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  1. Thrice leftovers https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/933373525
  2. I dislike flipping especially by record stores, but $42.00 isn’t really that bad especially with free shipping. Shuga in Chicago is asking $150.00 for The Crow.
  3. Want to purchase, but white vinyl... I will pass.
  4. Preorder available at show? I have never heard of a preorder only available at the show....
  5. You were really lucky based on my experience with Merchnow. They did the same thing to me on the Dance Gavin Dance Happiness and they refunded my PayPal account for the record, and said they were sorry for holding on to my preorder money and not having enough to send me one.
  6. Did anyone order the Coheed web exclusive 3 LP from the Maniacs store and received there order yet? I emailed them and have received no response.
  7. I disagree I don’t believe this is a fall. I look at this album as the beginning to a new narrative.
  8. Hello What to buy Marietta Cassettes and Vinyl **As It Were or Summer Death**
  9. Why would a record in a proper sleeve and gatefold, but but not in shrink have a better chance of being NM compared to Mint, because the shrink wrap protect against scratches. So for instance many of the Hendrix reissue are in those poly bags not sure of the name exactly. Those reissues have a better chance of being NM than a simple shrink wrapped standard gatefold record. I have had quite a few shrink wrapped records that you can feel the record moving back and forth within the sleeve.
  10. What if the record was never sealed from production, and the seller didn’t remove the record from the sleeve.
  11. I have heard that between two pieces of plexiglass, and set the record in the sun. I guess same concept, but I thought the sun would be safer than an oven.
  12. Is the current lead singer the same from the EP?