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  1. Showing sold out on udiscover, still available at The Sound Of Vinyl https://thesoundofvinyl.us/products/godsmack-godsmack-orange-limited-edition?variant=41250759147613
  2. New variant up on webstore: https://store.greenday.com/en/green-day/music/vinyl/saviors-lt-ed-store-exclusive-neon-pink-w-neon-green-splatter-vinyl-lp/093624866145.html
  3. Just got my blue swirl and magenta splatter in the mail today...definitely disappointed in how the colors turned out on these.
  4. Agree 100%. I did the exact same thing, for the exact same reason.
  5. Late to the party here, just picked up the green/blue/pink/white from Bullmoose. Some great variants available from the Rob Zombie cash grab machine! I will also never understand the “your hobby is dumb” posts that continue to pop up in hobby forums. But then again, I guess trolling is a hobby in and of itself as well...
  6. Just had my Dr Strange Green Day order cancelled - back on the hunt for this as well!
  7. Just ordered my BAM variant. Thanks for the code. Saving $3 is better than saving $0!
  8. Snuck through and got a preorder with SRC. I now have preorders with both Fat Beats and SRC. So I should have at least 1 clear available for the board, possibly 2 depending on the details of the box set.
  9. Got my order confirmation e-mail and then 90 minutes later PayPal receipt saying payment was processed. Not sure if that means I made it through or if there is still the possibility of cancellation/refund
  10. Thank you! Snagged one from them as well. However, I have a feeling I'll end up selling it on VC once they announce the details of the box set. Would have been nice to know those details prior to the launch of Vol 1 preorders.

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