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  1. Just heard back from BS, and they're sending me another one. Glad to hear that this seems to be an isolated incident, so the replacement should be much better.
  2. Anybody have any issues with their white vinyl copy of In Absentia? The center hole on the second LP is completely out-of-round, with a large protuberance on one side, like the plastic got bunched up; and the entire thing is pressed off-center, causing at least a half-inch sway in the tone arm. It results in some very distinct pitch fluctuations as the tone-arm sways back-and-forth. Sides 3 and 4 are completely unlistenable for me... :/ I say this with a relatively high-tolerance for less-than-perfect pressings... With that said, sides one and two sound absolutely killer.
  3. Looks like they've been playing quite a few shows lately. Maybe it'll happen.
  4. I bought some super-cheap, generic, dvd player from BestBuy specifically for Feed To Feed. Can't remember the brand name, but I don't think I paid more than $50 for it. I junked it once I got an OPPO BDP-83. I haven't watched Feed To Feed in years, but I seem to recall that the 5.1 track on one of the discs was seriously messed up, and the surround content on the other discs was... not very good. I found the stereo tracks to be more full, punchy, and dynamic. Overall, a great release, and a must-have if you're a fan. Pretty neat having pretty much every song they had ever recorded (up to that point) in a single live video set.
  5. I don't specifically recall the region coding, but I do know that it's PAL encoded, as opposed to NTSC.
  6. Yes, hoping something shows up on the US market...
  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I was hoping some limited variant would pop up.
  8. HOLY CRAP!!! So stoked for this!! Thanks for the heads-up, Sasan
  9. I have the clear/black variant, and it's relatively quiet. A few pops and clicks here and there, but that's certainly to be expected. I wouldn't say it's any more noisy than a lot of black vinyl I own. Overall, a very good sounding record.
  10. I'm in. It says whatever is left over will be sold in their shop for $25 as opposed to the $45 they're asking right now, which is perfectly fine, as I don't mind contributing to see this realized. But, hopefully for those who contributed to the crowd fund, they'll at least get something extra, like a signed copy or ya know, just something! Doesn't sound like it though... oh well!
  11. In a response to a comment on their facebook, TAL just mentioned they'd be available at shows...
  12. I do have to add: I never would have pictured The Album Leaf on the Relapse label...
  13. YES! So stoked for this. That red variant looks absolutely incredible! But, I keep seeing these limited clear editions from Relapse, that then indicate (DO NOT REQUEST CLEAR), so how does one go about obtaining these clear variants?