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  1. Fair decision, definitely a better experience... I just like my unconventional sizes, that's all.
  2. Pick up my gold and black copies today, what a fantastic first EP. I remember buying this ep and Theory of Harmonial Value in 2001 when they played in Saint John and falling deeply in love with this band; still feel the same way in 2019. I still think this should have been a 10" though.
  3. Yup - I got a friendly reply with a fresh link this morning. Good to go for now. Vinyl is playing right now while I get the TBC20 files onto my phone. All is right in the universe.
  4. I just came to ask the same thing... Nothing here, I gave them Friday and the weekend before emailing an hour ago asking where my download was. Will check back if I hear anything tomorrow.
  5. Cool! Disappointed there isn't a Toronto date in the tour, though. Curious if Dine Alone will also have copies? Any info you can share @justindinealone?
  6. There is also a light blue pressing that is bundled with the VIP tickets for the concerts, good luck.
  7. Told myself I wasn't going to get another copy of this after getting all three original pressing, but this is significantly expanded enough to buy. Cool!
  8. I was finally able to swing by and collect my Dine Alone /100 from the label today. Turned out great!
  9. If anyone got a digital download emailed to them and a download card with their physical copy and wants to share it with a dine alone customer, I'd be happy to use it.
  10. Giving the people what they didn't ask for since 2012.