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  1. I've got some Japanese and Australian Beatles singles if you're interested. Thx
  2. Do you have a tradelist I can check out? I see your collection list but I'm sure theres a bunch of off limits stuff. Thx
  3. Items for sale or trade, PM with offers. Most are still in shrink and hardly played. Ancient Ocean - Blood Moon (Red) Coke Weed - Mary Weaver (White) Midday Veil - This Wilderness (Slate Grey) Black Keys - Turn Blue (with CD) Lilys - Eccsame The Photon Band (Ghostly Pale, sealed) Jack White - Blunderbuss Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (sealed) Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales (in shrink) - reissue The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico - reissue The Who - Quadrophenia - reissue 300 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  4. +1 for seller! I hate Coyne now too, otherwise would buy At War with the Mystics
  5. Have some items for sale or trade (and yes I accidentally deleted half the subject line), PM with offers. If interested in trading, send me a tradelist and we can discuss. Thanks New/Sealed LPs: Faithless - Reverence - 2xLP, Gold - (New, has ~1 inch seam split in middle of top seam) Eminem: Curtain Call: The Hits The Re-Up Relapse Recovery The Marshall Mathers LP 2 The Acid - Liminal Used: Eraserhead Soundtrack (Original) Various - Japan 3.11.11: A Benefit Album The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow, RE (with CD) The Beatles - Rubber Soul (Japanese Pres
  6. Would you do 4 random indie records? Not a punk/metal/hardcore fan.
  7. Looking to sell or trade a portion of my collection that I don't listen to much anymore. All types of music - Rock, Pop, Classical, etc. Note that records listed as VG may have sections producing pops, but play through without skipping. Records listed as G+ will also play through without skips, but may have more visual wear or more sections with noise/pops. Shipping is $4 for 1 to 4 records (12"). 50 cents for each additional record (12") over 4. Note that double albums will be factored as 2 records for shipping. (**$10 minimum purchase to ship**) If purchasing only 7" records, or
  8. I go through phases where I'll be at the record shop twice a week, but then have a 3 month stretch where I just focus on listening to what I have. I recently decided to start thinning out my collection and only keeping records I intend on listening to more than once or have some sentimental attachment to. I used to just buy anything I thought was interesting or to complete a collection (every 80s record I could find!!! lol), but now focusing on expanding my Beatles/90s alternative/shoegaze collection. It has been fun selling my old stuff of lesser value. Selling 20 records buys me one reco
  9. I have 2 used cartridges I'd like to sell or trade for records or other turntable related items. PM me if interested! -Audio Technica AT-26E: ($23 shipped). Still in good shape. Came with a turntable I bought last year. I replaced the stylus with a generic one from ebay (seller - Needledaddy). I will also include the original Audio Technica stylus, which still works, but probably wouldn't recommend using it since I don't know how old it is. Comes with mounting screws. -Stanton L720: ($30 shipped). Also came with a turntable I used to have, but I never used it other than to tes

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