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  1. I was finally able to swing by and collect my Dine Alone /100 from the label today. Turned out great!
  2. If anyone got a digital download emailed to them and a download card with their physical copy and wants to share it with a dine alone customer, I'd be happy to use it.
  3. Giving the people what they didn't ask for since 2012.
  4. This album is so good! I'm curious if anyone else is still waiting for a shipping notification/"your pick up is ready" email from Dine Alone?
  5. I feel like this might be a better link to lead with: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2019/04/17/create-vinyl-with-bandcamp/
  6. I'm in Canada, shipping price will be more than the album, and even the album will be more than on the US stops. Let me know and I'll see if they'll sell me two.
  7. Looks like the tour pressing is Rose Quartz and /500. Should know more tonight after the show.
  8. Yes, this is true which is why I have remained calm. Just surprised that what was sent out seemingly all got snapped up; curious what portion of 6800 were available this weekend.
  9. Right? How 6800 Green Days evaporated in a day is beyond me.
  10. 6800 Green Days seems like a lot. I would expect it to last a while tomorrow and be available for a while afterwards as well.
  11. I was born and raised in the Maritimes, but lived in BC for ~10 years where I had a lot of co-workers and employees from Southern Ontario tell me they were from the "east coast".... sure thing buds.
  12. You don't want to pay $52 for an early bird PV release? Your loss.
  13. Move to Canada. After shipping costs euro releases are the same price as US releases. I ordered from PV and BSM and paid the same price for both.