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  1. Cheaper on Matador https://store.matadorrecords.com/making-a-door-less-open
  2. I read “clear vinyl is gonna happen” and my heart sank through my buttopening ohhhh my goddddddddd Rather have the splatz tho
  3. It’s what they stated, Jizz. But they just flat-out fucking lied to our faces.
  4. Maniac Meat repress is rumored to come later this year, no idea about Mystic though.
  5. Available on black at their webstore: https://shop.thestrokes.com/products/the-new-abnormal-vinyl-digital-album And Indies red: https://www.roughtrade.com/us/the-strokes/the-new-abnormal/lp-plus
  6. https://nerdist.com/article/lost-michael-giacchino-concert-album/?amp#click=https://t.co/EPje9dQ5Xa
  7. MyUSPS app shows me a label was created today for a Media Mail delivery and I have nothing else expected to ship to me for the next 3 weeks... so I'm confident this is it.
  8. Autographed /90 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/diiv-deceiver_lp_autographed
  9. Shit leaked already so they posted it digitally to purchase: https://whirrband.bandcamp.com/album/feels-like-you