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  1. Well, for Joyful Noise at least, this album seems to have lived up to its title.
  2. since it's fed ex... do you get customs fees every time?
  3. It's just people holding things in their carts... it's available again. Great band, thanks for the heads up!
  4. I got an Isis test press a number of years ago with a pubic hair cling-stuck on it. Always assumed it was Aaron Turner's so I kept it in the sleeve and may frame it one day.
  5. Anyone know of any current discount codes?
  6. "off-colour" comment not to mention "weird flex" HISSING's "Permanent Destitution" was the best metal album put out last year, btwimo.
  7. Originals go for a fair bit, so glad this is being reissued. Released on the 23rd of November. Fave track: Drume Negrita
  8. What ended up happening here? Wondering if this might be a stamp too.
  9. While it’s always a good suggestion to talk to the source and ask, I did try a number of years ago... a few times, and yeah... they were unable to help or didn’t care to do anything. It’s really too bad because they were one of my first mail order purchases and they used to refund overpayments in shipping without even being asked. The batch of original Toe pressings were my last purchases. I may be wrong but I think they also used to comment and interact on VC? Not sure what has happened to them.