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  1. Asked if we'll get to hear anything before release but sadly the answer is no.
  2. I LOVE Buffy and want that LP... But close to $40 for a single LP is buckwild.
  3. I remember in high school going to the "fancy" mall in town and shopping at the Virgin Records shop. I'd always see copies of Demon Days and other mid-aughts stuff just collecting dust, came close to buying a few records but didn't want to bother my dad with showing me how to work the turntable in his office... What a dummy I was.
  4. I've been wondering that too, I'm guessing the Smashed Into Pieces might be the same re-recorded one they released for its anniversary? But also, who's the guest vocalist on the new version of Vices?
  5. My Chem, Wonder Years, and I Am Sam for my wife. Gonna be tough year because I bet those will be hard to get.
  6. Dang I'm so excited for this, can't wait till payday so I can pre-order. Now if only they'd press their first album too...
  7. Maybe they can't get rights from Victory so this is a way to re-record some of their old hits and own the rights?
  8. Pre-ordered the basic vinyl package, not thrilled the only shipping option was $9 but I guess it'll be 1 day shipping.
  9. Dang, forgot Glasseater was on Fearless... I want some of their stuff on vinyl even more than a Sugarcult pressing.
  10. Like someone said, maybe if there's a Sugarcult song but otherwise meh. I'd love a new pressing of Palm Trees and Powerlines though. Some Every Avenue stuff would be killer too.
  11. Was able to grab the color your own cover variant yesterday. Probably Won't actually color it, but I'm a sucker for a fun variant like that. I'm super surprised the boat variant sold out but good for them I guess.
  12. Listened to my copy and it sounds REALLY good, really happy to finally have this on vinyl.
  13. Reviving this thread to ask if anyone's gotten a shipping notice yet or know when BullMoose might be shipping these.
  14. Snagged Emmett Otter and was super excited to see The Killing Tree's The Romance Of Helen Trent got a RSD pressing. Lots of leftovers at Amoeba Hollywood when I was there around 3:00 PM