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  1. PO is up. Double black vinyl or double CD, along with other merch options: November 8 release date. https://storena.nickcave.com/
  2. The /200 is back up at Relapse: https://store.relapse.com/item/74226
  3. Defeater is doing an AMA on the Post Hardcore subreddit Friday afternoon at 3pm EST. https://www.reddit.com/r/posthardcore
  4. This thread made me want to listen to The Joint Chiefs of Math again immediately. Everything is free on their bandcamp if you are interested: https://thejointchiefsofmath.bandcamp.com/album/wires
  5. Count me in. I had no idea this was happening, must have missed all knowledge of their studio time. What a pleasant surprise.
  6. New album dropped last week, SHELTERS Listen here: https://barsofgold.bandcamp.com/album/shelters Order here: https://barsofgold.merchnow.com/
  7. Deciding now whether to pre-order when it's available or avoid intl. shipping and wait to buy a copy at the Toronto show. Either way I'm excited for a full album of new material.
  8. I remember Cave In posting some photos at the end of 2017 and Brodsky had a interview shortly after that saying some new stuff was in the works. I am extremely excited for whatever this is.
  9. They also mentioned on their instagram that they will be putting up more copies for pre-order of all three variants. No idea on how much.
  10. 140g black is now all that's left. Gotta wait for a repress. I have all their stuff color coded to the album title, completely missed this one.
  11. Always love the office pickups. Any chance to avoid shipping charges are welcome.
  12. Does anyone know if Kings Road will combine orders? I'd really like to tack this on to my Bad Religion pre-order, to save some precious money on intl. shipping.
  13. This is excellent, thank you for the response. Conversion plus shipping was coming in at about $60, so hopefully this alleviates some of those costs.
  14. Quite surprised it's not on the Caleb Scofield benefit page. I'm holding off until some copies hopefully show up there, or until the Canadian dollar gets a little stronger. It's not out until next year so here's hoping it doesn't sell out by the time I pull the trigger.
  15. One of the best live recordings out there, Can't wait for that link to show up!