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  1. may have got suckered by this but no shipping to the UK.
  2. I got straight on it when the email arrived but the 2LP was already sold out, there must be a delay between the album going live and the email. Anyway, I ordered a bundle which meant paying £25 for a T shirt I dont realy want so I could get the LP at retail. I also bought a box but didnt notice that the other lbums were being offered at retail, I didnt even think to check. Its all so fucking stupid, just sell enough to satisfy the fans and spoil it for the flippers - I'm happy, they sell more and the flippers are up shit creek. Everyone that matters wins!
  3. Fucks sake, how are fans meant to get in before the flippers. It will be £120 now if I want a copy 🥵
  4. That was a great buy Fish, but alas, they are now sold out.
  5. Looks like I am in the hands of the flippers to get a copy of the Dinked version 🥵
  6. There are few details on this 2LP version, any ideas on whether this is likely to be 2LP 45rpm? Torn between this or the RT UK version.
  7. There is a clear /300 available from Rough Trade UK: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/puscifer/existential-reckoning
  8. Piccadilly has the 2LP coloured vinyl with signed print for £19.99 which is a good deal. https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/product.php?pid=136669
  9. Me neither, probably too late - the story of my life!
  10. I wonder if there will be any signed copies available anywhere. Its a given I will be buying this as I love this band, they get better with age.
  11. where from axis? A quick google search doesn't find it.
  12. I would really like to PO this album but both BM and Zia seem to be geoblocking. BM has always done this. Its a shame as I cannot see any other way to order a copy.
  13. Theyve come down quite a bit since I posted as it looks like a few more copies are available. I guess POTUSA underestimated the demand for this which is understandable, it would be very hard to gauge.
  14. Mine arrived to the UK in good time and undamaged. Got hit with customs charges though 🤐 Prices of these on Discogs are crazy!
  15. Thanks Rip, that was a bargain with 30% off. Came to $38 to the UK. 😄
  16. This is great thank you, when I saw the thread back at the top I was hoping it was because of High 😁
  17. Thanks for posting Fish, I was able to order a copy 😁
  18. Thats good to hear, I have ordered and look forward to receiving my copy soon. It is a cool album and you guys certainly represent a time and place for me in the mid 90's and I am glad you have made this happen. There is a bit of discusion on Vlado's work here: https://www.discogs.com/artist/189744-Vlado-Meller My worst experience of his mastering was on one of my very favourite albums, RATM's self titled XX reissue . Simply a diabolical and pointless sonic mess.
  19. This was exciting until I saw that the master of murdering SQ is involved, Vlado Meller. Now I am not so sure, how much potential does this have to sound really really bad?
  20. I got mine from Banquet Records but I just checked and they are sold out.
  21. These have been out for five weeks so its odd they are only listed by an Oz retailer. I wonder if they are limited runs for the Oz market.

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