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  1. I actually kinda like this new song, I just might pre-order this. I'll second hoping their back catalog gets pressed eventually.
  2. Yes, also how fuzzy and poor the image quality is of the band photo inside the gatefold of Anthem.
  3. Finally got my shipping notification for my koozie bundle, all this talk has me excited (even if the audio quality is reportedly not the best).
  4. Oh dang, guess I'll be refreshing my inbox again, would be a lovely early holiday gift to have this finally ship.
  5. Mine has said the shipping label is ready it's just waiting to be mailed for a few days, which is always frustrating when the shipping location is 40 minutes from my apartment.
  6. This makes complete sense and I really want it, but it's probably going to be a bit too much for me. I wish I could just get the records on their own, I have the b-sides digitally and the voice notes and stuff is something I'd listen to once. However, I'm happy the band is putting in so much love for this.
  7. I know I'll be happy with my koozie and both albums, but this is by far the worst delay I've experienced. I know it's been said already but the emails drive me up a wall with how they contradict themselves, I truly have no idea when to expect my order anymore.
  8. Anyone get their pink copy from the webstore yet? Finally got a tracking number from KRM and it's just been sitting in their warehouse for a week, which is a bummer since I live so close to it.
  9. Love this song and really want this 7" but it's $15 with $7 shipping... Pass for now.
  10. Amazon copy arrived, it's the neon green version. That variant isn't up on Discogs yet, anyone know the pressing number on it?
  11. Thanks for this, got The Monster Mash LP for under $3 shipped. My wife is ecstatic, and I am too, cause we love vintage novelty Halloween stuff.
  12. Same here, I know it's the koozie and both LPs but no idea what variant.
  13. Missed the last one but I ordered this, and it'll come with the new flexi so I'm pretty happy about that.
  14. I wish there was a recording of the show because it was so good. Jeremy's DJ set afterwards was also really great, he's played some really fun tracks and I've got a few new artists to look into.
  15. Super stoked on this, really loved the first Redux, won't be able to pre-order till next week unfortunately. Really curious about the change from "Brave Mountains" to "Major Mountains".

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