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  1. The boots come from all different sources, so quality is gonna be a crapshoot. I can say that Rollin has good customer service and I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy.
  2. Both pages mysteriously disappear. Monday is gonna be expensive I think.
  3. However they aren’t shipping to the US. Can confirm.
  4. It’s up without the socks now. https://www.impericon.com/en/blink-182-nine-neon-magenta-colored-lp.html
  5. Sound quality on the pressing it great too. Well worth the price for it if you’re a fan.
  6. Anyone seen a Mastodon Stairway for sale online? Got everything but that and regretting it.
  7. Their previous vinyl sounds like ass because a bunch of it is on Victory, and they are horrible. The newer stuff all sounds great.
  8. Didn’t realize Connecticut was expensive. I should clear $65k this year between raises and teaching credit recovery after school. Still live in a one bedroom apt too lol
  9. Which state? Cuz I live in So Cal so I feel that expensive state. But I’m a 2nd year teacher and cleared $60k last year so I’m not complaining n
  10. Kinda curious how poor teachers are out there? I’m a teacher and make decent money.
  11. Keeping an eye out. Scored a TA for $24 shipped so I’m happy.