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  1. Maybe Alkaline Trio, definitely want Linkin Park and The Sword.
  2. I was just talking to a friend about this the other day. Super excited, home they aren't limited pressings.
  3. I actually kind of like Nowhere Generation, at least more than when I first heard The Violence. Pre-ordered the deluxe, this the crossover band that got me into stuff like Propaghandi and such so they always have a softspot in my heart.
  4. According to the subreddit for brief moment it looks like their publicist's site had the full album lyrics up. The album credits are also out there too, I've avoided it but beware of "spoilers" if you care about that stuff.
  5. This and Yellowcard on the same day, missed Yellowcard but hopefully a variant of Ruiner or Mute Print will still be up when I get paid next week. They look great and I'm so happy they got new pressings.
  6. The Silverstein series was pre-recorded and it was REALLY good so I'm fine if it's not "live".
  7. Ordered so fast, excited for the live stream and so hyped to finally have this on vinyl.
  8. Wow! I'm really sad I missed this, wife and I sing songs from this... A lot... Signed up for the restock notice on the site, hope I can snag a copy when that next pressing happens.
  9. I actually kinda like this new song, I just might pre-order this. I'll second hoping their back catalog gets pressed eventually.
  10. Yes, also how fuzzy and poor the image quality is of the band photo inside the gatefold of Anthem.
  11. Finally got my shipping notification for my koozie bundle, all this talk has me excited (even if the audio quality is reportedly not the best).
  12. Oh dang, guess I'll be refreshing my inbox again, would be a lovely early holiday gift to have this finally ship.
  13. Mine has said the shipping label is ready it's just waiting to be mailed for a few days, which is always frustrating when the shipping location is 40 minutes from my apartment.

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