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  1. Giving this a bump. Both Graduation Speech EP's are included and you get a ton of other great releases.
  2. Hey Friends, Just wanted to drop by to say that I'm doing a little contest on the Part-Time PR instagram account. I'm giving away two copies of the new Graduation Speech tape. All you have to do is follow a few accounts and drop a comment and you're entered. Look for the post of the tape. https://www.instagram.com/part_time_pr/
  3. The EP is out everywhere TODAY. Stream it on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc. If you order the tape from Jetsam-Flotsam you'll get three additional songs. Hope you enjoy! https://linktr.ee/graduationspeech
  4. Just a week away from the release date! I hope some of you have enjoyed the single and I'm anxious for the other two tracks to get out there. Giving this another push for the tape preorder. I think they are going to look beautiful. See ya next week!
  5. Looks like this is getting a whole bunch of views. If you checked out the single I hope that you enjoyed it. Pre-orders have been picking up over the last few days. Grab the tape from Jetsam-Flotsam. It’s limited to 100. Every order will come with a digital download. The physical tape will include three exclusive home demos. Hoping to track a full length later this year. - Kevin
  6. Hey Everyone, This is Kevin of Aspiga & Graduation Speech. I have a new EP coming out on April 30th via Jetsam-Flotsam. This EP features a full band including Brandon & Billy of Crucial Dudes. Tape pre-orders are live and limited to 100. The tape will include 3 exclusive home demos and all purchases will included a digital download of the EP. If you dig Sundowner, The New Amsterdams, Fingers Cut Mega-Machine, The Weakerthans, etc. maybe give this a shot? Order: https://jetflotsam.storenvy.com/products/31958431-graduation-speech-private-anxieties Listen: https://linktr.ee/graduationspeech
  7. It's bandcamp friday and we have vinyl + clothing available. Couple of highlights... We have 1 copy of Every Last Piece on Brown/Red. $7 + shipping We have 2 copies of our split with Among Giants on White. $3 + shipping We have 2 copies of How I'm Not Feeling on grey/smoke mix. $3 + shipping. We also have 10-20 copies of Tense, What Happened to You?, and Dragged through the Years. All on colored vinyl. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  8. I don't think I have a spare super splatter. I might have the red or hot pink variant but I don't think I have super splatter. Let me take a look around. Thanks for ordering. Also, we're down to 1 copy of Every Last Piece.
  9. We have 7 copies of Every Last Piece left in our possession. I’ve marked them down to $7 + shipping on our Bandcamp. The purchase comes with a download. Grab a copy! https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/album/every-last-piece
  10. Jump Start Records have launched pre-orders for the upcoming Attic Salt full length. https://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com/album/get-wise
  11. I can't say for sure as I won't be packing the orders. However, I can say that both releases turned out great. Real gems from that era and the vinyl looks/sounds great.
  12. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these crazy times! 2020 didn't start out as we had planned, and no one certainly saw Covid coming from a million miles away, so what do you say we make the best of it? Looking for some new music to get you over the Covid hump? Want a chance to pick up a copy of some long out of print releases? Maybe even a highly sought after Test Press from your favorite Jump Start band? We've got just what you're looking for, and we've got a few special goodies to throw into the mix as well. Pickup a Vinyl Mystery Box and we'll ship you 5 LPs for $20+ shipping! Head to the link in our profile to pick on up! That's 5 LPs from our current stock of Jump Start vinyl LP releases for only $20! Get a copy of releases from @alleyeswest Astpai, Lighten Up!, Metroplex, @youvandalfl @goddamnitband Noise By Numbers, The Siren Six!, @laureatemtl @broadcasterny @mxpxpx @belvederebandofficial Horace Pinker, Kill Lincoln, and One Win Choice! it's dealers choice of what 5 you'll get but wait, there's more... Making things all that more interesting, while cleaning the Jump Start basement office during this pandemic we came across a few out of print copies of the classic A Wilhelm Scream release 'Career Suicide'" and Crucial Dudes '61 Penn' that we're going to make available, AT RANDOM, to anyone that picks up a Mystery Box. The A Wilhelm Scream 'Career Suicide' LP that could land in your Mystery Box may include one of the following: 1st Pressing - Translucent Blue Vinyl (1 Copies Available) 4th Pressing - Standard Black Vinyl (2 Copies Available) The Crucial Dudes '61 Penn' LP that could land in your Mystery Box include one of the following: 1st Pressing - White (1 Copy Available) 2nd Pressing - Clear (1 Copy Available) 2nd Pressing - Marble Grey/Green (2 Copies Available) We're not sure how long we're going to have this Mystery Box up for sale, so grab one now! https://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com/merch/vinyl-mystery-box
  13. Hey All, Kevin from Aspiga here. I'm trying to make some space in my apartment. I'm offering a deal where you get all 4 Aspiga LP's for $30 shipped. Only shipping this to US customers and it's limited to 8. You can PayPal me at [email protected] with your shipping address. First come. First served. Aspiga - Tense (randomly mixed) Aspiga - Every Last Piece (either red or brown with red mix) Aspiga - What Happened to You? (either trans lemon & opaque cherry or lemon yellow) Aspiga - Dragged Through the Years (jungle mix)
  14. Looking for the extra special gift for your favorite someone? Wanna splurge on yourself? Well then head on over to the JUMP START RECORDS online store at http://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com and pickup ANYTHING for 50% OFF! Doesn't matter what it is, digital, CD, vinyl, you name it! If it's on our store, it's 50% OFF until Monday, December 2nd! USE THIS CODE WHEN CHECKING OUT: blackfriday2019 Thanks as always for your support and have a great Holiday weekend with family and friends!
  15. Heeeeeey, Kevin from Aspiga here. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about my new solo EP that was released by Black Numbers. Maintenance Required is a five song EP for fans of New Amsterdams, Sundowner, Hanalei, and Fingers Cut Mega Machine. Track 5 features guest vocals by Brian Moss of The Ghost/Hanalei/Wunder Years. You can order it from Black Numbers and stream the whole thing on their bandcamp. Links below. Hope ya dig it. Bandcamp: https://blacknumbers.bandcamp.com/album/maintenance-required Order: http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/

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