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  1. Does anyone have ever chosen "USA DELIVERY" without tracking from BSM? Looks like is about $5 less
  2. Guess I will wait for any other limited variant jumping on. Some Newbury or UO maybe
  3. Same here and it sucks because I find really nice the artwork. AOTY contender for sure
  4. Pretty stoked about this. Freetown Sound was on my 2016 top
  5. I'm pretty sure he's just a friend of them or someone close to the band. Being on the cover doesn't say something really, Frances Quinlan appeared in NHA cover just for fun too
  6. This album really deserved to have a colored variant. Snail Mail is gold
  7. Song is OK and I feel that the production overall matches the band personality, it's pretty noisy. Vocals sound bad because of Nicky's bad singing, J Mascis gets it.
  8. Didn't like that much the deluxe variant, instead I ordered the splatter limited to 500 (surprised it hasn't sold out already) plus a GoE crewneck for about $50. I am a XL guy but that $12 2XL crewneck was a no brainer.
  9. Somehow when you pick up clothing in the Relapse Store, FedEx Home Delivery ends being the cheapest option. Is there any diference between FedEx and UPS service? I have never used FedEx before
  10. Lean is my jam, that song and Mumble really blew my sad mind. Whirr was love at first listen
  11. I always go for the color that matches the cover art the most tbh, so I would prefer clear. Hoping to see any press info popping up tho!
  12. Looking for any pressing info on this reissue. Can't decide whether to buy clear or red variant
  13. Dance On the Blacktop is a cool album name. Our World Is Nothing would have matched better with a post-Tired Of Tomorrow thing, though

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