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  1. Thanks, I totally forgot to edit my post that they emailed me back saying they knew of an error and fixed it.
  2. Oh my God! Voted so fast, making my wife and friends vote too because I want this badly.
  3. I was going to buy a record or two from the Hopeless Records spring cleaning sale but the cheapest shipping it's giving me is $11, no media mail option, which is bonkers for a $13 record. I sent an email to customer service but I'm wondering if anyone knows if that's a store glitch or just the way it is for this sale.
  4. I scrobble through my phone and sometimes Spotify, please forgive the terrible username I chose years ago. https://www.last.fm/user/spawnofz
  5. Kind of want those CBK variants but not at $25 a piece (including shipping).
  6. Got mine and it looks great and sounds great. Really like the packing, the booklet inside is nice, I'm just really happy to own this on vinyl.
  7. Hedwig is getting a Criterion blu-ray release in June, if this got pressed to go with it I would lose my mind.
  8. Interesting, I wondered what happened to them, I really loved holding out on buying records to see if they'd have a special variant.
  9. Got an update email from Plaid Room that they're still working on orders and such, hopefully mine will ship soon, has anyone else received theirs?
  10. Same; they refunded my debit card, charged me again, and now it's "ready to ship". Hopefully they start sending them out soon.
  11. Damn that looks good, here's to hoping mine ships early as well.
  12. Thanks to a kind member of this board my copy should be here tomorrow and I can't wait. A phenomenal live album, I agree with you about Kill All Your Friends, I just wish it came with the DVD since I've long since lost mine. Other than that I'm just waiting for Plaid Room to ship my Menzingers 7", does anyone know if it comes with a digital download?
  13. Got Menzingers from Plaid, missed Wonder Years but that's okay it wasn't a must have.