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  1. Damn, the VMP variant will probably be the regular subscription price, so like $20 less than the black
  2. The new song is not good, what happened to this band 😢
  3. I emailed revolver asking where my order is at. They said it is still being manufactured and will be shipping in June lol
  4. I ordered the standard Loveless from the MBV store because it said it was shipping from the US, but it's been delayed in transit, and I also bought the deluxe Isn't Anything from the MBV store and it arrived today from the UK. Wild.
  5. https://www.beindependent.com/p/28792330/unwound-challenge-for-a-civilized-society-global-splatter-vinyl-limited-global-splatter-vinyl-amped-exclusive My local has exactly one in stock Edit- Zia has some too https://www.ziarecords.com/p/12928086/unwound-challenge-for-a-civilized-society-global-splatter-vinyl-amped-exclusive
  6. Still waiting on my copy I ordered from Revolver. The last email I got from them said all orders were expected to be sent out by 4/30/21
  7. I was able to order a gold just now, surprised it lasted this long
  8. 'Fuck Your Acid Trip' and 'Never Fuck a Spider On The Fly' can either be great songs or god awful songs
  9. Want this, but don't think I can justify $100 on it...
  10. I'm pretty sure there is no vinyl version of 13 songs, unless I am mistaken?
  11. Does the Empire boxset version of Challenge have the OG artwork or the new artwork? I sold mine off awhile back but I'm pretty sure I remember it having the same artwork as this new pressing. I just got mine in the mail and I much prefer the individual records than the box sets
  12. I thought I didn't like this band but some of these songs have mosh-alone-in your-room energy that I find very enjoyable.
  13. https://store.relapse.com/item/99267 Open pre order, one time pressing

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