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  1. zdkaiser -- thanks for the specific feedback! That is what I was hoping for.
  2. I checked that out before I posted, thanks. I'm looking for more specific recommendations (e.g. you can't get a good bass sound below x-sized speaker, etc).
  3. Hi, I'm looking to change my current set-up. I have an RCA LAB 1200 turntable, an Optimus STAV 3580 receiver, and currently two big floor speakers. The speakers were rebuilt by a friend many years ago and they are good. However I need to move the set-up to a smaller room and so I'd like to get smaller speakers that will take up less space and also speakers that can give good quality sound at a lower volume. So one question is, how small can I go and still get decent bass? I don't want thumping bass, but I want the bass to have a good presence. I listen to rock, some blues and soul, indie, and some roots music (examples would be Fleetwood Mac, REM, Natalie Merchant, Leon Bridges, Kristen Diable, The Besnard Lakes, Queen, and Zep). I'd love to get something good for under $300 (who wouldn't) but would consider spending up to around $500 if it's going to give me good sound. Recommendations??? I also welcome feedback on the turntable and receiver. Thanks.