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  1. RT @radicaldaily: May 10/11 1968 - The Night of the Barricades in Paris as student protesters battle police. https://t.co/lSK6ih1G2a

  2. RT @michaelgungor: Whatever question you're afraid of asking... That's the question you should be asking.

  3. I missed the boat on this one. ISO, in case any of you picked up 2 copies...
  4. I know this is a vinyl forum, but would anyone be interested in an Mondo Jackie Brown poster by Olly Moss that I'm looking to unload?
  5. 060 Ork Records: New York, New York announced and available for pre-order In August of 1975, the world’s first punk record label was born. Ork Records: New York, New York is a tale of Terry Ork, a film-obsessed fugitive of Warhol’s Factory set. Ork’s impresario ear would pull damaged, literate new rock music from the pregnant Bowery grime of CBGB, resulting in debut 45s by Television and Richard Hell, as well as landmark recordings by the Feelies and Lester Bangs. It’s a tale of Charles Ball, who’d steer Ork Records through solo exploits by Big Star’s Alex Chilton and the dBs’ Chri
  6. I also love the Unwound sets, really looking forward to the last one. 700 series is a must-buy no matter what. All of that said, the Good God! series is by far my favorite.
  7. I've really enjoyed following the Mondo/Death Waltz thread, and wanted to create a similar thread to discuss the past sets and upcoming releases from the excellent Numero Group. So let me kick it off with a couple of questions: - Do you have a favorite Numero release or series? - Is anyone trying to collect the whole collection? (Much like some Criterion fans do with movies?) - Are there any releases you took a chance on and ended up not liking? - What are you looking forward to?
  8. They said that there's no more licensing issue, they're just waiting until the new album comes out to dive into the CFUTF repress.
  9. Did anybody pick up the new Live 1998 LP? How does it sound? Does it fit in the original box set? (OCD)

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