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  1. Damn, of course this went up when I can't buy it until Wednesday.
  2. I want this so bad but I can't justify that much money right now. Maybe they'll release that new recording on its on down the line?
  3. I'm not a fan of the band but I appreciate all the stuff you get and the effort they put into this (shaped records, holographic records, unreleased stuff). If it was a band I love I'd be selling everything I own to afford this.
  4. Had to restrain myself... but I got Kate Bush, Beth Ditto, and Silverstein (which was enough for free shipping).
  5. That's a bummer, at least you got yours, I'm still waiting for mine to ship.
  6. Got that DeathWish exclusive, can't wait for this release.
  7. Mine come today too, slightly bowled but a coin on the corners and it's just fine.
  8. Hell yes, I saw the updates to the Instagram and website but didn't know there was a song out. Does anyone know if it's a full-length or an EP?
  9. Was on the fence if I wanted to own this on vinyl, but that variant is too delightful to pass up.
  10. New song is pretty good, nabbed a pollution asap couldn't risk any of these selling out.
  11. Fucking yes! Ryan's been posting stuff about it on and off without revealing anything, I'm so ready to hear some new music from them.
  12. Post history looks like a lot of Sufjan and Beach House... Which is weird cause I love both of them and I'm not a raging snob. Oh well, can't please everyone all the time. (Also gonna say the "foisted on us because, you know." Line really rubs me the wrong way. Neither the fact that she's popular with LGBTQIA individuals or because she's a person of color is why she's popular and a super gross thing to insinuate)
  13. Ordered pink from Bull Moose, I don't really care which color I get and Bull Moose says it won't be shipping for another month/they don't charge until they ship.
  14. I was just grousing the other day that there wasn't any physical copies of the new Lizzo, hopefully I can still order it when I get paid Wednesday.