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  1. I just received a shipping confirmation from Rough Trade. I'm in the USA.
  2. I have the download code now for the new Eluvium 'Virga 1' album. Please message me if you want to use it. I don't do the downloads.
  3. BullMoose has restocked the Andrew W.K. exclusive, at a very high price. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/33362605/andrew-wk-i-get-wet-clear-with-red-splatter-clear-with-red-splatter-bull-moose-and-zia-co-exclusive
  4. Alessandro Cortini's two Hospital label albums have been reissued, including limited clear vinyl. If someone sees a USA distributor for these would you post please? Sonno Risveglio
  5. You're in Scotland? I'm looking at Nuclear Blast's USA website: shipping for three LP's within the USA is $10.
  6. Pretty good Black Friday sale on now at Nuclear Blast USA. Shipping is fairly expensive but use coupon "BLASTOFF10" for a 10% discount, even on sales prices. I think I paid $30+ each for these three Nightwish titles - now $10 each: NIGHTWISHOnce (White w/Grey Splatter) DLP - $34.99 - $9.99 In Stock NIGHTWISHDark Passion Play (White w/Blue Splatter) DLP - $34.99 - $9.99 In Stock NIGHTWISHMade In Hong Kong (White w/Black Splatter) DLP - $34.99 - $9.99 In Stock
  7. 4AD's website says initial orders from them will include a signed insert 'while supplies last'.
  8. Target's 3-for-2 sale has been extended for an entire week through November 9.
  9. Don't wait to order Taylor's LP. Target actually stopped taking pre-orders on Thursday for it, although I see the pre-orders are available again now. My friend bought Taylor + Kacey Musgraves picture disc + Billie Eilish glow-in-the-dark for his 3-for-2.
  10. This is an AMAZON UK deal that ends in just a few hours, so be quick. 5UKP off 25UKP orders from Amazon UK.
  11. Regarding the Blue Nile reissues: I cancelled my order with Amazon UK and re-ordered all three from Target.com. All 3 are part of the 3-for-2 sale there, so less than $50 for all three LP's.
  12. I keep posting Target.com stuff, I can't get over the current sale. Taylor'[s 2LP on colored wax: $22.99 plus free shipping at $35 PLUS Buy-2-get-1-free. Works out to about $16 for this, depending on what else you buy. https://www.target.com/p/taylor-swift-lover-target-exclusive-vinyl-2-disc-color-set/-/A-78140449
  13. I hope Suede fans don't mind, but I wanted to share this and did not want to start a new thread. One of my favorite Suede-like Britpop bands, Geneva, is reissuing remastered / expanded versions of their two big albums. According to the band's Bandcamp site the LP's include 2 discs, bonus songs and a bonus 7". Both LP's are realllly cheap for pre-order from Target.com right now, and are also part of the Buy-2-Get-1-Free sale. Can't beat the price, and I love the band and the music. Suede fans who have not heard Geneva should listen asap, IMO.
  14. Yes, the Target sale is online at www.target.com. Go to the 'Movies / Music / Books' section and start shopping around. Just as an example, they offer the new Opeth album in either English or Swedish: $29.49 with free shipping over $35 AND -Buy-2-get-1-Free, so about $20 each. 5% further discount if you use a Target RedCard to pay.
  15. Someone already mentioned it, but don't miss the big Target 3-for-2 sale. It's on a huge number of vinyl, CDs, books and movies. Includes many pre-orders, and also many deep catalog titles you wouldn't see in Target stores.
  16. This coupon code worked for me to save 10% at DeepDiscount on a stack of cheap LP's just now. It didn't work the first time - I had to refresh the shopping cart screen and then it worked: 65BT4X2D3
  17. Bullmoose is taking pre-orders for a remix version of the St. Vincent 'Masseducation' album: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32632120/st-vincent-nina-kraviz-presents-masseduction-rewired
  18. Wow, this is great news, thanks. I live in California but ordered through Amazon UK: 3 LP's total 63 UK pounds = about $80 including shipping. That's slightly lower than Amazon US or Bullmoose, plus Amazon UK shows the release date 2 weeks earlier.
  19. Bullmoose just posted the Little Trouble 7" for sale: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32632070
  20. Plaid Room has an exclusive Grant Green LP on blue wax for Record Store BFD: https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/products/prrexclusivegrantgreen Plaid Room Exclusive - Grant Green - Sunday Mornin' (limited to 1000) Anyone who knows us knows that we have a huge soft spot for Blue Note Records, as many do. My introduction to jazz was through artists like Lee Morgan, Herbie Hancock, and especially Grant Green. So it gives us great pleasure to announce a Plaid Room Exclusive blue vinyl pressing of Grant Green's "Sunday Mornin'". It's never been reissued and we are pressing 1000 copies on blue vinyl for Black Friday. It's not an official RSD release for Black Friday, so it will only be available from our store and pre-orders are live now! - Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder - Lacquers cut by Kevin Gray from the original analog tapes - Plated and pressed at RTI - 180g pressing, housed in a Stoughton "old-style" tip-on jacket, rice paper inner sleeve - Limited edition of 1000 copies on blue vinyl, exclusive to Plaid Room Records When Kevin was cutting these lacquers, he said, "Rudy's sound doesn't get any better than this, it really doesn't." He would know, he has cut more blue Note lacquers than anyone in the world! If you're not familiar with the record, check it out on streaming services, it's killer!
  21. I was able to easily cancel my $28 shipping order and re-order from BullMoose. I lose the obi's but I gain $28. Here's hoping BullMoose comes through with the items!
  22. BullMoose just put up pre-orders for the Clears. They won't last long ...
  23. I caught a break - I was finally able to add the other title to my cart and check out. I don't care about the obi I guess, but shoot, I have all the other ones ... thanks!
  24. I missed one clear and don't want to pay huge shipping for just the other one. Waiting to see if something frees up ...
  25. I see there's a new limited-to-800 box of Ty's demo's coming: Link below is to BullMoose preorder: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32396932/ty-segall-pig-man-lives-volume-1-demos-2007-2017-4lp-box-set Bull Moose Vinyl‏ @BullMooseVinyl 2m2 minutes ago More The rumors are true! A 4LP box of Ty Segall's demos is coming. "Pig Man Lives Volume 1 - Demos 2007-2017" will be only $38. Only 800 copies for the US. http://ow.ly/iQKq50wzDas