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  1. I hope so, sadly this is out of my price range with shipping.
  2. Thank goodness there's a lot of 'em, stoked to add these to my collection.
  3. Hope these aren't Banquet exclusives, I couldn't snag the box-set and I'd kill for standard represses of these.
  4. PTTFYH is possibly my favorite, I'd kill for more like that. However I did enjoy this single, lyric-wise it felt adjacent to PTTFYH which made me happy.
  5. Oh dang, I missed it the first time around since I wasn't buying vinyl yet. Hope we get LINAWR too...
  6. Got a list with my partner and it's been helpful. Between backed up record plants and WeVerse (the company you buy BTS stuff from) taking months to ship we truly wouldn't remember if we've ordered stuff by memory alone.
  7. Whoa! Pre-ordered with haste, though I'm willing to cancel my Amazon if/when there's other colorways available.
  8. Just got shipping notification for Silverstein, coming from Santa Ana so it should be here in a day or two. Really excited for this, one of the last full-lengths of theirs I don't have on vinyl.
  9. Got my Mute Print and Ruiner in today, spun Mute and it sounds really great. I'm so happy to have these on vinyl, one step closer to one pressing of each release.
  10. Oh dang, this rules, not my favorite of theirs but I am absolutely pre-ordering this in hopes more of their stuff gets new pressings/more stuff from Ferret gets pressed.
  11. Oh dunk! This would be great, I REALLY like the WBIEF live album they put out.
  12. Interesting, has anyone gotten shipping notifications or are they just showing up unannounced?
  13. I thought Linkin Park would easy to find but no dice. If anyone spies a copy would you mind tagging me? Thanks!
  14. Seems like some people have gotten a shipping notice from Brooklyn Vegan, hopefully that means other shops start getting them out soon.
  15. Emailed them because I was curious about the date and their reply was, "The pressing plant was a bit backed up, so the records are all set to arrive here to the label in mid June. You can definitely expect an emailed tracking # right around then."

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