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  1. if anyone is interested, fog lake is getting cassette re-issues https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/dragonchaser-victoria-park
  2. Check out our newest release by "moving in" the ep was mastered by Warren http://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/sunburn limited run, only 12 copies left
  3. if you wanna listen, we have a cool benefit comp on z tapes https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/fry-yr-brn-theme-song-benefit-compilation
  4. French chillwave producer In Love With A Ghost http://ztapesrecords.com/products/lets-go-pre-order
  5. New tape with gorgeous bully's 4 EP http://ztapesrecords.com/products/nwobhm-pre-order And Australian indie rockers Buddy Holliday http://ztapesrecords.com/products/victoria-street-pre-order
  6. NEW STUFF! Manchester-based duo Holiday Home playing slacker bedroom pop. You can listen & buy it in our store: ztapesrecords.com/products/greetings Digital downloads: ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/greetings-from Govier, bedroom diy bedroom pop from Atlanta, Georgia. You can listen & buy it in our store: http://ztapesrecords.com/products/predator-pre-order Digital downloads: https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/predator The Wandering Lake, a psychedelic folk pop from Athens, Ohio. You can listen & buy it in our store: ztapesrecords.com/products/james-garden-ashame Digital downloads: ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/from-james-garden-ashame AND Euphoria Again Distro: http://ztapesrecords.com/products/mouse-rides-distro Later this year we will be releasing EA's new record.
  7. these are the last 4 copies of our fog lake release. available here http://ztapesrecords.com/products/virgo-indigo-farther-reachesno re-issue will be held
  8. finally we have a cassette release with a local band from Prague. definitely worth checking out: http://ztapesrecords.com/products/elegy-pre-order
  9. another cassette is up. juicy bedroom pop from australia http://ztapesrecords.com/products/azure-pre-order
  10. We have two new releases: First cassette is Dying Adolescence, a teenage dreamy surfy lo-fi bedroom pop from Sydney, Australia. You can pre-order it in our store: ztapesrecords.com/products/dear-you-it-cant-wait-pre-order Digital downloads: ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/dear-you-it-cant-wait​ It has been premiered on cool Australian site Happy. Read full article here: hhhhappy.com/premiere-girls-school-and-growing-up-dying-adolescences-dear-you-it-cant-wait-is-the-soundtrack-to-your-post-high-school-life/​ Second cassette releases is a re-issue of album by Sea Ghost, indie rock band from Atlanta, GA. You can order cassettes here: http://ztapesrecords.com/products/sg-pre-order Digital downloads on our Bandcamp: https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/sg Enjoy
  11. we have created a special group for cassette lovers https://www.facebook.com/groups/1095616317135458/
  12. QUICK STOCK UPDATE: We have only two copies of Fox Academy and Fog Lake cassettes and 4 copies of Nice Legs. Rest of albums are also low on stock. You can grab them in our store: http://ztapesrecords.com/or on Bandcamp page: https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/merch We have also new pre-order up of australian teenage dreamy surfy lo-fi pop: http://ztapesrecords.com/products/dear-you-it-cant-wait
  13. hey guys, just wanted to let you know that only few copies left of fog lake album https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/virgo-indigo-farther-reaches i know some of you were interested in it also fox academy tapes are almost gone https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/elsie and about that orchid tapes/ birdtapes. tyler and warren have the best taste in music. i believe them when they choose something, it's good. the way of running things is way more complicated, but i do not mind. i have not had any problems with any of them. therefore i am planning to support them in future too.
  14. This year we wanted to do something special for Christmas and give something back to people that need help. We created this Christmas compilation to support a small, but amazing Slovakian organization running a shelter for battered women and helping kids without proper families in a small town, not far away from the place where I grew up. I met them this summer, and from that point on I wanted to help them financially. They need a lot of money. Therefore all profits from this compilation will go towards their honest work. Please help this organization build a better home for people in need. https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-benefit-compilation
  15. We have last copies of fog lake tape and also whole digital discography just for $ 2 https://ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/virgo-indigo-farther-reaches