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  1. As someone who has been going to shows in Denver for the past 10 years a lot of singers have trouble with the high altitude and they have trouble with their voice sometimes, so if the recording is from a Denver show that's probably why his voice sounds rough, I wouldn't know though because I didn't sign up for this record and can't listen to it, but thought I would share my opinion on the topic because i am bored. Also I missed that show and regret it
  2. This album is good, real good. Glad I jumped on the red splatter right away. Too bad I wont be able to get to see them live any time soon....
  3. I'm guessing it's the Brother, Sister Tour announcement, possibly a deluxe version to go with
  4. The slint 12" is first and last track from spiderland, completely unnecessary. Slowdive will probably be UK only is my guess too, all I really want is the live replacements album
  5. This album is great, one of Will Yips better albums
  6. This leaked yesterday, another step up in my opinion. Moodier and darker compared to Cardinal but a pretty straight forward progression from Skylight. No Drugs, Alcove and Neighbors were some standout tracks to me on my first listen through
  7. thisisbrighteyes.com The band has a new Instagram page with a single post with the hashtag #brighteyes2020, get excited
  8. My cinnamon splatter sounds very quiet, I have to crank the volume to hear it but it does sound good, no pops or clicks
  9. Finally picked this up and noticed Ben Walsh and Adam Mcilwee from Tigers Jaw have a songwriting credit on the track 'Big Black Heart', I'm pretty interested to find out the story behind that
  10. Whirr, Cloakroom, Slow Crush, New Moon, Swervedriver, Holy Fawn are all great and more on the heavier side of the shoegaze genre
  11. Looking for help on The Wrens LP, my store didnt get any in stock