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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to revisited in Record Store Days 2021 (RSD Drops are returning)   
    for anyone wondering about the alkaline trio record, the same plates were used as the last pressing from 4 years ago. it still sadly sounds horrible. 
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to youspinmeround in PO: Type O Negative Anniversary Releases   
    The Type O negative FB account posted yesterday about a "premature" listing. They said more info would come out in August and implied to wait as they will have several editions
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to IanRees in Drug Church - Tawny   
    1250 – Various – Baby Pink w/ heavy white splatter
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to IanRees in Drug Church - Tawny   
    idk how they're shipping you the record when it hasn't even shipped from the pressing plant yet.
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to KaitouG in PO: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless and Isn't Anything   
    Anyone have a chance to check the matrix info? Curious to see if they re-used the plates from the previous reissues.
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Gilderoy in Soon? The Mars Volta   
    Probably that the Cloud Hills store is the only place to pay these prices.  I hope.
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    Iggy_Pilot got a reaction from chrisapple in Soon? The Mars Volta   
    "Exclusive Clouds Hill edition"
    I wonder what this actually means? I don't see the exclusivity being black vinyl? Or just because these standalone releases will be not available in retail (which I do not believe actually)?
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    Iggy_Pilot got a reaction from chrisapple in Soon? The Mars Volta   
    Preorders are up on EU store
    Prices are absurd.
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    Iggy_Pilot got a reaction from throwgncpr in PO Bad Astronaut Box Set   
    I will just leave this here:
    Quote from Fat Wreck Chords:
    "Individual LPs will be available in a few months on black vinyl. "
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Purple Buffalo in PO SOON: The Bronx - VI   
    The red thing is a "snow straw" and the "Bronx LA" thing is in fact a sticker
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Purple Buffalo in PO SOON: The Bronx - VI   
    *** UPDATE ***   Just got my delivery!!! of course the LP didn't show but I did receive the "White Shadow" 7" and the box plus other stuff. Here's a pic!

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    Iggy_Pilot got a reaction from dirkrondo in PO: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless and Isn't Anything   
    Regular and deluxe vinyl reissues of Isn't Anything, Loveless, m b v 
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Portsi in PO: Isis - Panopticon (REMASTERED)   
    Sure! Here are the infos for Oceanic, Panopticon and Truth:
    Oceanic: 69227 CORE058-ROBO074
    Panopticon: 69228 CORE058-ROBO074
    Truth: 69229 CORE058 ROBO074
    Rest of the records are like that too.
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Your Ex-Wife in Soon? The Mars Volta   
    I just don't believe anything Omar says tbh haha
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to solitaryreign in PO: Isis - Panopticon (REMASTERED)   
    Instagram story on his account.
    I’m so looking forward to finally own this at a decent price
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to alwaysopenmouth in PO: Isis - Panopticon (REMASTERED)   
    Aaron Harris shared a pic of a test press today, so hold out and don’t feed the flippers!
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to N8TRU in Fuckin' USPS' Network Distribution Centers: the thread.   
    I live in the state of Delaware (surrounded by Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey) and that's our state's initials.
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Plarocks in Spindle hole size   
    Yalls’ turntables ain’t man enough for that record!
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Dhesketh in Spindle hole size   
    Tests were normal, and all other presses I’m sure were as well.  Sounds like it just may have been a little larger than normal variance accentuated by lack of labels to tension it in.  Thanks for the responses, informative and pretty damn comical. I feel like my hole questions have been filled.  
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    Iggy_Pilot got a reaction from Dhesketh in Spindle hole size   
    What I have seen on some used records: you could make it playable by either putting adhesive tape over the spindle hole and pushing the spindle through. Or by filling up the inners of the hole with a couple of layers of tape.
    Might not be easy to find the exact spot so it will not be off-centered.
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    Iggy_Pilot got a reaction from kylet in The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread   
    I did not get one either. Sold out before I could checkout...
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to al-naafiysh in PO SOON: Touché Amoré-Lament   
    I don't believe for a second that the pressing plant was unfamiliar with the mockups. I'm pretty sure the possible color combinations (and likely the photoshopped mockups themselves) usually come from the pressing plant. Plants use multi-colored vinyl "pucks" to achieve multicolored pressings. They know what it should look like. (You might notice that indie punk band 7"s from the same eras often have the same similar colors combos/marbles/splatters, from URP or the like. They choose from what's available)
    It is not an issue of the labels/artists dreaming up things that are impossible. Pressing plants would not accept orders for things that can't be done. This is a clear example of someone not caring about the final product. Maybe the blue should have been transparent, maybe the pucks were just badly mixed; who knows.
    Whether or not a true "test pressing" is made, low-numbered pressings are usually made one at a time; just 500 copies were almost definitely done by one single stamper. It would have been obvious if the first one came out wrong.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the album and will be keeping mine. But considering I paid like $10 extra and waited longer? Kinda lame. This could have been avoided. /end rant
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to Derek™ in PO SOON: Touché Amoré-Lament   
    Jokes aside that is probably the worst “wait, that’s it?” variant mishap and shakeout that I’ve seen in 11 years of buying vinyl.  I’ve seen some barely-there swirls and some splatters that were truly more dribbles than anything else.  But this takes the cake.  It looks like the blue LP dipped its toe in black and said “wow, nope.  Fuck that.  I’m out.”
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    Iggy_Pilot reacted to captainreiss in The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread   
    Bit of both. Packaged Sounds has its own pressing plant in High Wycombe for specialst colour work, so all Store Editions and runs up to 500 records are usually pressed there but also owns machines at the Takt plant which do the larger volume and major label work. It started out as a broker but the plant in UK opened 18months ago.

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