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  1. I sold almost half my collection amd have not bought a new record in a long time. I think the only record I purchased this last year was the Repress of Slip by Quicksand and I probably only listened to it once. Everything is overpriced and almost everything that was hard to find 10 or so years ago has been repressed at this point and that kind of takes some of the fun out of it. I think most new vinyl buyers have ruined the Golden age of the 'Revival' and after all the delays for new releases post covid I completely stopped pre ordering new releases (Which coincided with me becoming a parent) so my interest in new bands has dropped almost completely. The absolute worst has been how Discogs pricing has just become the norm. It is almost impossible to find a good deal anywhere because everyone record store just prices based off Discogs.
  2. This band hasn't been good since ToT idk why everyone still flocks to these drops like they're actually going to miss out on something lol
  3. The time has come to try to unload my entire collection, I've been selling on here for a few years and am an experienced seller and I would love to get these awesome records to some people who will love and appreciate them! Everything is VG+ and well cared for. I will give you a better price for the more you buy! $5 shipping on all orders, US only. Adventures- Adventures 7"-Pale Yellow-$8 Adventures-Clear My Head With You-Blue-$8 Adventures/Pity Sex Split-Red W/ Blue Color in Color-$8 Adventures/Run Forever Split-Red/ Light Blue-$8 Aeon Station-Observatory-Blue-$15 Alkaline Trio- Maybe I'll Catch Fire-Transparent Orange-$25 The Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl: Vol 1 + 2-Jungle Swirl-$45 Archers Of Loaf- Icky Mettle-Blue-$20 Archers Of Loaf-White Trash Heroes- White-$20 Atmosphere- Overcast EP-$14 Balance and Composure- Light We Made-Flesh- $20 Beach Slang- A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings-Blue Starburst-$10 Beach Slang- The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbeat City- Red-$10 Beach Slang- Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street- Orange-$12 Beach Slang- MPLS-$5 Beach Slang- Skyway/Old Orchard Beach-$10 Beach Slang- Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?-$10 The Beatles- Abbey Road- $20 Bedhead-Transaction De Novo-$25 Big Bite-Big Bite-$15 Big Thief- Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You-Random Color Eco Mix-$35 Black Country New Road-For The First Time-Translucent Blue-$35 Black Country New Road-Ants From Up There-Deluxe Edition-$35 Boris- Akum No Uta- $20 David Bowie- Space Oddity- $25 David Bowie-Hunky Dory-$30 David Bowie- Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars-$30 David Bowie-Lodger- $25 David Bowie- Blackstar-$30 Bugg- Bugg-Green- $30 Cloakroom-Infinity- Black Splatter Marble-$20 Coma Cinema- Loss Memory- $50 John Coltrane- A Love Supreme- Impulse Orange- $15 Mat Cothran- My First Love Mends My Final Days-$40 Crash Of Rhinos-Knots-$20 Cymbals Eat Guitars- Why There Are Mountains- $15 Cymbals Eat Guitars- Pretty Years-Smoke-$20 Daniel Johnston- Fun- $15 Deafheaven- New Bermuda-$15 Deafheaven- Sunbather-Yellow/Pink-$25 Kevin Devine-Brothers Blood-$20 Kevin Devine- Make The Clocks Move-Clear Brown- $50 Kevin Devine- Instigator- Red-$15 Kevin Devine- Bubblegum- Clear-$15 