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  1. Shipping within US only right now. I always pack safe, put delivery confirmation, and throw in goodies. I only ask that you try and get at least $10 worth. Thanks VC! Also, email might be a little quicker way to get a response from me! needledropradio AT gmail.com 7"s Anti Flag Kill Kill Kill self serve/Ripe records $15 Broadway Calls Be All That You Can't Be yellow vinyl $2 NOFX - 7OTM #4 green vinyl, black label $15 NOFX 7OTM #7 red vinyl, black label $15 OFF! Compared To What blue vinyl TOUR version (Vans cover) $20 OFF! Live at Generation $12 SPLIT Jetty Boys/Be My Doppelganger blue vinyl $3 The Haverchucks S/T yellow vinyl $3 Turkish Techno 2X7 set on white vinyl Someone Send Me A Lifeboat, etc $5 for both 7" BOX Art Of The Underground Year 4 includes Jetty Boys, Manges, Steinways, Chinese Telephones and more $25 12"s Abolitionist It Used To Rain white vinyl $3 Credentials Goocher $4 Rations For Victory screened vinyl $4 Riverdales Invasion USA black vinyl $15 Riverdales Invasion USA blue vinyl $15 Riverdales Invasion USA green vinyl $15 Riverdales Invasion USA red vinyl $15 Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto PIC DISC $18 SPLIT Melvins/Fucked Up splatter vinyl $25 Supersuckers Sacrilicious Sounds gatefold $30 Teen Idols Pucker Up 1st press $3 VARIOUS Flex Your Head (7th press?) $5 VARIOUS No Time To Panic Italian comp with NOFX and bonus 7"
  2. Got a bunch of pic sleeves, couple early 12" singles, and 2 albums (Virgin and TB). I always keep my eyes open for cheap items to add. I'd love to have that shaped Pic Disc - Borderline I believe. Good luck with collecting her, there's lots out there!
  3. I got my GTID about 2 weeks ago. It has a lot of black spidery streaks in it
  4. This makes me feel old too. Will buy the fuck out of it and can't wait to hear it remastered.
  5. Yes it does. Also, I forgot that these were different mixes/versions. The song "On With The Show" sounds amazing! Maybe one day I'll get lucky and find a good sleeve for it.
  6. I'm kicking myself for not grabbing Dont Back Down. If anyone has one of these screened covers or knows where i could still get it, hit me up!
  7. Motley Crüe - Too Fast For Love self released version on Leathur Records before they signed to Elektra. The sleeve is beat to shit but the vinyl is pretty clean. $2
  8. I'm so jealous. I used to work in that area and always wished there was a record store around. I will definitely make it a priority to make it to your area and drop in to spend some money! Aside from the good suggestions already posted, I would ask that you please not put price stickers directly on the jacket. Or find ones that come off somewhat easily. It drives me nuts when a store just ruins a perfectly good cover by putting a crazy fuckin price sticker on it. Even if it's a .99 record, I don't want it ruined like that. Good luck and all the best!
  9. Awesome! I traded some records I got for free for one of these banned covers...I'd say it was a good deal
  10. I came here to post the Misfits as well. I dream of a 7" box from them with represses of those early singles. I feel like it could happen and I've been waiting to see it every RSD.

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