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  1. Which Ride records? I sold my copy of Nowhere and I hate myself for it
  2. Lacquers Cut From Original Tapes By Barry Grint At Alchemy Mastering
  3. So I ordered the clear w/ green splatter, the site didn't say it was a pre order, so I'm assuming they already have these in hand, so I'm pretty sure these are leftovers of the tour pressing, which is confusing why they would wait to put them up when this record is pretty sought after
  4. Got the 200 now, woke up to see 4 pages of a new nothing thread and was worried I missed all the good stuff
  5. Seeing this thread pop up makes me really regret selling my copy because this will probably never get repressed
  6. Picked this record up because it rips and noticed that there is a download code printed on the lyric insert, pretty nice touch, if you wanted a digital copy
  7. Can't find a decent price copy of Cherry Bomb but there is an endless amount of copies for $100+ on eBay. I fucking hate RSD.
  8. Cool. It wasn't advertised and the mock up only showed one LP, I was worried about 50 minutes crammed onto one record. I think I'm just gonna cave and grab the clear before it sells out
  9. My local has this for $34.99 pretty steep for a single lp but this record far surpassed my expectations