DIIV-Oshin-Purple-$30 DIIV- Is The Is Are- Captured Tracks Special Edition- $30 Dinosaur Jr. - Farm- $25 Dogleg- Melee- Red W/ Blue and White Splatter-$70 Donovan Wolfington- How To Treat The Ones You Love-Clear- $15 Drug Church- Cheer-Red in Beer- $70 Drug Church- Drug Church 7"- White No Sleep Subscription- $20 Drug Church- Party at Dead Man's 7"- $10 Drug Church- Paul Walker-Orange- $40 Drug Church- Swell- Clear W/ Green Haze- $25 Elliott Smith- Alternate Versions From Either/Or 7"- $10 Elliott Smith - Either/Or-$50 Elliott Smith-Elliott Smith-$35 Elliott Smith- Elliott Smith Alternate Versions- $20 Elliott Smith- New Moon-$25 Elliott Smith- Pretty (Ugly Before) 7"- Blue/White-$15 Elliott Smith-XO-Hazel Black Smoke- $100 Elvis Depressedly- Depressedelica-Black and White Galaxy-$25 Elvis Depressedly- Holo Pleasures/ California Dreamin'-Baby Blue in Bone-$20 Elvis Depressedly- New Alhambra-Purple Starburst-$15 Empire! Empire!-What It Takes To Move Forward- Sea Blue/Bone Red/ Bone-$90 Field Medic-Fade Into The Dawn-Oxblood In Clear- $18 Field Medic-Floral Prince- Red- $35 Foxing- Draw Down The Moon- Black and Green Swirl- $18 The Frights- Hypochondriac- Blue-$18 Fucked Up- David Comes To Life - Yellow- $15 Girls- Record 3-Father, Son, Holy Ghost-$35 Gouge Away- Burnt Sugar- Green-$20 Gulch- Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress- Cyan & Mustard Pinwheel w/ Purple Splatter-$50 Happy Diving- Electric Soul Unity- $20 Hot Snakes-Suicide Invoice-Yellow-$15 Hot Snakes- Audit In Progress-Pink-$15 The Hotelier- Goodness- Fawn & Field-$30 Jim James- Regions of Light And Sound Of God- Autographed Test Pressing- $150 Jay Reatard- Matador Singles '08-$15 Julia Brown- Library b/w I Wanna Be A Witch 7"- $15 Knot- Knot- Red-$15 Leatherface-Horsebox- $40 M83- Saturdays = Youth- $18 Margot & The Nuclear So & So's- Not Animal- Pink- $100 The Mars Volta- Deloused in The Comatorium-Sealed 2021 Repress- $40 The Mars Volta- Frances The Mute-Sealed 2021 Repress Melvins- Hostile Ambient Takeover-Pink- $15 The Menzingers- Chamberlain Waits- $15 The Menzingers- After The Party- Red-$40 The Menzingers- On The Impossible Past-Summer Sky Wave -$40 Mil-Spec- World House-$15 Militarie Gun- All Roads Lead To The Gun II- Natural /200-$40 Modern Baseball Holy Ghost- Yellow- $15 NewMoon- Space-$20 Night School- Blush- Yellow- $15 Night School - Disappear Here- $12 No Use For A Name-Leche Con Carne-25th Anniversary White/Red-$20 O'Brother- The Death of Day-Green-$40 O'Brother- Garden Window-BLack/White-$70 Old Gray- An Autobiography- Half Pink/ Half Yellow-$60 The Orwells- Disgraceland- $20 The Orwells- Terrible Human Beings- $20 Ovlov-Am- Clear-$40 Ovlov-Tru-$30 Ovlov- Greatest Hits Vol.II- $25 Parquet Courts- Content Nausea- $40 Parquet Courts- Sunbathing Animal -W/ 7"- $40 Pedro The Lion- Control- Yellow- $15 Posture & The Grizzly- I Am Satan- Green/ Milky clear split W/ Splatter- $40 The Residents- Eskimo- Clear W Black Swirl- $20 The Residents-Meet The Residents- Lime Green- $30 Rival Schools- United By Fate-$40 SALEM-King Knight-Clear w/ Purple Splatter-$50 The Sidekicks- Awkward Breeds- Copper-$50 Sleep- Dopesmoker- Green hazy Translucent-$40 Tiny Moving Parts- Pleasant Living- Red/ Orange- $40 Told Slant- Still Water- White- $30 Touche Amore- Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me- Clear Family & Friends Pressing- $80 Turning Point- 1988-1991- Yellow- $50 Turnover- Peripheral Vision- Milky Clear/ Sea Blue- $50 Valium Aggelein- Silver in Clear-$50 Wavves- Afraid Of Heights- Purple-$60 Wavves- V- Purple- $50 Whirr- Distressor EP- Grey W/ Blue & White Splatter- $35 Whirr-Pipe Dreams Redux- Blue-$50 Whirr-Feels Like You- Purple Smoke $250 Yndi Halda- Enjoy Eternal Bliss- Random Color- $40
