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  1. as far as guessing at cost.. since the regular marbled vinyl represses are about $14 each, and there are 4 of those, that's over $50 alone. since the box set is exclusive white vinyl, only 275 copies, hand numbered, hand assembled by the band, for sale on the tour only, and going to come with one of a kind stuff from band members, i'd have to think it's going to be significantly more than $50. Doesn't matter to me, i'm buying one at damn near any cost.
  2. A few different colored vinyl Samhain Initiums (White, Marble, Streaked) - ranging from 15 - 100 depending which color and who you ask. Used to have all 4 Misfits Earth ADs (Green, clear, yellow, purple) but sold them to pay off student loans! A lot of Murder City Devils stuff - the hand numbered split with Botch on purple (14 copies), the test pressing for that same record, a Three Natural Sixes test pressing with alternate vocal takes that were never released, the clear pink accidental pressing of 3N6 (5-10 copies), Empty Bottles Broken Hearts with Double-B Side labels, Thelema 10" on Pink, etc. Also a lot of rare stuff in MCD related bands - PGMG test pressings, Hookers test pressing, Hookers hand-numbered on white (13 copies), Death Wish Kids test pressings, DWK on grey (maybe 300), Area 51 shiny cover w/white vinyl (50), shiny cover w/ Black vinyl (50)... http://www.murdercityvinyl.com
  3. I've picked a couple things up from Mike. He's really awesome, and responsible for putting out some of my favorite records on the planet.
  4. i am sort of torn here. as much as i love fondling my records, there's something awesome about having a sealed copy of a record you know is rare. For example if there is a sticker on the shrink letting you know it's a color, so few of those will stay sealed that it adds some allure. But having said that, I ultimately prefer having full access to the record, sleeve, etc., so unless I have two of something, I open 99% of my records.
  5. Ahh cool, those white ones are damn rare too. Glad my site was of help, that's the exact reason I did it. Feel free to submit your MCD and related collection / want list, I am going to post that community page pretty soon I think.
  6. I found it through my web logs - I saw people were hitting my site from a post here, so I checked it out. Cant' believe it took me so long to find it! Jason http://www.murdercityvinyl.com
  7. The only thing you have to quadruple check with your insurance company is if they will replace at actual value of that specific pressing/color/etc or if they will replace with an equivalent copy. As in - I used to collect Misfits and Samhain. I wanted to add my collection to my renter's policy, so I called to get info. There were two options - adding to my standard policy or taking out an art/collectible type policy. The difference was that the standard policy replaced with an equivalent copy (as in, they'd replace my $1000 (at the time) green vinyl Earth A.D. with a $10 black vinyl copy from the record store down the street) whereas the collectible policy would actually replace at full value. Obviously this type of insurance is more expensive. So just be careful about the terms. Jason http://www.murdercityvinyl.com
  8. Definitely want pics of the MCD/Gluecifer test press. Thanks! I have test pressings for the two DWK 7s, but I'd still like to see pics of yours in case they are different in any way. You can email to jason (at) murdercityvinyl (dot) com if you'd like, and let me know if they can go on the site and how you'd like them watermarked. Thanks, Jason
  9. Yeah I really dig them. One of my favorite records from the whole circle of bands. If I come across an extra I'll let you know. I am pretty sure there are only 100 glossy and they mostly went to the band, early mail order, etc... Jason
  10. Thanks, glad you dig it. I'm trying to hold on to stuff for trade, unless crazy offers come my way. But most of my doubles can be found with a little patience, the only stuff that's hard to come by that I have two of is the Hookers test pressing and the double-7" MCD/Botch on purple.
  11. Those come and go in cycles. For a while there were a ton of the Yellow S/T and Pink EBBH, then none for a while, then these showed up. My guess is a few more will pop up soon..
  12. Hi everybody, I collect Murder City Devils vinyl and have a site dedicated to it at: http://www.murdercityvinyl.com I saw that a couple of you are already visiting, very cool. Just wanted to let the rest of you know it exists. And if any of you have a blue vinyl ATDI/MCD split for trade or sale, let me know... Jason