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  1. Noticed this too and was surprised it was sold out before the white. Got a Gold 2xLP and White 5" myself.
  2. Damn, need to find someone shipping that Indie variant to Canada, definitely the best looking of the bunch.
  3. Ugh, just got home to see this at the front door. This ended up being extremely disappointing. Ordered the Orange/Clear/Blue. Mailer was fine but all three rings came loose inside the packaging, with very visible scuffs. The ring holders are all damaged as well. This was partially expected. My biggest problem with this is that none of my rings even snap into place with each other. You can wedge the 7" and the middle ring together but you cannot get them to sit flat enough to play. Even worse is that the outer ring is either so warped, or so improperly cut, that the middle ring s
  4. And here I was refreshing bandcamp like a sucker, haha. Ah well, cheaper shipping to Canada/Bandcamp Friday, still happy I snagged a trans red.
  5. Don't know how that Blood Moon went so fast, it was sold out by 11:01.
  6. and that's the advantage of the Patreon, The maroon/tan is the ideal colorway, no surprise it disappeared so fast.
  7. Looks like Robotic Empire's smoke variant is limited to 700. They will also have 1,000 to sell on standard black. Edit: Also sounds like the Orange/White Smoke was a Patreon exclusive release.
  8. If anyone wanted to get a refund for any mistaken multiples they cannot afford/want, Merch Direct refunded my extras as of this morning. Mark it as a technical issue through their FAQ.
  9. Check your e-mail inbox. I wasn't able to check out on the site then all of a sudden I received FIVE different email confirmations for the same variant. This will be messy, I'm giving up the chase now.
  10. Adam covering Bing Crosby should be a thing of beauty. Looking forward to having this.
  11. One of my biggest regrets that I sat back on, not expecting it to sell out. Definitely not missing my chance this time, thank you for finding this.
  12. Ugh, after shipping and conversion to CAD, this thing is going to run me $32. Gotta pass until that dollar is better, unless there's a handful of Torontonians that want to split an order.
  13. PO is up. Double black vinyl or double CD, along with other merch options: November 8 release date. https://storena.nickcave.com/
  14. The /200 is back up at Relapse: https://store.relapse.com/item/74226
  15. Defeater is doing an AMA on the Post Hardcore subreddit Friday afternoon at 3pm EST. https://www.reddit.com/r/posthardcore

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