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  1. Also also, some comics will get a second (third, fourth, etc.) printing depending on if that initial run sells out across the board. Those new printings will sometimes have variant covers, or other ways to mark that they're a new printing. However due to current supply chain issues Image has said they are ceasing to do that, once a comic is out of print from them you have to wait for the collected edition.
  2. Yea it's rough finding them, my shop got cut down to 15, and when the shipment arrived they only got 4. Best of luck to everyone, I know I probably won't be able to get any of the others until a future pressing with more units.
  3. Over on Chorus.Fm when the reissue was announced Ryan chimed in from his account about it.
  4. Fun fact, Ryan Key and Sean Mackin had nothing to do with this. Ryan only learned of it from the announcement, and the person who did the mix was treated poorly and tried to get his credits pulled from it... That said, I kind of want a copy...
  5. Yea my shop is barely getting any, they're fighting to make sure they have enough for the 3 of us pull-list customers who wanted one. Apparently going forward most stores will only get 1 copy of the 7" version and be stuck waiting for a future pressing to get more in. I was told that Image just made it an open order instead of having a set number of copies, thus they can't meet demand and have screwed themselves for the foreseeable future.
  6. So excited! Webstore is glitched though and if you add the free poster or sticker your only shipping choice is $14. Whatever, I'll skip the freebies, I'm just happy this is finally releasing!
  7. I guess I'll get it through BullMoose, haven't seen it in any other stores I use. REALLY excited for this, just wish a single LP was a little cheaper, but that's the way it goes. Edit: found it on PopMarket with free shipping. https://www.popmarket.com/heavy-steps-white/4065629601218
  8. It was fun to watch but I can't imagine I'd want it on vinyl. Which is a bummer since Buddy just did the audio for the Bayside live-stream and it sounded SO good.
  9. Oh dang! I just saw the video Gabe made and was wondering if anything would happen. Not my favorite of their's but still super excited for it.
  10. Nice, Amazon billed me but says it won't be here until Wednesday, guess I need to be patient.
  11. The fact Ronnie still puts out music and still has huge fans is buckwild, but also... Sadly people don't pay attention or don't care.
  12. A little annoyed simply because I want a new pressing of Life Is Not A Waiting Room.

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