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  1. I'm no longer as big Mastodon fan as I used to be, that said... Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife on vinyl almost pushes me into buying this.
  2. Dang, memories of Anthem playing on the Burnout soundtrack. I like this album... But I don't know if I $28 like it...
  3. Bought the splatter, I know it won't look as good as the mockup but I like it slightly more than the Deathwish exclusive.
  4. I remember my first black splatter was Make Do and Mend - Everything You Ever Loved. Black with gold splatter, except even under the best light you can barely see the splatter. Learned my lesson and foolishly still by black with splatters.
  5. I like what appears to be the US splatter, also excited that the Limelight video is billed as part of a "visual album",
  6. Super excited for that, I really like Deflector, also wild to see a Touché Amoré song over 5 minutes. I truly can't wait for the pre-order to go live.
  7. So kind of them to wait until Wednesday when I get paid, knowing I'll spend whatever I can on their music.
  8. Y'all beat me to sharing Kat's tweet, super excited for this.
  9. I'll be back home tomorrow and take some more pics, the one I found on eBay looks like mine (at least the little bit peeking out of the inner-sleeve). I don't remember what the mockup was, but my receipt is "NEON YELLOW AND RED CLOUDY [tour/band exclusive]"
  10. My tour variant just showed up today, no shipping notification or anything. Haven't spun it yet but it looks great!
  11. I don't wanna bother Toby since I know the postal service is pretty gnarly right now and it's out of his hands, but I thought I'd ask here if anyone has received their copy yet or a shipping notification.
  12. Dang, I'm really bummed I missed this, hope there's another variant or pressing in the works.
  13. Hell yea, really loved Meet Me On The Moon and I'm so excited for new music from them.
  14. Sad to see that MCR got canceled, gonna still try and get that Menzingers though.
  15. Don't have Danger Days yet and might just pick it up. I truly don't get the hate for it, some great songs and I loved the whole premise of the story.