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  1. Frustrated it's still bootlegs if I want it on vinyl... But I scored a pretty good seat for the show so 🤷🏼‍♂️. First got a nosebleed than a better seat popped up, truly feel lucky I got it before surge pricing.
  2. I would love to add this to my collection, I got their first one in an ETR blind-box a few years back. Don't care for much past this album but dang is it just delightful nostalgia fun, hopefully it'll get discounted though because oof to that price.
  3. Oh dang, $24 with shipping is not too shabby, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Eagerly waiting for my copy to ship from Dan's webstore. I loved the book so much and can't wait to hear these tunes. I might even double dip with the book and get the paperback for those extra bits.
  5. Ugh, Mail Innovations is pretty crap especially for that price. I'm lucky I seem to live close to where it's shipping from, godspeed yours gets to you quick considering this summer heat.
  6. Ooooo I'd kill for some Finch and Halifax
  7. Which is weird because there's copies from the UK for sale on Discogs. Even pics of what it looks like, so who knows.
  8. I'm just here waiting for another press of Danger Days...
  9. Oh hell yea, never got around to grabbing this on vinyl so now is the perfect opportunity.
  10. The test press was logged in Discogs for ages glad to finally see it for sale. A little bummed it's so limited, hopefully I can grab one on the second hand market down the road Edit: my partner is the champ and "sneakily" bought it for me as a little early Valentine's gift
  11. Got a shipping notification for the white variant from PopMarket. Can't wait to spin it, listened to it on Spotify the other day and this album just rips.
  12. Also also, some comics will get a second (third, fourth, etc.) printing depending on if that initial run sells out across the board. Those new printings will sometimes have variant covers, or other ways to mark that they're a new printing. However due to current supply chain issues Image has said they are ceasing to do that, once a comic is out of print from them you have to wait for the collected edition.
  13. Yea it's rough finding them, my shop got cut down to 15, and when the shipment arrived they only got 4. Best of luck to everyone, I know I probably won't be able to get any of the others until a future pressing with more units.