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  1. I recently got all five 1975 full lengths and four of them happen to be on clear vinyl. Would love to complete the clear collection by trading my black brief inquiry for a clear copy, plus some extra cash. Is there anyone here who has this album on clear but doesn’t care about the color too much and would be fine with black? I’d pay for all shipping involved, also down for a local trade in Philadelphia.
  2. Just threw all of the up on discogs. TTNG sold, everything else still available. Feel free to PM with questions or offers.
  3. One more I forgot to include above. Every time I try to edit after posting, the post gets riddled with ads. Everyone Everywhere - LP1 (Marching Band 2010) third press, clear - $20
  4. Looking to sell all these records, most of which I have other pressings of. All are below discogs values. Let me know if you have additional questions. Everyone Everywhere - LP1 (Marching Band, 2010) - third press, clear /300 - $20 $15 Everyone Everywhere - LP2 (Mountains, 2012) - first press, blue/green /500 - $25 - The first track on each side has a swooshing noise whenever the needle passes through that section. It doesn't skip, just has this added noise on top. The noise is gone by the second song on each side. Can probably be remedied with a proper deep cleaning. This is reflected in the price, as this is a much more valuable record according to discogs. Everyone Everywhere - LP2 (Mountains, 2012) - second press, white /500 - $20 $15 Hammock - Stranded Under Endless Sky - first press, black /900 - $20 $15 Propagandhi - Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (2021 20th anniversary remix/remaster) - fourth press, white/green pinwheel - $20 $15 Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror - first press, black - $15 TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) - Animals (Acoustic) - first press, translucent green /1,000 - $25 Vasudeva - Life in Cycles (original mix) - second press, clear /300 - $20 $15
  5. A bit of a long shot, but I’m looking for the cassette release of the second Castevet album, the echo and the light. This is the original six song version of the album released by ice age records on cassette, limited to 60 copies. Hasn’t been sold on Discogs in close to 3 years, I figured I’d ask here though to see if anyone has one they would want to part with. I have a first pressing on white vinyl of the re-recorded eight song version of the album, which became the definitive version released by tiny engines, but the I prefer the original over that one, mostly because the original is what I first heard on bandcamp shortly after it was released. Always thought it would be cool to own a physical copy of my preferred version of the album, so hit me up if you have one of these tapes. Here’s the bandcamp page for the original release, if anyone is interested. https://iceagerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-echo-the-light
  6. Looking to sell this mondo/deathwaltz pressing of the original score for Twin Peaks. This is the first record in this series of David Lynch approved deathwaltz releases featuring the zigzag diecut covers. This is the now out of press white cover, with music from the original show, and the color of the record is marbled brown, or "damn fine coffee." Only played once. Small crease at the top of the diecut cover and on the obi strip on top. Original owner, bought from barnes and nobles website. Looking for $40 plus shipping.
  7. Looking to sell my copy of Cloudkicker - Beacons. This is the second pressing on black vinyl. I'm the original owner, bought it new from the Cloudkicker bandcamp page in 2014. The record is in great condition. Only selling because I found a copy of the first pressing on silver. I was going to throw this one on discogs, but I figured I'd try here first. PM me with an offer if you're interested.
  8. This past December I saw a copy of Hop Along - Painted Shut in a new arrival used section at a record store with an $8 sticker. I assumed it would be black, but peeked inside and saw that it was the white with pink haze variant, the only color variant that there is of this record. Instantly bought. Looks like it has sold on Discogs for 90, and the two copies for sale are 150 and 175.
  9. Just picked up a few more Koz records so I figured I’d take a group shot. It’s a pretty minuscule collection compared to some other Koz collections I’ve seen here, but I pretty much have everything I want, other than April. The black/white marbled /300 April is a white whale of mine, I just don’t have $200 to drop on it. Red House Painters - Rollercoaster (second press, 2015, black) Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar (second press, 2015, black) Red House Painters - Old Ramon (second press, 2015, smokey clear) Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts Of The Great Highway (second press, 2018, black) Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises (first press, 2010, marbled grey /150) Sun Kil Moon - Benji (second press, 2014, clear /1,900) Mark Kozelek - Lost Verses - Live (first press, 2009, white /500) Mark Kozelek - Live At Union Chapel & Sodra Teatern (first press, 2011, red/green /500)
  10. Looking for the teal/green/blue variant of the second self titled Everyone Everywhere record from 2012. Shoot me a message if you have a copy you’d be willing to let go of.
  11. I've sold my Who You Are Is Not Enough to the OP. Figured I'd update the thread as I've received some messages about it.
  12. I actually bought a copy of who you are is not enough just a few days ago at a local record store, Siren records in doylestown pa. I hadn't listened to them all that much but I knew that they are associated with another nj band I love, gates. I also knew just from frequenting this site that anything by this band is extremely rare and that I had to buy it. I've listened to it in its entirety twice since I got it and I like it a lot, but pm me with an offer and I may consider letting go of it. It's the caramel "cup o joe" variant, #171/300.
  13. Diary (2009 black repress) LP2 (2010 black repress) $30 ppd for the pair or $15 each Selling my copies of the first two sunny day records. These are the black represses that came out around the reunion tour, the diary repress from 2009 and the LP2 repress from 2010. Both are in great condition. I'm only selling them because I just bought Diary on red and LP2 on pink so that I'd have all four albums on colored vinyl. I got how it feels on yellow marble when it was repressed last year and just got the rising tide on clear on record store day. Having the first two on black and the last two on color, I convinced myself to complete the set and buy the colored versions on the first two albums and sell my black versions. I'm hoping to sell both as a set to someone for $30 including shipping. These records are great and the remeastered represses sound fantastic.
  14. Just moved into a new place and got a new turntable, since I was using my old roommate's for the past few years. Set up is a blue U-Turn Obit Plus with the cue lever upgrade -> Onkyo TX-8020 -> KLH AV-830 and around 130 records in two wooden apple crates.
  15. Looking for the green marble /100 variant of parrot flies. I was second in line for Royce's recent sale of this and missed out. Let me know if you have a copy you'd be willing to let go of.
  16. I just got the last piece I needed to complete my Appleseed Cast collection, their first 7 inch, Tale of the Aftermath. Managed to get a copy on Ebay for $35 after always seeing it for $65+ on discogs. Pretty happy to complete this collection, my largest collection from a single artist. Hoping to get a new album from them this year. The Appleseed Cast complete vinyl discography The End of the Ring Wars (first press translucent orange /1,000) Mare Vitalis (second press blue/white, black/gold /1,000) Low Level Owl: Volumes I + II (fourth press 3xLP Big School Records/Deep Elm Records - gold /1,000) Lost Songs (first press half blue/half black 154/500) Two Conversations (fourth press 2014 electric blue vinyl with blood red splatter /?) Peregrine (second press - graveface record club exclusive hand poured hand numbered 228/333) Sagarmatha (first press maroon with purple splatter /1,000) Middle States (first press baby blue /?) Illumination Ritual (second press swamp green on aqua blue /1,000) Tale of the Aftermath (first press black /500?) North Star Ordination (first press orange crush and red haze, hand numbered 203/250)
  17. Saw a copy pop up on eBay a month or so ago with a starting bid of just 99 cents. I was so surprised that there wasn't an outrageous price on it as usual and was hopeful that I might be able to get it for a decent price. Over the course of maybe 5 days it eventually sold for 80 something I think. Sorry I know this isn't much of a helpful post, just thought I'd share that eBay sighting I saw of this rare and valuable record. I would love to have all three of their albums on vinyl, this and blind are always just so expensive that I don't think it'll happen any time soon for me. This record has some of my favorite songs of theirs. Good luck on your search!

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