  4. I'm selling my purple copy of Feels Like You, HMU if interested
  5. I pre-ordered issue #6 exactly a year ago from Midtown Comics and I never received an update and just canceled my order not to long ago. It's crazy how poorly these have been handled and every comic book shop I've gone to can't seem to get one
  6. Hello, Thanks for checking out my post, I've been selling on here for awhile and am trying to unload my collection, I have about 600ish records and I'm just going to list as much as I can here individually but I will also link my discogs page if you want to browse my entire collection here https://www.discogs.com/user/codyoster/collection?page=1&sort=artist%2Casc&folder=0&limit=25 $4 shipping, US only. Payment through Paypal American Nightmare- When We Were Young 7"-Red/600-$10 American Pleasure Club- A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This-Purple/Blue/200-$25 Andrew W.K.-I Get Wet 2019 Pressing-$30 Angel Du$t- Rock The Fuck On Forever-Red/500-$25 Anthony Green- Avalon 10th Anniversary Repress- Clear/ Tour Variant-$50 Avail- Over The Jame-Yellow Transparent-$15 awakebutstillinbed-WPCLSEIRJSYTWTOPSY-Clear/Black Split-$30 Balance and Compsure-Light WE Made- Flesh/500-$20 Balance and Composure- Seperation- White/Gold Split-$35 Better Oblivion Community Center-Yellow-$50 Big Thief-Two Hands-Desert Peach-$30 Bomb The Music Industry-Vacation-Yellow/Hot Pink-$25 Boris- Akuma No Uta-Third Man Pressing-$70 Brainiac-Bonsai Superstar-$100 Bright Eyes- Down In The Weeds-Blue/Orange-$40 Car Seat Headrest-Teens of Style-$15 The Chariot-One Wing-Evergreen Splatter-$30 Clipping.-Visions of Bodies Being Burned-$25 Cloakroom- Further Out- Gold/700-$15 Cloakroom-Infinity-White/Black Marble-$20 Colossal-Welcome The Problems-White-$20 Coma Cinema-Loss Memory- Black-$90 Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind-Pink/Purple mix-$40 Courtney Barnett- Sometimes I Sit and Think- Orange-w/Slipmat-$20- The Cramps -Bad Music For Bad People-Yellow/2000-Drastic Plastic Pressing-$100 Dashboard Confessional-The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most-Clear w/Green,Yellow,Pink Splatter-$20 The Dickies-Stukas Over Disneyland-Army Green-$14 Donovan Wolfington- How To Treat The Ones You Love-$15 Drain- California Cursed-Yellow-$25 Electic Wizard-Dopethrone-Gold Sparkle--$50 Elliott Smith-Elliott Smith Expanded 25th Anniversary-Electric Blue-$60 Field Medic-Fade Into The Dawn-Oxblood In Clear/300-$25 Forth Wanderers- Slop-Purple-$14 The Frights-Hypochondriac-Blue-$20 The Germs-Live at the Starwood Dec. 3rd1980-White/Blue Marble-$15 Godspeed You Black Emporer-F#a# -$45 Graduating Life-Grad Life-Clear w/ Black Splatter-$14 The Growlers- Hung at Heart-$15 Gulch- Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress- Cyan and Mustard Pinwheel w/Purple Splatter-$60 Have A Nice Life-Oxblood-$40 Hey Mercedes-Everynight Fireworks-Blue/Purple w/White,Purple<blue Splatter-$25 Incendiary-Thousand Mile Stare-Neon Orange and Blue Twist-$20 Jay Reatard- Blood Visions-Red, RSD version-$25 Julia