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  1. so mine just came with a print and not my vinyl. Has this happened to anyone else cause im pretty upset about it.
  2. offer up want it gone. opened but unplayed
  3. I wish you could buy single items from it though. really just want a little bit longer and pom poms
  4. Looking to buy the vinyl I passed up on it in store too many times. Now i cant find it anywhere
  5. Anyone know if there is a press of the soundtrack for the new bumblebee movie yet?
  6. Since I live in the U.S. I was unable to get these I am PayPal ready to buy if someone can help me out
  7. any idea when these would be shipped out I havent heard anything
  8. Wish I could have got the set but had to settle for two LPs
  9. FYE exclusive white vinyl not sure on the numbers tho https://www.fye.com/hands-like-houses----anon.-exclusive-white-vinyl-fye.000000790692255016.html?cgid=music#prefn1=isExclusive&srule=Newest&sz=12&start=3&prefv1=FYE+Exclusive&promo_id=home-slotb-left&promo_name=exclusive-vinyl&promo_creative=blue-wall-splattered-vinyl&promo_position=left
  10. Just picked up the red press from bull moose. Loved the first listen so in excited to get home and spin it.
  11. I'm so excited for this album to drop I really loved their last one. And even though Halo is pretty repetitive it's still a jam.
  12. does anyones store have a copy of the dance gavin dance exclusive still they could grab for me? I can paypal for it