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  1. He is severely downplaying the fact that there are shows in the IG comments. Are they re-recording something if there are no shows?
  2. Their "Looking for Gold" variants look identical to the mock up, so it does look nice. I missed the splatter on Year of the Horse (picked up the gold) so I'm definitely going to chase that smash this time.
  3. The one thing I can appreciate about Relapse is they wont put up a pre-order until they have their product in hand, or at least have a guaranteed ship date. There are a considerable about of releases to press so it'll take some time until all those logistics line up, I'm sure.
  4. I was worried what the cost of this was going to be to Canada when they signed to Red Creek. Time to swallow $57 because I need this record and love this band. Also Marbled Grimace is by far the best variant, on board myself for that as well.
  5. Fantastic tips, I'll dig into this a little more. I'm used to waiting 6-8 weeks for a record to show up due to customs so the length of time it takes to get to me is never a factor if I can save. This could be a really good tool.
  6. Gave it a shot. Still $22USD to ship a single record from their New Jersey warehouse. Depending on the ship from the store, it might be slightly cheaper in the end but not by much. Chalking it up to Canada shipping problems in general. I appreciate the help, might just cave and get a PO Box one of these days.
  7. When i go through a lot of the indie stores, nearly all of them use the same shipping structure so shipping prices are identical. I could only find one or two willing to ship international but no difference in price. I'll give that Ship7 a look but it is mostly the cost of shipping across Canada. It's incredibly expensive to even ship domestically here but, the prices for these records are exceptionally high.
  8. Good to know! Shipping is 30/record from the few indie stores that do ship to Canada, so it might just be a matter finding the cheapest ship, regardless of variant. I've been holding out for record stores in Toronto to get some but, the ones I inquired with had no means to order.
  9. I'll be more than happy to send them some cash for those indie variants once those west coast shows are done. Hoping they have some leftovers!
  10. Just got offered the 20% as well. At the very least it offsets the additional cost.
  11. This is me. Came home to the record on my doorstep just now, only to open up the Cloudy variant /500. Very upsetting that they didn’t address the shortages before shipping. I have already emailed them about the discrepancy, so let’s see what kind of response I get back.
  12. You're right, the sob story of international shipping didn't even work. Oh well, worth a shot.
  13. With both this and 'Love Is Worth it' now shipping in October, I'm hoping I can combine orders.
  14. Electric Guitar 1 was such a fantastic ambient record. EG2, based off the first song, doesn't have the same feel to it but the title makes sense based off what I hear. Definitely going to want to hear more before I pre-order.