Brown- An Abundance Of Strawberries-$40 Kevin Devin- Instigator-Red-$14 Khruangbin-Con Todo El Mundo-$12 Leatherface-Horsebox-$50 Old Gray- An Autobiography-Yellow/Pink Split/200-$60 Origami Angel-Gen 3 Boxset-Mustard W/Blue Splatter, Aqua, Brown, Grey-$20 Grimes-Art Angels-Red/Blue - VMP Exclusive-$75 The Appleseed Cast- End of The Ring Wars- RP- Coke Bottle-$70 The Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl Vol.1+2- RP- Jungle Swirl- $50 Circa Survive- Descensus- Black-$19 Circa Survive-Juturna -RP- Orange/White Haze-$80 Circa Survive-On Letting Go-10th Anniversary 3xLP-$120 Circa Survive-The Amulet- Foil Cover-White/Blue-$20 Empire!Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)-What It Takes To Move Forward- Blue/Bone,Red/Bone-$100 Foxing-Dealer-Sage Green-$18 Foxing-The Albatross-Gold/Red-$40 Greet Death-New Hell-Gold/Black mix-$40 Husker Du-Candy Apple Grey-RSD Grey Marble-$50 Husker Du- Flip Your Wig-$25 Husker Du- New Day Rising-$25 Jets To Brazil-Perfecting Loneliness-$25 La Dispute- Rooms Of The House-$15 La Dispute- Somewhere...-Cream/Black w/ Etching- $100 La Dispute- Wildlife-$100 Margot & The Nuclear So And So's- Not Animal-$120 Mat Kerekes- Luna & The Wild Blue Everything-Green Splatter-$50 Now, Now - Threads-Clear-$50 O'Brother-Disillusion-Blue/Gray-$15 O'Brother-Endless Light-$15 O'Brother-Garden Window- White/Black -$60 O'Brother-The Death Of Day-Green-$40 Pearl Jam - Ten- Purple/ Target Exclusive-$20 Pianos Become The Teeth-Old Pride-Orange Smoke-$20 Pianos Become The Teeth- The Lack Long After-Orange-$20 Pianos Become The Teeth-Keep You-$18 Pianos Become The Teeth- Wait For Love- Yellow-$10 Primus- Frizle Fry-Yellow, Newbury Exclusive-$45 Red House Painters- Old Ramon- $20 Red House Painters- Red House Painters(Bridge)-$15 Ricky Eat Acid- Three Love Songs- Pink in Blue- $25 SALEM- Fires In Heaven- Red-$120 SALEM- King Knight-Purple Splatter-$70 Soko- I Thought I Was An Alien-$20 Sorority Noise- Forgettable-$20 Sunny Day Reak Estate- Diary - RP-$60 Sunny Day Real Estate- The Rising Tide-Clear RSD- $50 The Thermals- The Body, The Blood, The Machine- Orange- $60 Tiny Moving Parts- Celebrate- Blue/ Brown Splatter-$60 Toe- Hear You-Yellow/Black-$25
  7. Mostly bummed because I never got to see the blue sky noise tour after like 2+ years of waiting but it makes sense they're taking a break. I hope everything is good between all members
  8. Can't believe I forgot to put the link 😅 https://www.discogs.com/user/codyoster/collection
  9. Slowly getting out of the hobby, trying to clear some space so if you see anything in my collection you're interested in send me a message and we can work out a deal
  10. I worked at a record store 2013-2016, it's my understanding from the policy of the store I worked at, if the record was defective in any way the store would refund you, and the store would contact the distributor for a replacement, the record label sells stock to distributors and record shops buy from distributors, there is no interaction between a record shop and a record label, so the label has no responsibility to replace defective records. It's the responsibility of the place you bought it from. FYI for anyone who doesn't understand how things work behind the scenes
  11. I ordered the rolling stones from you, but I never got a receipt or order confirmation?

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