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  1. Got the eps but the shipping on this and the ep prices are a joke. At this point if you aren’t going to allow for a media mail option I’m pretty sure FedEx or UPS is cheaper than $16. 🙄
  2. Wish it was the ep or had those tracks but I’ll pick this up at some point
  3. New Bleachers album is up for PO here https://store.dirtyhit.co.uk/bleachers-us release date is 3/8/24 4 alt covers across 2 variants standard artwork release is on white vinyl two tracks up on their bandcamp now https://bleachers.bandcamp.com/album/bleachers
  4. Damn picked the wrong day to not check the board earlier. Went with the rev hq /500 but some of those NFG store variants were 🔥
  5. Really bummed I missed out on this variant. If anyone has an extra they’re wanting to sell lmk!
  6. New TBS LP drops 10/27. Looks like there are 3 variants so far • Mixed and White here: https://found.ee/TBS152 • Copper here: https://takingbacksundaystore.com/
  7. went with the bundle. wish that it let you select the other /400 variants for the EPs but oh well. glad to have these added to the collection
  8. BUMP. these guys second album is up for PO 1st Press Yellow w/ White Galaxy Swirl A/B, Orange w/ White Galaxy Swirl C/D /200 Clear w/ Yellow & Orange Splatter A/B & C/D /300 Clear w/ Transparent Yellow Centre A/B, Clear w/ Opaque Orange Centre C/D /500 they have also represses for their first LP and two EPs up on the site!!!! https://dogknightsproductions.com/
  9. damn this album slaps. never hear of these guys before but early TWIAP reminds me of them. any other good stuff on Numero Group that i should check out? i love that the label pressed the Karate discography, waiting on the American Analog Set releases to drop.
  10. got my shipping notification for HIPV, Finch and Movielife! LFG!!!!!
  11. got the red! do we know the #'s on these variants?
  12. Dammit just saw this went to add it to my cart and it’s not sold out at PGR
  13. finally! completing my Lydia collection!
  14. looks like there is a clear and evergreen marble variant on their bandcamp: https://theworldis.bandcamp.com/album/whenever-if-ever not sure the run on this variant. also, these are being pressed by Wax Bodega? I had another WB release in my Bandcamp cart and it knocked down the shipping on this when I added it
  15. You said that you were leaving, I asked where we were going… I have the previous pressing with the alt cover but glad to see this might be getting a repress 🤘
  16. could you give us more insight on how you KNOW its sold out though.... kidding. congrats to you and the band on the awesome response to pressing this LP!
  17. late to the game. refreshed the site and the galaxy comes back in stock sometimes, and i was able to grab one! keep trying!
  18. picked up Finch, HiPV, TML eps (got TSL one previously). hoping that they do full lengths in the DTR catalog next!
  19. They sent out an update yesterday i think. something about the company they are getting these pressed through was bought out and they should have them in hand sometime in January
  20. Didn’t receive a shipping notification and it wasn’t on my USPS dashboard but my copy just arrived tonight!

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