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  1. People can dm park ave CDs on their insta drop page they had multiple copies at retail of the indie and they ship. Not sure if there are any left but worth a shot for people who still need it.
  2. Anyone get an extra to sell me at not 400 cause I literally tried since the pillar drop with my subscription I had just for this to have the site crash on me everytime it processed my payment and not go through.
  3. anyone wanna sell me one for way over the 40 bucks. i was stuck on the tail end of my shift. was planning on trying to keep her solo vinyl as complete as my paramore variants
  4. hello i cant find my old post , but i am once again asking to buy either the hands like houses anon test press or the ground dweller test press. these are the last 2 i need for 100%
  5. so mine just came with a print and not my vinyl. Has this happened to anyone else cause im pretty upset about it.
  6. offer up want it gone. opened but unplayed
  7. I wish you could buy single items from it though. really just want a little bit longer and pom poms
  8. Looking to buy the vinyl I passed up on it in store too many times. Now i cant find it anywhere
  9. Anyone know if there is a press of the soundtrack for the new bumblebee movie yet?
  10. Since I live in the U.S. I was unable to get these I am PayPal ready to buy if someone can help me out