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  1. Oh shit! I must have missed that post. That sucks haha. I'm sure I'll find it at some point
  2. Solace? I've been trying to find that for so long.
  3. Wrong place to flip. Put this on eBay and you'll likely do better
  4. I haven’t really kept up with this band but I wish they’d pressing Losing Sleep and The Way It Was for nostalgias sake
  5. It's Youngbloods. Looks like 150 worldwide for each variant? That seems pretty low, I think these will sell out quickly. https://unfd.lnk.to/YoungbloodsVinyl
  6. Looks like I'm actually getting up early for RSD this year. I always just wait until the leftovers are online. In for MCR, the Kooks, Green Day, maybe a couple others. Those 3" are so cool
  7. Nearly all of it is repeated honestly, I only noticed a few new titles
  8. Couple more rumors here: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/heres_the_list_of_rumoured_record_store_day_2019_releases
  9. Pierce the Veil sold out pretty quickly. I agree these should be on merchnow, they're far too expensive to buy one at a time. I'll suck it up for a few select bands though
  10. I'll be really happy if the Black Parade is Dead is real and includes the dvd
  11. I watched Velvet Buzzsaw yesterday and found it very entertaining. I agree that the dialogue was a little weird in parts, does anyone actually speak that way in real life? Either way the cast was very strong and it was pretty original. I think it's something I'd view again. That one scene with the "sphere" was great, very Kill Bill in the manner of wildly overdramatic gore
  12. Oh, nice. I think I'll just grab the blue /850 because its the cheapest. Those pins are so nice!
  13. Not necessarily, it could be a 7" single or a 10 year anniversary press for Youngbloods. It would be really cool though if they finally got the rights to press Chasing Ghosts from Roadrunner. Since there's no link to preorder yet you could've left this in the most recent Amity thread Piky created