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  1. Just couldn't bring myself to buy that Spiderman thing, but I am v excited about the other two.
  2. I'm just here to say that 24hrs isn't enough time to reply to your concern. Working in a world that sometimes required email replies to unhappy people - your amount of disappointment and frustration won't (and shouldn't) dictate how quickly someone can respond to you. You've definitely got some grievances that they need to address, but you're going to be better off giving it a week, please walk back from the ledge.
  3. This is important. I haven't stepped in a store that only sells new vinyl in at least fifteen years. My first (and really, only) draw to any record store is the quality and diversity of the used section. Keep it organized and keep it interesting, my favourite store has a new arrivals section for the used vinyl split up into daily section which they swap out as the days pass. All my new vinyl is ordered directly from labels or bands since that where the most interesting variants seem to be available.
  4. No thank you, I'm pleased with my sleeve. Thanks for asking though, that is very kind of you. I think it is important to provide a contrast to the negative experiences, especially since the tone of this thread has turned to "Second City orders will arrive damaged". Like others have said, others will benefit from having access to a multitude of experiences. The community SHOULD care for robust discourse. I'm sorry if my reply rubbed a sore spot, if it came off as if I was bragging about not having any damaged sleeves and minimizing you pain. I regret any harm I have caused you.
  5. Both of mine came from Second City and were perfect. Just felt compelled to add.
  6. Can someone give me a quick rundown of what was so great about dead format? I remember being blown away at how bad it was compared to all the hype. What was I missing?
  7. I think the play here is to deliberately disrupt and delay domestic mail in order to reduce/eliminate public confidence in the USPS' ability to handle mail-in ballots for the upcoming Federal election. Failed state doing failed state things. I'm in Canada and received mine almost two weeks ago, but it was delivered by DHL(in the us)/T-Force (in canada). Also, I feel like this is one of the few "old" albums that I have bought recently that came with a DL code. Kind of happy about it as I feel like the files I have had of this album are the same files I downloaded in like 2003 and just moved from device to device...
  8. Re: all USPS mail woes. Isn't your government appointed USPS leadership currently, actively, and purposely making terrible service speed/delays a thing? Heaped on top of covid-19 protocols I can't imagine anyone being caught off guard at mail delays right now. Also, this splatter is wonderful! Waiting on my new turntable to arrive before playing it though.
  9. Also got double shipping emails, but my assumption is it's just a system quirk.