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  1. Hi, you had a post from a couple years ago with some talking heads albums. Not sure if you'll even get this message, but if you do I'm interested in Remain in Light.

  2. Selling some stuff & it's either this or a sugar daddy so please buy my records ~gotta pay that rent~ PM me if you're interested or interesting or know someone who wants to be a sugar daddy YOUTH LAGOON - THE YEAR OF HIBERNATION LP + 7" (first pressing) (signed) DEERHUNTER - MICROCASTLE / WEIRD ERA CONTD (first pressing) APPLES IN STEREO - NEW MAGNETIC WONDER (first and only pressing) LED ZEPPELIN - LED ZEPPELIN III (1977 pressing) SEBADOH - DEFEND YOURSELF + 7" (red pressing) TALKING HEADS - FEAR OF MUSIC (first pressing) TALKING HEADS - REMAIN IN LIGHT (first pressing) I accept Paypal or whatever.