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  1. Yeah, definitely in the vocals on that song. I think it has a very Jesus Lizard vibe in the way they can do that creepy-crawl sort of vibe on the bass.
  2. That song definitely has some Milhouse vibes! And the lyrics... wink, wink, nod, nod. This makes me happy. I agree, "Obscenity In the Milk" is easily one of my favorite HC releases of the later 90s. I still listen to it all the time. Definitely enjoyed MOM, though not nearly as much as some of the other Wreck-Age catalog. That label put out so much rad stuff over the years.
  3. Frank- I know you've ordered stuff from me for years and I've always been meaning to ask you, seeing as you're in the NYC area... is your screen name a reference to the Milhouse song of the same name?
  4. British post-punk/noise rock dudes USA NAILS will release their 5th full length, "Character Stop" on 10/23 through Hex Records in the US (Bugout in France, self-released in the UK). Different vinyl colors from the different labels. Plus, and this may be blasphemy to this forum, if you do CDs we got you covered as well. But here's the vinyl breakdown, from my side at least: 100- blue/yellow swirl 150- clear pink 150- clear green Here a couple songs here. They jam: https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/usa-nails-character-stop
  5. For those into colorful records there's about 5 each of the pink and blue copies left in the bigcartel store. The rest on standard black. https://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/
  6. The new LP from Austin, TX noise rock trio EXHALANTS is streaming in full over at Metal Injection. They have a sound akin to a collision of Unwound's noisy/melodic explorations and Unsane's distortion-worshipping heft. You can hear it all here: https://metalinjection.net/av/full-album-stream/exhalants-brings-the-disgusting-noise-rock-on-new-album-atonement The record can be obtained here: https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/exhalants-atonement Copies are shipping now. There's some color vinyl left, but not much. Here's the pressing info: 100- clear blue 100- solid pink 200- black
  7. Selling a number of older LP releases for cheap on Friday for the bandcamp thing. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/
  8. Full album stream up here (ahead of official 4/10 release date): https://www.metalsucks.net/2020/04/06/exclusive-full-album-stream-gaytheists-how-long-have-i-been-on-fire/
  9. Third single up to check out: https://www.noecho.net/features/gaytheist-how-long-have-I-been-on-fire Pre-orders begin shipping by the end of this week (to account for the post office being a little slow) to ensure people get their copies by the 10th
  10. Thank you! I genuinely hope they are able to get out and play a bunch (as they have planned throughout the spring and summer) once things get a bit back to normal. All pre-orders will be shipped in early April.
  11. That's very kind of you, thanks. It literally costs that much just to send a single LP overseas. Ridiculous. I try to make up for it with some bonus stuff in all orders.
  12. And, also, here's a new song to check out: http://post-trash.com/news/2020/3/16/gaytheist-hornswoggled-post-trash-premiere
  13. The Hex Records bandcamp ought to have all international shipping on there. Otherwise, I'd suggest trying my distributor: https://mvdshop.com/search?q=gaytheist
  14. Here's a preview of what the finished records look like: