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  1. this is pretty good. really like Brushstrokes and They built our bench again... the most after a couple listens.
  2. my clear/cream split variant just showed up. packaging is awesome.
  3. it's very, very good! I hope they press it soon.
  4. songs good. grabbed the bull moose variant.
  5. I ordered in the second batch and mine is on the way. It doesn't have a date on the tracking number yet, after two days though.
  6. Arctic Monkeys debut $12.57 https://www.amazon.com/Whatever-People-Say-Thats-What/dp/B000E116BM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1512082928&sr=8-3&keywords=arctic+monkeys+vinyl
  7. i still haven't gotten a shipping notification from their webstore yet