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  1. Records out and shipping now. They came out real pretty. Get one now: https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/great-sabatini-great-falls-split-lp
  2. Records finished and shipping this week: https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-funeral-discography-2001-2004
  3. Coming out in March: A collection of everything ever recorded from Syracuse hardcore band The Funeral. The group existed between 2001-2004 and recorded two full lengths, and several demos. This material has never been released on vinyl and some of it only existed as short run CDRs or cassettes. All the material has been remastered for this collection and comes on a double LP in a gatefold jacket, complete with hundreds of pictures and flyers, as well as a booklet detailing lyrics, shows, and an oral history of the band. Download card included. First 100 copies on colored vinyl and the rest on black. No Echo has premiered a couple tracks and more info about the collection here: http://www.noecho.net/features/the-funeral-syracuse-hardcore-band Record can be pre-ordered here:https://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/product/the-funeral-discography-2001-2004-2xlp
  4. Streaming in full over at Invisible Oranges, records ought to ship within 2 weeks: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/great-falls-the-great-sabatini-split/
  5. And here's some new music from both bands from this split. The record should be out in a couple weeks: https://idioteq.com/great-falls-and-the-great-sabatini-blend-aggressive-aesthetics-with-riveting-patterns-on-their-new-split-lp/?fbclid=IwAR3nFX7SFbS0qvw8J6fwBpASaMGSZK0T0seZ_wVgMK3zC7MTQqwZb0JQHLw
  6. Seattle Great Falls and Montreal's Great Sabatini team up for a split LP of gross, heavy music with unique packaging in a very limited pressing. Along with both bands submitting new music not on their new individual records this record contains a collaborative middle interlude on a locked groove, letterpressed covers, and an etched B-side. Great Falls guitarist/vocalist Demian Johnson contributes the haunting cover art, which he printed via letterpress at his own studio. Meanwhile, Great Sabatini's Sean Arsenian designed the wild artwork that comprises the B-side of this LP as a laser-etched design. Both bands contributed sound for the interlude track- a spooky noise piece that repeats on a locked groove. It creates an engaging experience for the listener, as they have to physically move the needle to continue on to the second half of the record. Both bands push the envelope of what heavy, complex, and massively distorted noise rock/metal can be and are at the forefront of whatever it is exactly that they both do. PRE-ORDER IS UP HERE. * International orders go through MVD here
  7. If anyone was into the band MORPHINE, their third LP, "Yes" has just been re-issued again. It was the only record of theirs that I had a really tough time tracking down, as the 2009 reissue on Rhino was typically going for $80-100, which is ridiculous. This new edition is a 2xLP in a really nice jacket, insert, and has some B-sides and live tracks in addition to the "Yes" LP. It's definitely very worth it and I was just hoping that one day it would be re-issued and it has, better than ever. Check it out here: https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/yes-expanded-edition.html And you can obviously find it all over the place elsewhere too.
  8. This is out today! Check the record in full here: https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/null-act-of-love
  9. I generally have my pressing plant do 10 test presses so I can keep a few, sell a couple, and give some to the band. They are, first and foremost, to make sure things sound good. But I also usually make alternate covers to go with them, usually something funny, because it's kind of a fun thing to do. And I think it makes it all the better when I decide to sell off a couple of them because there's this different cover that people can enjoy. Also, one of the pressing plants I was woring with would occasionally send me test presses on different colored vinyl, which was always a nice surprise.
  10. I think it's a pretty solid effort overall. It was initially a little wary on the new(ish) drummer since the original guy was such a maniac. But this dude shines on the new record I think, he really goes all out.
  11. Orders begin shipping next week, ahead of the official 9/21 release date! Yay! Get a copy here: https://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/products
  12. I got the Hot Snakes/Mudhoney one and the Metz/Clipping one. They were selling them at three different merch tents throughout the fest and they were going really quick. I'd imagine if they have any left they won't last long at all. However, as far as the songs go I think it's all exclusive stuff (I don't really know anything about Clipping). The Metz song is an extended version of one of the songs on "Strange Peace" and worth it for that song alone. The HS tune is probably an extra track from the "Jericho Sirens" sessions but it's still pretty stellar.
  13. I always make sure to send them an equal amount of whatever colors I press records on so they will have some on hand. However, I don't think that within their ordering system they have options directly listed. When you do order from them there is a section in checkout that says 'add a note to your order'. Click on that and ask for a copy on white vinyl.