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  1. I had to buy it to complete my Daughters collection cause I'm one of those people. Anybody know when we should expect these to ship? It seems like they aren't even in production yet or at least the white and clear might not be because they were added on last minute? Looked at the product listing on robotic empire and it didn't mention a date, but it does mention they are working on new music
  2. My deluxe smoke copy is the same, The Maze is unlistenable it sounds like its scratched to shit. Not sure if the black or gold pressings are any better
  3. Damn, this record is great, some of Craigs best lyrics ever in my opinion
  4. I got the red center, orange middle, green outer ring from Revolver, I feel pretty lucky
  5. Can't wait! Gonna watch the livetsream over and over until the new song comes out
  6. https://www.bullmoose.com/pid/34930570/lilys-brief-history-of-amazing-letdo-amped-non-exclusive
  7. What makes it great to you? The music is boring and same-y and the lyrics are just ok. BOCC is much better
  8. This record is just not that good to justify the hype, I just don't get it
  9. My Feels Like You redux has some pops and crackles, my 1st press sounds much better but it could just be me
  10. Really sad situation all around, I hope everyone involved can heal from this.
  11. Anybody see a ship date for this new pressing? It doesn't specify if it's a pre order or if they already have them in hand

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