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  1. This is excellent, thank you for the response. Conversion plus shipping was coming in at about $60, so hopefully this alleviates some of those costs.
  2. Quite surprised it's not on the Caleb Scofield benefit page. I'm holding off until some copies hopefully show up there, or until the Canadian dollar gets a little stronger. It's not out until next year so here's hoping it doesn't sell out by the time I pull the trigger.
  3. Negron

    PO: Face To Face - Live 2xLP

    One of the best live recordings out there, Can't wait for that link to show up!
  4. For anyone still wondering, they are selling the new EP on 180g Black during the tour. Not sure if there were any colours available prior to the Toronto show last night.
  5. So, when does that Coke Bottle Green become available? I'm still not gonna buy it, but someone needs their eyes checked if they think that mock-up looks like clear!
  6. I missed this quote before. It make sense but, who knows how long that will take.
  7. I hope it doesn't get cancelled, I'd be willing to wait since the money has been spoken for for quite a while now. Also considering the Canadian Dollar is doing better than it was when I pre-ordered, us Canadians will have to take a loss due to conversion. Boo.
  8. Similar messaging from their bandcamp mailing list too. Let's hope something happens soon:
  9. The bandcamp store just states "fall" for the release date now. I was hoping someone had received confirmation at this point, guess not.
  10. I'm glad I chose the pickup option, thank you all!
  11. Has anyone ever ordered from Arts & Crafts and picked up at the office? Seems so much more convenient than paying $12 to ship it down the street, as if there's a catch.
  12. Saw this band a few times last year and have been waiting for news about the album since I heard some new stuff live. I will be all over this as soon as the preorders are up!
  13. I'm kind of hoping they have the same variants as The Dusk In Us just to be all matchy.
  14. I really want to go to that cave show but I can't afford that trip currently. In for a fancy vinyl, as per usual with their kickstarters.
  15. Yup. Decided on the green/purple splatter for II, but contemplated selling my part 1 and grabbing the double record first.