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Status Updates posted by rransomm

  1. Anybody with any leads on a vinyl copy of "Cloud Cult - The Seeker," hit me up.

  2. Need to get a squatty potty for work. Shit's just not the same.

    1. curator


      I want one of these.  Big difference?

    2. rransomm


      Heavens yes...I wasn't kidding, having one at home will force you to buy one for work. Like anything else, when you finally realize that something makes sense, there's no going back to  pre-enlightenment.

  3. Orgy/PM5K this Sunday, Cloud Cult next Friday, A Perfect Circle in April...looks like the only thing that can musically make this year any better is a new tool album...

  4. Can't wait to see Damien Rice at Red Rocks on Monday!

  5. Damien Rice @ Red Rocks & Tool @ Monster Mash: Gonna be there!

  6. Damien Rice = awesome, now to make Halloween happen sooner...

    1. clumsymonkey


      Yes to both of these

  7. Huh. My Light Grenade

  8. Huh. My Light Grenades vinyl has two "side 3" stickers._.

  9. i hope the force awakens

    1. abovetheearth


      thats what she said

  10. Is this tool year?

  11. Tool @ Monster Mash - gonna be there!

  12. Tool on Halloween !

  13. Tool tonight! Happy Halloween!