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  1. https://www.discogs.com/user/vinny0190 Been collecting for about 6 years, most of the old pop and folk from the 60s-70s is my wife's and the rest is mine.
  2. vinny0190

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Saw that the Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas soundtrack is finally getting a vinyl release. I don't know how I'm going to get it but I have to, my wife and I had a song from it in our wedding so it's kind of a big deal.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, just checked my order and it's got a tracking. Coming from LA so it should be here super fast, nice.
  4. It was New Halloween and Flowers And You.
  5. vinny0190

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    If there's a webstore version I'll buy it within seconds of it going up.
  6. Came here to post the same thing, they're doing an in-store at Amoeba on Thursday and I'm bummed I'm working during it.
  7. Nice! PO'd with quickness.
  8. Holy shit, I hope I don't miss out on getting a copy of this.
  9. vinny0190

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Apparently Amazon updated my Toxicity order and overnighted it with FedEx for free? Truly excited about that, can't wait to get home from work today and listen to it.
  10. I've got the anniversary Coke bottle clear Unraveling from Fat, a fancy die-cut sleeve edition of Endgame from InterPunk, standard black versions of these albums are available for pretty cheap... What's the point? I love this band but this boxset is so unnecessary and an already available 7" isn't worth the selling price.
  11. vinny0190

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    I'm curious about sound quality as well, Amazon had delayed Toxicity delivery until the end of this month so I won't get to hear it for a bit.
  12. vinny0190

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    I'M lucky that she introduced me to KB, I'm still a "new" fan but slowly I'm finding my fav songs from her albums and adding them to my phone. Somewhere between my angry punk and her folk music we found a middle ground with her introducing me to KB, Cass Elliot, Laura Nyro, and all the other cool stuff she listens too. We still need to get a copy of the BTD vinyl box.
  13. vinny0190

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    My gal is a HUGE Kate Bush fan, loads of KB tattoos, she dropped everything to fly to London to see her a few years back... we have all the LPs and the Audio Fidelity pressing of Hounds of Love but that B-Sides box-set is a must get. So excited to fill out our KB collection.
  14. vinny0190

    PO: Bayside Acoustic Vol. 2

    I'm really digging this song, can't wait for my pre-order to ship.
  15. vinny0190

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Grabbed Toxicity from BM, super stoked, I'll grab the rest from Amazon or local shops as time goes on but I have to have Toxicity first.