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  1. Excited for this, Bayside always puts out a solid record. Also, there is a pre-order up at SRC so I'm betting more variants show up soon. SRC - Bayside
  2. I agree with this 100% which is also a bummer. That era really hit for me, I went through a lot of personal growth and coming out and the lyrics and the person Buddy became really clicked with me. I felt such a connection to PTTFYH and it reignited my love for the band. I'm not mad at the new stuff and I quite like it, I just wanted more PTTFYH both musically and lyrically. I thought Speak The Truth was a great place for this sound but if it's what the band is going back to so be it. I appreciate the small lyric updates and I'll be waiting to hear what comes next for them.
  3. Really like the new song, grabbed that 7" super fast (even though $16 with media mail shipping is a lot to pay).
  4. I saw them open for Yellowcard, Acceptance was on the bill too! Love this album and I just might back it.
  5. Want that Fall Out Boy but I'm sure it's still the same bad pressing as always.
  6. Shipping notification went out this morning, really excited about this, I've been listening to their first EP a lot the past week.
  7. Oh dang! Hope more copies/stores come up in the next few days, I can't pre-order for a few more days but don't want to miss this.
  8. Oh dang! Hope more copies/stores come up in the next few days, I can't pre-order for a few more days but don't want to miss this.
  9. Not exactly what I expected from the song but I'm really digging it, hope KRM sends a download for it.
  10. This album rules the middle set of tracks (4-8) just might be my favorites. I was so excited mine arrived... Then I saw the condition it was in. The cardboard was soft like tissue paper and inside was super damp, sent an email and hopefully they can send me a new one.
  11. So is the MOV a different press than the SRC one? Not that I plan to buy another copy, just curious why this one popped up.
  12. Spent about 7 minutes with my phone on speaker mode after calling that hotline. It gave me a few good laughs, I'm really excited for some new Chris Farren.
  13. Dang, of course they're selling Toy Soldiers when I can't make any shows this tour.
  14. Shipping notification and partial shipping refund emails showed up this morning, new Hesitation Wounds should ship in another week or two as well and I couldn't be more excited.
  15. So grateful I got the RSD release when it happened and even happier this is getting another pressing. This album is so good and I still spin it a lot, I should get around to buying their other albums in vinyl.