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  1. 41 minutes ago, VinylMario said:

    Almost went for it but couldn't justify paying over $60. But from what I've seen online, the hologram thing is pretty cool. Is the holographic album in hi-res, and is it incorporated into an app?

    The video is 1080p, not sure about the audio, and it's not app-based - it's an exclusive video unlocked on their website via password. Seriously makes the album much more appreciable (coming from one who loves it even without a visual medium).

  2. On 2/21/2018 at 1:11 PM, filthyrich said:

    Deadwing showed today. Clear vinyl looks pretty awesome. Packaging is nice too... Unfortunately no booklet of any kind and no code. Now, I have no idea if the original had a booklet.... And TBH the CD version doesn't offer much of anything in the booklet beyond collage art.... But I guess I was just assuming it would have one. (Ditto on a download code... Considering the new mastering has better DR levels than the original CD, I was planning to use the new version as my go-to digital.)


    Actual sound quality is quite good. Lots of dynamics. You need to crank it to really make the heavy parts really move. Vinyl was dead-quiet except for a little surface noise on Side C. (I didn't clean, just a few sweeps of the anti-static brush.) What can I say? Vinyl from SW never disappoints, and while this isn't my personal favorite PT record, it's a solid listen throughout. (And about $300 cheaper than an original!)


    I've owned anf loved the CD since it came out, and I was looking forward to hearing "Shesmovedon" on vinyl. There were two tracks in its place on the vinyl that I had not heard before, and I checked for dual grooves to see if it's hidden on there...anyone confirm that shesmovedon is not on this release?

  3. Welp, wouldn't be a complete Incubus collection if I didn't get it. I am excited for 8 after watching an interview with Mike and Jose about it. Incubus has yet to let me down. That album art though...with two artists in the band...

  4. 18 minutes ago, thievedrelic said:

    Oh interesting...I thought it got pulled because of the QC problems that were reported on almost every copy.  Is the black version better?

    Oh interesting...I thought it got pulled because of the QC problems that were reported on almost every copy.  Is the black version better?

    From what I've read, the sound is arguably better; the gold one being riddled with problems. I had pre-ordered it on Amazon just over a month and a half ago for $35. I think it's still listed, they charge and ship when they get them in.

  5. Got my black copy of The Fountain yesterday and listened to it last night. Side A was very quiet until I weighted it, but sounded great thereafter. Side B sounded fine without needing a weight. A few pops here and there, but overall I'm still happy to finally own this after ten years of waiting. Gonna listen again, watch the movie, and probably dust off the graphic novel tonight. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, stl_ben said:

    Not sure why you think it's mis-advertised, it doesn't list anywhere on the amazon page that it will be a certain color:



    Huh. Swear I saw the gold, must just be what I wanted to see. Or they read my post and removed that picture really quickly lol. Well damn.

  7. So I came across a copy of the Salival boot, still sealed in the foil poly bag. For those who have a copy, any advice on the best way to open and preserve the foil bag? Cut it at the top? The side?


    That's what I've heard from a few different people now. I'm sure it's going to be insane. I read a recent interview with one of the band members about the lights they are bringing with them, and even reading about those got me pumped.

    If for some reason you still haven't opened it in a month, I recommend opening it from the right side as I did, which allows it to be slipped into a plastic sleeve with the opening on top.

    Also, just saw tool and primus on Halloween in Tempe, and both were incredible! Tool's setlist was unexpected and hugely satisfying.