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  1. leave it out in the rain for 45 minutes and then flip once, make sure to drain excess water city rain works best, the pollution adds texture
  2. We are indeed sending Viper copies to sell himself but are not fulfilling or distributing these orders ourselves and can't guarantee anything in relation to them. I would order from Chamber 38 to be safe
  3. VAPERROR - "Acid Arcadia" is out on 12” vinyl THIS FRIDAY (06.15.11) @ 12 PM EST on via Bludhoney Records @ http://bludhoney.com. "Acid Arcadia", the immense fourth LP from celebrated electronic producer Vaperror, marks his most fully-realized, dense work to date - bursting at the seams with sugary acid synth melodies and manic juke rhythms. Expanded with three new tracks and remastered for its first time on 45 RPM vinyl, this monumental release marks the first collaboration between Bludhoney Records & PLUS100 Records, two of the most carefully curated, forward-thinking experimental electronic labels on the net. “Pink & Blue Split” / 250 “Pretty Beam Splatter” / 150 Ultra Limited Deluxe Bundle (Full Bleed Cassette, 11 x 17” Poster & “Pretty Beam Splatter” vinyl) / 100
  4. Did you hear "Orc"? I've been lukewarm on a lot of their releases but "Orc" was seriously something else.
  5. We have begun shipping these, all of them should be out within the next few days!
  6. New images of both variants and the bundle-exclusive full-bleed cassette! Silver limited to 250 Spiral Blast limited to 150 Ultra Deluxe Bundle (w/ cassette) limited to 100 Set your timers - it drops THIS FRIDAY (05.11) at 12 PM EST on the dot: http://bludhoney.com
  7. Merzbow - "Pulse Demon" is out 05.11.18 on 2xLP colored vinyl for the first time ever via Bludhoney Records. This legendary 1996 psychedelic harsh noise masterpiece has remained among the most extreme and polarizing albums ever recorded, every bit as intense and cathartic today as it was two decades ago. "Pulse Demon" is the holy grail of the Japanese noise god's discography - brimming with unrestrained energy and vibrance, this influential masterwork decimates listeners with pulverizing bursts of pure sound. We're honored to present the official reissue of "Pulse Demon", pressed on 2xLP colored vinyl and housed in a holographic gatefold jacket featuring fully restored original artwork. Limited bundles include an exclusive "Pulse Demon" cassette with full-bleed pad printing and a holographic J-card. Don't miss out - "Pulse Demon" releases 05.11.18 at 12:00 PM EST: http://bludhoney.com/
  8. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Any idea when they normally stock their website with RSD stuff? EDIT: Just saw their thread and I’ll be watching it - cheers <3
  9. Does you or any other kind soul still have Survive?? That and Black Moth Super Rainbow are the last on my list!
  10. never really a huge fan of LP / shirt bundles, but damn that shirt kicks ass. snagged a bundle without delay