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  1. Got a few items for sale on the cheap today via the bandcamp site. Several titles are $1-$2 off. Take a look around. Also, put up a pre-order on the repress of PINKO, "You & You" LP on blue vinyl (w/ blue sleeve). Out of 200. First 60 copies come w/ alternate cover artwork printed on reflective foil. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/
  2. Just added a repress of the 2019 debut LP from PINKO, a mathy-heavy- noise rock trio from San Antonio. This version comes on blue vinyl and in an accompanying blue sleeve and limited to 200 copies. Additionally, the first 60 copies copies come with alternate cover artwork printed on reflective foil cover stock. Check 'em out here: https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pinko-you-you
  3. I'm pretty sure Southern went under completely and the circumstances were not great. I believe a number of artists looking to get their masters back have had a hard time and I think that's been part of what's been holding up reissues of Karate stuff. However, there's some talk of Numero Group putting together reissues of all their material now, which would be awesome.
  4. Who else got good stuff coming tomorrow? Personally, I'm adding the third pressing of EXHALANTS, "Atonement" LP. 300 more copies on forest green vinyl. There's just a few copies left of the second pressing, which is on peach marble. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/
  5. Cave-In's cover was fucking awesome. A perfect choice for them to do, fits them well.
  6. The records look dang purdy. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/alpha-hopper-alpha-hex-index
  7. They've definitely been listening to a lot of Talking Heads and Gang Of Four.
  8. A few days left on this (until the 21st). Visit the site for further details.
  9. HEX RECORDS YEAR-END HOLIDAY SALE! That's right. For the next week (12/14-12/21) we got a bunch of package deals going on for you all! https://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/category/sale 10 CDs FOR $20 ALL 2019 LP RELEASES FOR $50 ALL 2019 LPs + T-SHIRT BUNDLE FOR $65 ALL 2020 LP RELEASES FOR $55 ALL 2020 LP RELEASES + T-SHIRT BUNDLE FOR $70 ALL 2020 CD TITLES FOR $20 MYSTERY BOX OF 5 LPs FOR $30 Each order will contain extra goodies. Special pressings of certain records included with orders, and more! * Some of these deals ship right away, some not until AFTER Christmas.
  10. Oh shit, I forgot Steve was a part of that! I lived in Buffalo from '97-'99 so I was lucky enough to see the first few ETID shows and even book them once or twice. I grew up in Syracuse and right after leaving Buffalo went back there where ETID would come down to play all the friggin' time. Their shows were always totally nuts, especially at Hellfest. I think it was either their 2001 or 2002 set where Keith didn't say anything between songs, but instead they just played samples from a live Pantera record. Hilarious.
  11. Kid Gorgeous were always thought of as ETID Jr, even though both bands basically started at the same time. Plus, John from Kid G was the first bass player for ETID until Aaron stepped in as they were getting ready to put out "Last Night In Town"
  12. I can't imagine an ETID livestream holding a candle to how insane those holiday shows they throw are. But they continue to be one of the best live bands around because of their energy, humor, and enthusiasm and I bet a livestream would still be pretty fun. As far as 'being over' livestreams, I can feel that. I've watched a number of them this year, some low-key and free, one was pay-if-you-can that was waaaay more professional than expected, and one buy-a-ticket thing that was super professional and pretty decent. They range in quality. And bands that tour as full-time jobs I get how
  13. For sure. The first single was definitely in the vein of what you might expect from them but this new song is definitely a turn. I'm certainly curious as to how the rest of the record is. Reading about some of the influence they've said they're going for with this new album I think it could be pretty good. Most definitely one of the wildest live bands I'd seen in recent memory.

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