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  1. I'm getting the same error messages (address not valid) buying the newbury version with an Australian address but I'd recommended checking your back account as the charges seem to be going through on my account (my ocd nature means I've got 8 separate charges!!!)
  2. looks like there is a special 7" of the single available for pre-orders in indie stores http://www.carolinestorefinder.com/theavalanches/ EXCLUSIVE FRANKIE SINATRA 7″ The Avalanches and Astralwerks are pressing up a limited edition 7” available to fans who preorder the new album on vinyl at their local participating independent record stores on June 14. This 7” will come in a white sleeve and will feature two tracks, 1st single “Frankie Sinatra” and an extended version of the same track which is exclusive to this 7” record and unavailable in any other physical format!
  3. NPR first Listen for the new album.... http://www.npr.org/2015/09/02/436304859/first-listen-gary-clark-jr-the-story-of-sonny-boy-slim
  4. mrmongo

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    https://www.newburycomics.com/rel/v2_viewupc.php?storenr=103&upc=103-2134657N Classic tunes from one of hip hop's greatest.
  5. Me too... cheers for the heads up!
  6. "Dearest one and all, the day has finally arrived, to announce the unveiling of the new Libertines record - “Anthems For Doomed Youth”. We do so with the utmost pride and jubilation. She (the record) will be available on the 4th of September. We would encourage you to pre-order downloads, live on iTunes, in the spirit of our times. There will of course be special limited edition box sets and vinyl available for the more discerning from 9AM IN THE MORNING via www.thelibertines.com, with many an extra Arcadian flourish. Don’t miss ‘em!" Standard vinyl version and deluxe boxset which includes: Deluxe Album 12” Vinyl Album Demo CD (6 songs) Exclusive film by Roger Sargent Signed art print Artwork for each song figured I needed to sign up to VC to get this news out there as I'm super excited about the first Libs album in 11 years.... the deluxe ain't cheap and no word on quantities but who doesn't love a signed art print (especially if Pete signs it in his blood)