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  1. My first (quite small) order has shipped with no cancellations, so that's good!
  2. Still nothing - I'm not optimistic at this point, but anything will be a solid bonus.
  3. Nothing I ordered from RT has shipped yet. Sad times.
  4. I'm hoping for a single TTTYG press - already own everything else in there. If the box had EOWYG in, I may have bought.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't quite clear about that! $4.70....I'd have been all over it.
  6. Shame nothing from London features on there. Having been at that gig, it would have been awesome.
  7. A few pinks and blues have just appeared on the S1D EU store - https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/sideonedummy-records/ Good luck!
  8. Mine arrived yesterday. Nice book overall, I do think the price was way too high for it however!