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  1. “Each year, our label puts together a Thanksgiving Sale as our way of saying thanks for supporting our little label. You can save 35% on anything over at our Bandcamp page through Cyber Monday using the code “thanks” at checkout—and this includes our CD and vinyl bundles. Head to our Bandcamp now: http://jetsam-flotsam.bandcamp.com”
  2. As of this morning, you can take 35% any item (including the CD and vinyl deal) from the Jetsam-Flotsam Bandcamp. Just use the code “thanks” at checkout. Good until Cyber Monday. http://jetsam-flotsam.bandcamp.com
  3. Jetsam-Flotsam is offering a CD deal. Get every release, 8 CDs total, for $10 + shipping. This deal includes the new Graduation Speech EP (Kevin of Aspiga). https://jetflotsam.storenvy.com/products/36232450-all-our-cds-bundle
  4. This is officially out TODAY. Grab a digital or physical copy from Jetsam-Flotsam. For fans of Sundowner, Hanalei, Fingers Cut Mega-Machine, Matt Pryor, John K. Samson. https://jetsam-flotsam.bandcamp.com/album/controlled-burn
  5. Giving this a bump. Just a couple of weeks away from the release of the entire EP. If you haven't done so yet, preorder the CD or "Listening Pack" (includes the CD, a pound of coffee, and a candle) from Jetsam-Flotsam! https://jetflotsam.storenvy.com/
  6. The second and final single from my upcoming EP is streaming now at BrooklynVegan. Listen to "Destined" which will appear on my new EP, Controlled Burn. It'll be available on May 13th via Jetsam-Flotsam. The label is offering preorders that include a stand alone CD or a listening pack that includes a limited edition candle, bag of coffee, and the CD. We will also be playing our first full band show on June 10th at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company - Croydon, PA w/ Big Nothing, Wild Pink, Iron Chic, and Screaming Females. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/graduation-speech-preps-controlled-burn-ep-stream-a-track/
  7. Hell yeah. Miss you buddy! I'm hoping to get to NY in the summer so I'll have to plan a visit.
  8. Giving this a bump. The candles and coffee arrived at Jetsam-Flotsam and they look great! I think we're halfway sold out of the "listening pack" so don't wait on pre-ordering one. Another song from the EP will be coming out on 4/15.
  9. Hey Everyone, Kevin from Aspiga/Graduation Speech here. I'll be releasing a new Graduation Speech EP titled Controlled Burn on May 13th. Jetsam-Flotsam is releasing it digitally and on CD. The first single, "Patterns", is streaming on all digital platforms. Pre-orders are live and includes a very limited "listening pack" bundle that includes the CD, a bag of coffee, and a candle. FFO: Sundowner, Matt Pryor, Hanalei, Fingers Cut Mega-Machine. Listen to "Patterns" - https://jetsam-flotsam.bandcamp.com/track/patterns Preorder Controlled Burn - https://jetflotsam.storenvy.com/products
  10. Hey Friends, Today is your last chance to take advantage of the Jetsam-Flotsam Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. You can take 40% off of all physical and digital releases in their catalog. Earlier this year, I released a new 3 song EP titled Private Anxieties. If you're a fan of Aspiga, I think you'd probably dig this as well. The tape also features 3 home demos on the b-side. If you have the extra $$$ please consider making a purchase from the label. Lots of great bands and it's a family owned business. You can purchase my EP here: https://jetsam-flotsam.bandcamp.com/album/private-anxieties Use the code: thanks
  11. Giving this a bump. Both Graduation Speech EP's are included and you get a ton of other great releases.
  12. Hey Friends, Just wanted to drop by to say that I'm doing a little contest on the Part-Time PR instagram account. I'm giving away two copies of the new Graduation Speech tape. All you have to do is follow a few accounts and drop a comment and you're entered. Look for the post of the tape. https://www.instagram.com/part_time_pr/
  13. The EP is out everywhere TODAY. Stream it on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc. If you order the tape from Jetsam-Flotsam you'll get three additional songs. Hope you enjoy! https://linktr.ee/graduationspeech
  14. Just a week away from the release date! I hope some of you have enjoyed the single and I'm anxious for the other two tracks to get out there. Giving this another push for the tape preorder. I think they are going to look beautiful. See ya next week!
  15. Looks like this is getting a whole bunch of views. If you checked out the single I hope that you enjoyed it. Pre-orders have been picking up over the last few days. Grab the tape from Jetsam-Flotsam. It’s limited to 100. Every order will come with a digital download. The physical tape will include three exclusive home demos. Hoping to track a full length later this year. - Kevin

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