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  1. Damn I would have gone to that in a heartbeat!
  2. CatsNJazz

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    This is where people come to beat the dead horse
  3. Picked up the blue from my local and it doesn't sound super great but it's good enough, Canary Yellow is definitely my favorite track on the album, it's almost as good as Dream House, it's got a great build up and the guitar tone is perfect, I hope I see them on this tour since I've missed them every time in the past
  4. CatsNJazz

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Even more tour dates if you Google 'brand new tour' but not the same as the website, it will be very interesting seeing this unfold. If they were playing anywhere near me I would buy a ticket without thinking twice
  5. Mine looks and sounds fine, I got the gold variant
  6. Sounds like pink and yellow to me
  7. Its gonna be set up the San Diego Comic Con, unfortunately
  8. Do I need this? Absolutely not. Will I buy this? 100%
  9. Finally decided on a variant and when I went to order a pink it was sold out. It would be real cool if a translucent variant pops up, I'm not a fan of opaque records but I'll probably buy a blue at my local if I get impatient. How's the sound quality of the record?
  10. That is the cancelled RSD version. So I'm going to bet that it isn't happening
  11. http://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/514077-have-mercy-the-earth-pushed-back
  12. This has been up on topshelfs web site for a while now