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    fasso got a reaction from Justinadamk in PO: The Black Keys - Delta Kream   
    Pink still available at UK store     https://ukstore.theblackkeys.com/products/delta-kream-spotify-exclusive-pink-vinyl-pre-sale
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    fasso reacted to lexicondevil in PO: BLACK PUMAS - S/T   
    I felt like this needed its own thread. Some damn good classic soul music with a modern twist. Colemine has an exclusive colorway. The ATO splatter version comes with an autographed poster.
    Red added. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Pre-Orders/Black-Pumas-Limited-Edition-Red-Vinyl/64LY0JXN000;jsessionid=76B166E4833A1EA4973BC54223CD5842.t1
    There is also a red with splatter version at a few record stores in Texas.
    Black Pumas has announced their highly anticipated debut album set for release on June 21. The band is led by the creative partnership between Grammy Award-winning guitarist / producer Adrian Quesada and 27-year-old songwriter Eric Burton. Burton is a relative newcomer who arrived in Austin in 2015 after busking his way across the country from Los Angeles, while Quesada has a storied reputation for playing in bands like Grupo Fantasma and Brownout. 

    After the two connected via friends in the Austin scene, they began to collaborate on a new sound that transmutes soul into something idiosyncratically modern. Reminiscent of Ghostface Killah and Motown in equal measure, this original sound ensured that Black Pumas’ weekly residency at C-Boys quickly became “the hottest party in town” (Austin-American Statesman). 
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    fasso reacted to rundmcc in The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)   
    $30 Amoeba Credit for $14.40 w/ Code "SPRING" (Groupon Deal)
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    fasso reacted to coolio in PO Now: Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights   
    New supergroup with Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus happening as per the r/indieheads subreddit
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    fasso got a reaction from mrewest in (PO) Molly Burch - First Flower (out Oct 5)   
    Went with the red, Please Be Mine was great!   Thanks for the heads up on this.
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    fasso reacted to mrewest in (PO) Molly Burch - First Flower (out Oct 5)   
    Molly Burch had my album of the year last year with her debut, Please Be Mine.  Stoked to get her follow up so quickly!
    PBM was an album full of fantastic folky, dream pop.  Flawless from start to finish imo.
    -Bandcamp red vinyl limited to /750.  Only $19.95 shipped.
    -Bullmoose white vinyl /500
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    fasso reacted to jrodan in PO NOW: Amen Dunes - Freedom | Ships 30/03/18   
    thanks dude! ordered that ish.
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    fasso got a reaction from jrodan in PO NOW: Amen Dunes - Freedom | Ships 30/03/18   
    VMP edition available to buy for non members now.   $24.99 shipped  ($19.00 plus $5.99)
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    fasso got a reaction from Velocity of Sound in PO: Shannon & The Clams "Onion" (Feb. 16 on Easy Eye Sound)   
    Shannon Shaw solo album on the way 
    Pre Order http://store.easyeyesound.com/artists/shannon-shaw.html
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    fasso reacted to kas1985 in RSD 2017 Online Leftovers: Post sellers here after they make items available online   
    Considering that I ordered and was charged for the D2C variant in the short time it was put up a few weeks ago, it was $40, $5.99 for shipping, and $2.73 for tax (in Utah, no less) for a total of $48.73. I would consider $50 for the RSD version pretty good. If I could find one for $50, I would pull the trigger. 
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    fasso got a reaction from monk0nuggets in Record Store Day 2017   
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    fasso reacted to NorrisNuts in PO Now: Gorillaz - Humanz (Also the 'OG' Discussion Thread)   
    I was able to adopt 6 real life gorillas from  the WWF for the same price of the boxset.
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    fasso got a reaction from SE7EN in PO NOW: Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog   
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    fasso got a reaction from ethereal in PO NOW: Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog   
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    fasso got a reaction from B-dosia in PO: A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here . . . Thank You 4 Your Service   
    Same here.   Wasn't sure this would ever ship considering it said back ordered.  Nice surprise!
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    fasso reacted to jhulud in The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.   
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    fasso reacted to natenomm in PO Now: The Avalanches "Wildflower"   
    I went with the Newbury one because I really don't want to have to fuss with a gatefold that folds out to become the size of a child's blanket.

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