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  1. Hey folks, For the time being, we are offering free shipping on all domestic orders on our website and Discogs store. Our store is closed to the public and trying to stay alive, like so many record stores right now. Sorry about the shameless plug, but if you're so inclined, we'd be super grateful. www.monstermusicsc.com (link to our Discogs store from our home page) thanks! Monster Music & Movies Charleston SC
  2. Our network of stores is pretty disappointed, but we all agree this was the right call. See you on 6/20/2020!
  3. That's what I was told by someone who is in a position to know.
  4. Hey there, this isn't quite accurate. There were never to be more than 1000 of this pressed, and Third Man kept only 100.
  5. There are lots of variable and moving parts, and it may depend in large part to who they're ordering from, and how many THEIR vendors got from the labels. Also there are always shipping snafus - pallets get diverted and go missing. And 100 other scenarios. It's kind of a crazy business!
  6. This is an interesting thread, and I don't have all the answers by any means. We're a store and know the RSD people pretty well, and I can tell you with some certainty that Plaid Room is not "affiliated" with RSD in any meaningful way, any more than any other store is. They are also a label, but I don't think that has anything to do with anything. From where we're sitting, the #1 reason that some stores receive mega multiples and others receive few to none has almost everything to do with the store's volume and order history with the distros. Small stores that aren't well capitalized (and that's no dig at them, everyone has to start small) generally aren't going to have an ordering history with the distributors that justifies a lot of quantity. Every call is a judgment call, and it's impossible to be fair to everyone. I know that some stores, in the rush to amass RSD inventory, will order from distributors that they scarcely order from all year long, and the distros are going to reward the stores that order from them every week or two, not the ones they never hear from. We've been on both sides of that. Now, as to why a single store would have 300 or more copies of any one title (unless the band in question was local to them), if in fact that's the case, I have no idea.
  7. We will have our remaining inventory posted on our website at 9 am EST - www.monstermusicsc.com (click the Black Friday link) - and our physical store will be open at 10 and available to take phone orders (843 571-4657). We have extra stock on Phish, Garcia, Buckley, Elvis, Nas, Sublime, Frehley, Jinjer, Miles in Tokyo, Kings of Leon, Gov't Mule, John Lee Hooker, Naughty By Nature, Hendrix, Bill Evans, Fight, Hancock, Chet Baker, Zappa, Dio, Wrens, Satriani, Albert Hammond, & a few other odds & ends. Feel free to ask if we've got something. Out of Pearl Jam though!
  8. Greetings folks, A good chunk of our remaining inventory is available for sale on our website - www.monstermusicsc.com. Click on the RSD billboard or on Shop Our Store / Record Store Day 2019. You'll see a list of all RSD titles, but only the ones we still have stock on will actually have a "buy" button. Among the titles we have remaining stock on are: South Park, Goodie Mob, Czarface, Rolling Stones, Jeff Buckley, Pete Rock, John Lennon, Craig Mack, Sublime, and quite a few more. If there's something you're looking for, feel free to DM or email us. You can call as well, but we don't open until noon. Thanks for letting us post on here. EDIT: Ha, we just figured out how to set the page so it only shows what we have available. Much better!
  9. Hey folks, We open at 10 am, & here's what we have available for purchase currently. For fastest service, call us once we open (google the number). We respond to emails (contact us through our website) and DMs here, and we will be monitoring them, but it won't be instantaneous. It's been great working with you guys in the past, & we look forward to doing it again. Monster Music / Charleston SC. America 21.99 David Axelrod 32.99 Borns 14.99 Cheap Trick 39.99 Collective Soul 24.99 Ella Fitzgerald 24.99 Flaming Lips 21.99 G-Eazy 19.99 Jose Gonzalez 29.99 Goo Goo Dolls 19.99 Green River 7.99 Iggy & Stooges 19.99 ICP 32.99 Joan Jett 19.99 Madonna 34.99 Manchester Orchestra 16.99 Bob Marley 35.99 Doors 29.99 Harry Nilsson 24.99 Outkast 15.99 Phish 49.99 Pride 24.99 Ramones 31.99 Adam Sandler 21.99 Soul Asylum 99.99 Stone Temple Pilots 21.99 Sublime 35.99 Taylor Swift (Red and Speak Now) 29.99 Unwritten Law 10.99 Fritz the Cat 34.99 Jazz Dispensary 24.99 Wombats 14.99 Wurm 34.99 Zappa 35.99
  10. The Dr. Octagon has also been delayed and will not be available on Black Friday, we have learned.
  11. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Curren$y was already cancelled, as it won't be ready in time.
  12. Oops, sorry about that. Clerical error there. Should have been 29.99 each. DM me your paypal & i'll refund you the difference.
  13. We have a few Daughter remaining, as well as Chet Faker, Phish, Animal Chin, Czarface, Beau Brummels, Black Lips, Bowie (s/t), Animals, Car Seat Headrest, Catherine Wheel, Rush stk, Compton's Most Wanted, Cure, Mac Demarco (demos), Dr. Who, Doors, Dr. Octagon, Fidlar. Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, Mickey Hart, J Dilla, Kinks, Richard Lloyd, Lurkers, Lyrics Born, Maytones, Moody Blues, Bill Murray, Nazz, Rascals, Ride, Rolling Stones, Adam Sandler, Son Volt, Spectrum, Stooges, Streets, Sun Ra, Tank & the Bangas (they did an in-store with us, they were awesome), Too Short, Krush Groove, Twin Peaks, Tom Waits, Wilco (covers damaged in shipment), Marty Willson-Piper, Wipers, Yes, Air, Prodigy, Quicksand, U2, Wu-Tang (12" and cassette), and POSSIBLY a few others we'd be willing to cough up! Hit us up with any questions. Thanks for letting us post this.
  14. We are now offering the following: Car Seat Headrest - $24.99 Tom Waits / Bawlers - $29.99 Tom Waits / Brawlers - $29.99 Tom Waits / Bastards - $29.99 Cure / Mixed Up - $32.99 Cure / Torn Down - $32.99 Phish - $47.99 Search For Animal Chin - $24.99 David Bowie / s/t - $29.99 Krush Groove - $29.99 That's all for now. Gonna wait & see what happens at the store today before posting more. A lot of folks work on Saturday and can't make it out to the store until today. Will try to list a few more Monday. We open at Noon (EST), though you can DM or email us prior and we will TRY to respond promptly. (Unfortunately, I will be away from the computer for a couple of hours this morning.) Hope you all get what you want & had a blast on RSD! We sure did.