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  1. Greetings, Monster Music in Charleston SC will have its remaining RSD inventory live on our website at shortly after 8 am on Sunday, 6/19. (It'll take a few minutes for everything to percolate up, so give it a few minutes.) We offer free domestic shipping on $75+ orders and use Whiplash mailers. Lots of RSD stuff in stock, including: Pearl Jam, Viktor Vaughn, Gerard Way, Sweet Relief, Go Ahead Punk, Prince, My Morning Jacket, Linda Hoover, Halestorm, Jerry Garcia, Peter Gabriel, Miles Davis, Collective Soul, and many more (not going to list them all here). We'll be in the store shipping orders bright and early, and available here to answer any questions. (About to get some shut-eye right now though.) Here's our link: https://monstermusicsc.tuneportals.com/Genre/6957238 Thanks!
  2. Greetings, all, Monster inventory is live: https://monstermusicsc.com/Genre/695578 Thanks for checking in with us.
  3. If you missed out on anything today, our remaining inventory will be available for purchase on our website Sunday morning, ~8:15 am (eastern). We will have a fair amount of titles available. https://monstermusicsc.com/CustomPage/11807
  4. A note, in case it's confusing. 4/23 is the one and only Record Store Day this year, but 6/18 will be a safety net "drop" date for RSD titles that don't make it in time for 4/23!
  5. Greetings, friends. Our remaining Black Friday inventory is now LIVE on our website. Lots of good stuff still in stock - Isbell, Aerosmith, Life Aquatic, RZA, Fleetwood Mac, too many to list. Free shipping on $75+ orders. https://monstermusicsc.com/Genre/695483
  6. You're welcome, thanks for the order! Here's a better link to our remaining inventory: https://monstermusicsc.com/Genre/695402
  7. Hey folks, we will be going live with our remaining RSD inventory on our website, www.monstermusicsc.com, at 1 pm. It takes a few minutes for everything to populate, so give it another 10 minutes or so afterwards. We've got a bunch of stuff left, hopefully something you want! Also storewide sale on all non-RSD stock - 20% off today only. Thanks for letting us post!
  8. We've got this preorder live on our website too: https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/5056167126829
  9. Our link for the green vinyl: https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/602435651279 Thanks y'all.
  10. We've got the gold vinyl "Imagined" up for preorder right now: https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/602435933245
  11. We have it up for preorder now: https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/4250795602477
  12. Well, we had a screw-up. but our website inventory should be live momentarily.