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  1. Child’s Play ‘88 is the secret release. Meh. Jason Lives is also coming, not sure if they’ve teased that already or not.
  2. Let's not skirt around the fact that the true hero here is @jtcohenour
  3. Holy shit yes, I need that Z to A set. I was planning a TP rewatch next month but it looks like I'm waiting til December. Wonder what the cost will be...
  4. Lol Amoeba, $225. When the listing went up an hour ago it was $39.99. https://www.amoeba.com/once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-ost-limited-edition-lp-various-artists/albums/4156595/
  5. They'll restock and/or it'll be available elsewhere. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W8LJL9G
  6. Because their announcement of "3 striped, colored variants" was worded poorly.
  7. Because different studios own the different properties I'd imagine it'll be a long time, if ever, they're combined. Hopefully I'm proved wrong but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/13981090?ev=rb Lol Looney Tunes no shame in flipping their own titles.
  9. From my experience they typically sell leftover copies as soon as the listing goes live on their site. I'd assume this means they already sold out of whatever copies they had left but I could be wrong...
  10. This will be the last package (Vault 42) that the Vault subscription remains priced at $60 US/$70 CAN/$80 INTL. Beginning with Vault 43 (subscription window November 1st- January 31st, package TBA) quarterly subscriptions will be increased $5, meaning $65 US/$75 CAN/$85 INTL. Subscribers can lock in at the current price point by purchasing the new option of an annual subscription (available soon!). More details to come later this month and next.
  11. Huh? These ship from the US, it states that below each product option. I've had plenty of Bleep-store items ship from the US before.
  12. U.S. link https://battles.warp.net/release/139765-battles-juice-b-crypts
  13. Weird, my pink amazon copy arrived pretty close to mint. I suppose I never really appreciated the condition of it.
  14. I've simply convinced myself that Dear Tommy is/was indeed a terribly shitty album and we were all saved from auditory torture. Basically the only way to get through life anymore without constantly pining for ol' Tom.
  15. Hey where’s the rest of their discog. Gimme all.
  16. Tempted to buy orange and shove that into my Deluxe sleeve.
  17. Standalone pic disc: https://usshop.foals.co.uk/everything-not-saved-will-be-lost-part-two-picture-disc.html Standard black vinyl: https://usshop.foals.co.uk/music/vinyl/everything-not-saved-will-be-lost-part-two-vinyl-1.html Bundle with Vol. 1: https://usshop.foals.co.uk/music/vinyl/everything-not-saved-will-be-lost-part-1-2.html
  18. Says limited on the page but who knows what the fuck that even means anymore.