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  1. This is really the only one you like? Checkout “Home”, “Seasons”, & “Animosity”. maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve heard those but they got some of their best songs. Back when they were still heavy & had a numetal edge to some of their songs.
  2. Actually these albums have not been pressed before. Also, I understand you clearly don't like the music, which is totally cool, I usually don't like mainstream pop rock artists either but her first two albums are good pop rock albums, and I can see why they sold so well back in the day.
  3. Recordstore.co.uk has the colored variants listed for preorder. So far nothing on Bullmoose
  4. Its about time. Definitely getting Let Go & Under My Skin. Any idea which sites typically sell MusicOnVinyl's colored exclusives for preorder so I don't have to go to a record store that's an hour away from me?
  5. Yeah clearly that Benchmark customer service person had no idea what they were talking about when they emailed me back a few days ago. You would think they would've known sooner that there was gonna be a month long delay on these. That site's a joke. They had plenty of time to get these made by September 28th
  6. Went ahead and emailed Benchmark Customer Service two days ago asking if these boxsets got delayed or anything like that and they replied to me this morning saying these are still set to ship out on 9/28. I was hoping they'd ship a few days early so we could receive them on release day, but hey at least there's no delays.
  7. Well, I mean are they really "shitty" except to hipsters who hate mainstream rock? I mean just because we listened to 3DG and BB a lot in high school doesn't make it "bad". These 3 albums and Breaking Benjamin'so first 4 albums are some of the best "mainstream rock" albums out there and do deserve vinyl pressings. Glad FYE is doing cover-matching colored exclusives for these Three Days Days Grace albums, maybe they can finally get BB's Saturate, We Are Not Alone and Phobia pressed atleast.
  8. Not to mention it may end up being the best looking variant anyway!
  9. ...Am I the only one who's just holding out for the Hot Topic exclusive?
  10. So if there will be 2 volumes for each season we're getting 16 variants for each entire season of the series.....wow lol
  11. So...i assume everyone who ordered probably chose "USPS Priority Flat Rate -Free" But i noticed they also offer another option of regular "Priority Mail" for $11 What would make anyone choose the $11 priority over free priority? Is one supposed to be faster than the other? Or are they the exact same speed?
  12. Even though its clearly their fault. Well at that point I would just lie and tell them the vinyl itself was damaged, then they'd have to send a new one or refund. Nobody should be forced to stick with a ripped sleeve when they charged almost $30 bucks for it.
  13. Considering how much they are charging for these HT exclusive variants you should definitely try and get a refund/replacement. Its a damaged product, their fault. Especially with a split spine