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  1. Best of luck. Prices are crazy lately but hopefully someone here will be fair to you!
  2. Lots of Daze test presses for Black Friday - World of Pleasure, Serration, A Mourning Star, King Nine, Pain of Truth, Blood Runs Cold, Witness Chamber and all that other good stuff https://dazexclusive.bigcartel.com/product/test-presses I bought a Serration, always happy to support the hometown boys. WOP was expensive but that also would’ve been cool
  3. Preordered. I love everything Jack does, this band deserves more attention
  4. New Meantime record this Friday: https://www.indecisionrecords.com/products/749195-meantime-living-in-the-meantime Hardcore from Winnipeg, Manitoba
  5. So many potential options for a ten year release and all they do is a picture disc. Bummer
  6. Hey all, I’m letting go of most of my tape collection. Happy to sell through here or directly through Discogs! North America only please. Thanks! https://www.discogs.com/seller/alluminaudia_/profile
  7. Yeah thats why I said "I" haha! I personally do not have any friends who care about that. Either way, two different matrix numbers could still be a part of a first press, which is what this guys question was on
  8. If a record is released internationally, often it will be created at multiple pressing plants (factories). Each pressing plant can have its own unique code, which is why you might see different matrixes on different records, depending on where they were made. For example, a record pressed in Canada can have a different code than one in the states, but because they were released at the same time, its still considered a first press. Honestly, don't worry about it too much. I cannot think of any record collector really getting hung up on matrix numbers.
  9. Year of the Knife alt cover /50 https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/year-of-the-knife/products/yotknll001-dl
  10. Hands of God repress: https://flatspotrecords.com/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage%2Ccollection&q=Hands of god *
  11. Exhibition second press: https://triplebrecords.net/collections/all-products/products/exhibition-the-last-laugh-pre-order
  12. Two variants, 1000 for the webstore and 500 for tour. https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/collections/tigers-jaw/products/tj00spltcb-lp Sold out.
  13. More variants coming soon from Wildrose Records, according to Jess' instagram
  14. https://daze-style.com/products/xweaponx-world-of-pleasure-split-pre-order Six variants! Snagged a 100, wanted to keep up my VC but man its expensive to get em all to Canada
  15. World of Pleasure x Weapon X split up on Daze at midnight eastern.
  16. These are both fantastic. I hope this band has the biggest comeback, they deserve it
  17. More on the metalcore side of things, but the new Cauldron album is up for preorder. Lots of features from people in hardcore; Jess Nyx, River Elliot etc https://thecomingstrife.com/products/cauldron-suicide-in-the-city
  18. I really like the direction they're going in with these new songs
  19. Second single featuring David from Sanction. Also it appears some of these are shipping already
  20. Represses of A New Tomorrow by Zulu and Only Constant by Gel https://flatspotrecords.com/collections/vinyl https://www.convulserecords.com/product/gel-only-constant-12

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