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  1. 100% in to this. I loved LP2 more than LP1, and sonically, I find this finds the sweet spot between the last two albums. I need to sit down with this when I'm not at work and give it a deeper listen, but for now I do not regret ordering this from BSM.
  2. Also... a wee bit disappointed my purchase didn't come with a download for the new single like Polyvinyl provides. Should I also assume this album will be like the last two (maybe three) Dine Alone releases I have purchased which didn't include album downloads on the release date?
  3. I knew keeping the product page open on my screen and refreshing every few minutes would pay off. Praise the lord.
  4. I just can't get behind a Canadian online shop charging in USD.
  5. Shows were all excellent. I think they played the best Friday night, but preferred the crowd on Thursday night better. Saturday night was great, but what was really exceptional for that night was they played Smaller Chairs for the encore! Felt like I was back in 2001 again, except I'm pretty old and have completely given up on life.
  6. Big ol' "sold out" sign over the price listing for this on the merch table when I was walking out after the final show. As with every other "sold out" pressing released by the industry over the past few years I'm sure there are a few dozen laying around somewhere, but I don't know if you're going to get the answer you're hoping for anytime soon.
  7. Nice, I like a good early delivery. So much for January 25th, ha. Which variant did you go with?
  8. Anyone else get shipping/pick up notification? I recieved an email from Dine Alone a week ago that my order was ready for pick up and this is the only outstanding order I have with them. I haven't had time to bike over to get it yet, and I am kind of wondering if I got it early by accident and it's not actually ready. Anyone else?
  9. Another new variant up for sale at the shows this week in Toronto. Same pressing numbers as last year's Red Tree box set so I'd say there is a chance some of these will make it online as well. Not just a different colour either, as this has a different sleeve as well. Pleased to add this to my moneen collection this week.
  10. $weet . (this is a joke, but glad I bought it early this morning.)
  11. I wish the early bird colour was available in the deluxe packaging/ 45rpm pressing. Guess I've got to buy both?
  12. Dig the jams. This time, I'm gonna wait on a tour variant and see what happens.