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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for new and old rap vinyl. some artists I'd be interested in are Kendrick Lamar, a$ap rocky, NWA, J. Cole, Drake, Nas, Jay-Z, etc. I'm interested in a lot more though, that was just naming some. PM if you have anything youd like to sell!
  2. Bump! Looking for mondo and if anyone has the better call saul 7"!
  3. Took me foreveeeer to find tfb on cassette. Good luck!
  4. Not really looking for anything in particular, if you have anything pm me!
  5. I emailed you about a handful of records
  6. Im searching for -Talon of the Hawk, Gold -Talon of the Hawk Cassette -Summer of Steroids -ST, Blue -ST, Purple -ST, Brown -ST, Orange If anyone has anything theyre willing to sell please let me know!
  7. Hey guys, I'm on a search for all of The Front Bottoms vinyl/cassettes. If anyone could help me out let me know! On a big hunt for summer of steroids and cassettes, but all other varients of S/T and TotH are more than welcome.