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  1. Ha! Crazy. I wonder if the band just brought a ton of the different versions of the first pressing they were holding and selling them randomly. I got a pink copy at the Portland show. Honestly, if they have been just sitting on a bunch of copies all this time they could have not gone on tour, sat back and sold these to collectors and made probably just as much dough as they're making on the road.
  2. Oh dang, that's wild. I saw them in Portland and they had a big box of them (from what I could see). They were selling it for $25 and I got to the show a bit early so it was pretty easy to grab one. Before the end of the night there was a line for their stuff like 50 deep, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did sell out of whatever they had. Who knows. But I am stoked to finally have this on LP.
  3. Saw them last night and picked up a copy and it was on pink, so people looking best get to the show.
  4. Wreck-Age/Exit were one of the best labels in the 90's and had such a cool, diverse roster of bands. I think so much of it has been lost to the dustbins so I'm very happy to see them doing some stuff again, even if it's just to bring some old titles back into the public conscious.
  5. It's never going to happen. This is just re-issuing their records to keep them in print. Brian Cook has said as much they are never playing live again or making new music. Members have either retired from music altogether (the drummer), or are too busy in their day-to-day lives (their singer) to commit to any new stuff.
  6. A repress of this record recently came out and all 2nd press copies come on blue vinyl, with accompanying blue polybag. Additionally, there is a special version of this pressing (limited to 60) with different cover art, printed on reflective foil paper and there's a few left. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pinko-you-you Check it out:
  7. Yeah, three different stores in the Portland, OR area, none of them got their copies yet.
  8. Worth it for USA Nails and Couch Slut... and now I'm thinking how weird it is for those two bands to be with a ridiculous assortment of other bands. Something for everyone pretty much on here.
  9. Maybe they'll snag up "A Most Bitter Season" while they're at it!
  10. Got a few items for sale on the cheap today via the bandcamp site. Several titles are $1-$2 off. Take a look around. Also, put up a pre-order on the repress of PINKO, "You & You" LP on blue vinyl (w/ blue sleeve). Out of 200. First 60 copies come w/ alternate cover artwork printed on reflective foil. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/