better than the last one
  9. If it wasnt for the trap style beats most of these songs could pass as Tigers Jaw, most other wicca phase stuff I cant get into but since he actually wrote all the music to this album I like it a lot more than I thought I would
  10. I agree this album is not great, but this version of this song is really fucking good, I dont understand why they dont just write a whole album of this style music
  11. Sounds like Pinback to me. Anyone else get that vibe?
  12. Looking for someone to grab me those tour pressings, they aren't coming anywhere near me, any help would be appreciated
  13. I still love this band, if you don't you just probably dont get it and it's not for you