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  1. Here and Discogs are pretty solid.
  2. The band has updated their Facebook / Twitter cover photos and a blank listing for a new release is up on Amazon. You can't click on it yet but I've seen similar listings put up a few months before an album is released. I think it's safe to say a new single should be coming our way shortly (Maybe one of the three Lynn teased on Instagram)
  3. Anybody else incredibly disappointed? I would never expect a happy ending from this show but come on. D&D threw away so much character development for zero reason. It almost feels disrespectful to GRRM and the cast
  4. Box sets are shipping! If you're unable to make it to one of the dates of the final tour, or are going and just don’t want to risk merch running out, which has been common, everything is up for preorder on their bigcartel. It will all ship in late June. I’m going to the Chicago date but I’d rather not have to carry around so much, so this was a more convenient option. https://caseytheband.bigcartel.com/products
  5. The director of tonight’s episode was also the director of the red wedding episode. I feel like a twist is about to be thrown at us
  6. Interesting, but I think it would make more sense to just release a nice box set of all of the scores from season 1-8 once the show wraps up
  7. Did anyone grab a spare MCR? I'm trying to keep an eye out for a couple friends
  8. I was so bummed when I thought I missed out but there's thirty seven copies left of the half and half on 24 Hundred. Picked up a shirt too https://24hundred.net/products/mistakes-like-arrows-7-vinyl-half-royal-blue-half-white
  9. Nice! Glad I got a Diamond flexi included in this
  10. Oh shit! I must have missed that post. That sucks haha. I'm sure I'll find it at some point
  11. Solace? I've been trying to find that for so long.
  12. Wrong place to flip. Put this on eBay and you'll likely do better
  13. I haven’t really kept up with this band but I wish they’d pressing Losing Sleep and The Way It Was for nostalgias sake
  14. It's Youngbloods. Looks like 150 worldwide for each variant? That seems pretty low, I think these will sell out quickly. https://unfd.lnk.to/YoungbloodsVinyl
  15. Looks like I'm actually getting up early for RSD this year. I always just wait until the leftovers are online. In for MCR, the Kooks, Green Day, maybe a couple others. Those 3" are so cool
  16. Nearly all of it is repeated honestly, I only noticed a few new titles
  17. Couple more rumors here: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/heres_the_list_of_rumoured_record_store_day_2019_releases
  18. Pierce the Veil sold out pretty quickly. I agree these should be on merchnow, they're far too expensive to buy one at a time. I'll suck it up for a few select bands though
  19. I'll be really happy if the Black Parade is Dead is real and includes the dvd