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  1. I was able to contact some people on there, thank you!
  2. I am looking for any copies anyone is looking to sell pertaining to either of these bands. Really looking hard for the Equinox EP that IHW put out. If anyone has any type of variant they are looking to part with, I will probably buy it! Thanks!
  3. It's all good! My taste is all over the place, I am aware haha no hard feelings
  4. Hey guys, Have recently became engaged and looking to buy our first house soon and have our wedding in spring. Looking to sell off my entire collection, please PM with me offers! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3JZ6paCcO54Nkl6dHpJN3JQNE0/view?usp=sharing Everything I own is in great shape and will cut deals for multiple purchases! Thanks! Sold: The Amity Affliction - Chasing Ghosts The Amity Affliction - Youngbloods Sublime - 40oz To Freedom Hannibal OST Shaun of the Dead OST Jurassic Park OST
  5. I tried after 16m the tweet was posted and completely missed it. I was not prepared for it to go up before 9! Sucks, I really wanted it! If anyone wants to sell or has an extra, please hook me up!
  6. Yeah it's even backwards on the CD, spotify, iTunes etc. Ville just thought it sounded cool so they replaced the original version, weird haha
  7. Wow there was one that was on eBay for the longest time for $150 and my Sic Transit single sold for like $40 a few months back, their stuff is unreal in pricing!
  8. There's 2 copies of Lion King at mine. PM me if anyone wants one.
  9. They originally said 4000 total. That the preorder was limited to 1500 but then they opened it to end on a certain day. So it looks like they haven't sold the extra 1500 availible for preorder yet.