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  1. Missed the last one but I ordered this, and it'll come with the new flexi so I'm pretty happy about that.
  2. I wish there was a recording of the show because it was so good. Jeremy's DJ set afterwards was also really great, he's played some really fun tracks and I've got a few new artists to look into.
  3. Super stoked on this, really loved the first Redux, won't be able to pre-order till next week unfortunately. Really curious about the change from "Brave Mountains" to "Major Mountains".
  4. Same here, I kinda miss the heyday of No Sleep and doing warehouse pickup.
  5. Amazon says mine hasn't shipped yet but to now expect it on Tuesday.
  6. Trying to wait until Friday but I might cave and seek this out. Anyone get a shipping notification yet?
  7. I wish I could get Karma and Effect separate but maybe I'll get Disclaimer on its own. I still kinda love it and it's got a lot of memories tied to it.
  8. Super hyped for this, these guys never disappoint. Gotta hold off on ordering for a bit (spent too much on records this paycheck) so hopefully another American variant pops up.
  9. This is really great, now if we could just get a new People And Things press I'd be set.
  10. Dang I missed the orange too?! Guessing there might be more variants, guess I'll set notifications for their socials so I don't miss 'em.
  11. Damn, looks like the vinyl is all sold out, might still get a ticket to the livestream just for nostalgia.
  12. I didn't go out this year since I was pet-sitting but it seems like every shop near LA I would go to was doing some sort of distance line-up or other way to limit people. Your right too, the best memories are being out super early and chatting with people, making plans to help each other so everyone gets what they want.
  13. I live in Los Angeles and I can't imagine a world (or shop no matter how much I love my local spots) where I want to social distance line up at the crack of dawn for 1 or 2 items. I don't know what the best way to handle it is but this was truly worse than usual.
  14. Doctor Strange just canceled my order, bummer, guess I'm on the hunt for Menzingers again.