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  1. Finally picked this up and noticed Ben Walsh and Adam Mcilwee from Tigers Jaw have a songwriting credit on the track 'Big Black Heart', I'm pretty interested to find out the story behind that
  2. Whirr, Cloakroom, Slow Crush, New Moon, Swervedriver, Holy Fawn are all great and more on the heavier side of the shoegaze genre
  3. Looking for help on The Wrens LP, my store didnt get any in stock
  4. I didnt really read the description when I ordered, I just refreshed the website when the timer hit 00 and I ordered the first thing I saw. I placed a separate order for the splatter after I realized I didnt need all those things, I'm sure I'll regret it after I see everyone post pictures of how cool it is but I'm broke enough to feel ok about it
  5. Canceled my order for the red/white collectors edition, couldn't justify paying twice as much just for a cool box to put the records in, so if anyone missed out keep an eye out for the restock
  6. Hoping for some sick variants, also hoping it's not extremely limited and everyone can get a copy.
  7. I bought it from my local store and it was the clear splatter, I'm guessing that's the standard variant
  8. Is anybody else still waiting on their copy? I'm really hoping mine shows up today
  9. Kimya Dawson, Jeff Rosenstock, and Laura Stevenson are all credited, I'm fucking excited
  10. #338, a little too late but I'm pretty excited for some new Whirr
  11. Just read the album description though, Tommy Stinson plays bass on the record (!)
  12. I like the more 70's rock influence but the riff at the end was essentially the smoke on the water riff