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  1. *NOTE* Prices are in Canadian, so you American's get a bit of a break with our loonie being a bit down Shipping is as follows (in Canadian $): Within Canada - $12 for 1-2 records, $15 for 3-5. USA : $20 for 1-2 records, $25 for 3-5. International : 30 for 1-2 records, $40 for 3-5 Nazareth - Self titled debut SP-69879 $24 Venom - Canadian Assault - BAM 1002 $30 Children of Bodom - Are you dead yet? - Picture Disc - FONINT2786 - $20 Dark Tranquillity - Construct - Grey vinyl w/ bonus 7" - LC06975 - $30 Dokken - Back for the Attack - 96 07351 - $8 Dokken - Tooth and Nail - 96 03761 - $9 Black Sabbth - Born Again - 92 39781 - $15 Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman - FZ 37492 - $10 Dio - Last in Line - 92 51001 - $12 The Krewmen - Curse of the Graveyard Demon - EVIL-27 - $34 Styx - Kilroy Was Here - SP-3734 - $7 Black Sabbath - Mob Rule - XBS 3605 - $12 Def Leppard - Pyromania - VOG-1-3319 - $8 Testament - Dark Roots of Thrash - Gold w/ black vinyl - 2509-1 - $34 Any questions please ask or PM me Thank You.
  2. Big shoutout to Kirbystarr on discogs. Bought stuff from him a few times. Always fast, fair prices and packs well.
  3. I picked this beauty up from a nice seller in Japan. Gorgeous gatefold, had the original poster also https://img1.etsystatic.com/062/0/9572915/il_fullxfull.767561715_gimm.jpg
  4. LOL. Wow umm. Whoops. Sorry I'm new here (really). Was just trying to be friendly
  5. So, I am sure I am not the first person to ask opinions on them guys, but what is everyone's take on the stuff that is put out by Mondo / DeathWaltz ? It's always high quality, often rare our OOP stuff. It seems to sell out very quick when it's a limited pressing (not surprising) but, is it just appealing to a collector's market ?? I have 2 or 3 pressings from them, again, quality is super. Artwork is awesome. Prices are (generally) fair. Customer service has always been great. Does anyone have an opinion if anything (limited pressings etc) is worth getting for collectable value ? I know when the Batman TAS 7" discs came out in 4 varieties, they quickly become valuable and have stayed relatively pricey, they were quite inexpensive when released (12 USD i think ?). I buy and sell, but like comic books, sometimes you want to put something 'away for later', just in case of course.
  6. Did'nt see this one but , our local store here in this small(ish) city : Blueprint Records Lethbridge, AB The only record store here in town. You can find vinyl at places like London Drugs and HMV, but just new stuff.
  7. NP I respect your opinion. TBH I'm not a board guy. I mean no disrespect by that, I'm looking to whittle down some of my rarer stuff that's all. I understand the trust thing, and records are something I am passionate about. As for prices. I can't always sell for as low as some people do on discogs. Median I great but I also look at popspike,what's selling on eBay and what's for sale on discogs. The price on Cheshire is high because that was meant to be in a different currency. That was my bad and will be corrected. I have.... 2 maybe ,300 records. I do most of my selling at record sales and etsy. If you think staffing off selling more, common? Inexpensive records if you will is advisable then I will work on that. I appreciate any constructive feedback.
  8. For Sale : All item's listed below (unless noted) are shipped from Candad. Shipping within Canada is $15 USD. Shipping to US w/ tracking is $20 USD. International shipping is $25 USD I have been selling online since early 2000. As this is my first post here, i will link to my feedback/stores on etsy and Ebay for reference. NOW for the good stuff : ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS to make it easier. The Velvet Underground & Nico- 2007 Audiophile 200gram JAPAN only release - Code UIJY 9005 - $110 *MINT* Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat - Original 1996 "Red Eyes" pressing - GRL-001 LP - Incredibly limited original printing, cat on front cover has "red eyes" hence the nickname. $122 Green Day Live in Italy 1993 - Bootleg - Original bootleg release of Early 1993 concert in Milan, Italy. Released on "El Sobrante Records". Sleeve and record are NM condition. Sound quality is very very good for a bootleg. Slight echoing but can hear everything 100% clear. Was recorded with multiple mics. $40 *MINT* Iron Maiden - Self Titled - 1st Japanese Pressing w/ Obi - EMS-81327 - Record NM - Sleeve has some light edge wear. $50 Louvin Brothers - Ira and Charlie - T910 - 1955 - $40. Louvin Brothers - Tragic songs of life. rare first pressing - Capitol T769 - Mono - $45. Venom - Canadian Assault - CANADIAN ONLY RELEASE - BAM 1002 $30 My ebay profile : james11882. 200+ positive My etsy store : EarlsVintageVault

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