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  1. Where was this? I think I was there.
  2. oldmanmcgenty

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    How much were those wonder years picture books?
  3. oldmanmcgenty

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    I really do
  4. Wonder when this preorder will happen.
  5. oldmanmcgenty

    PO: Homesafe - One

    Does every pure noise release get one of these merch limited covers at this point? Jeez.
  6. If anybody can grab me one my girlfriend would be very happy.
  7. oldmanmcgenty

    PO Soon: Restorations - LP5000

    So this is happening today.
  8. oldmanmcgenty

    PO Now: Foxing - Dealer (Oct 30th)

    New Foxing song on Apple Music and Spotify. Possible preorder soon?
  9. oldmanmcgenty

    PO: Dashboard Confessional Reissues

    Please tell me this isn’t the only dashboard album they pressed?
  10. oldmanmcgenty

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    That was easier than I thought it would be.
  11. Wonder how long after everybody wakes up at /100 will last
  12. https://store.noidearecords.com/collections/new-on-no-idea/products/defianceohiosharewhatyagot very limited edition of share what ya got
  13. oldmanmcgenty

    PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

  14. I want this but do I really need it?
  15. oldmanmcgenty

    Young Statues: Amarillo 7" (2/23)

    Can we talk about how good these songs are?
  16. oldmanmcgenty

    PO : Sorority Noise - YNAAYT 12"

    Anyone else having trouble using PayPal on bsm?
  17. oldmanmcgenty

    Nathan Hussey - Hitchens

    The colored variant matches the artwork perfectly.
  18. oldmanmcgenty

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Prolly selling me limited if anyone is interested.
  19. Red and White is gone. Went with blue with pink blob.
  20. oldmanmcgenty

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Didn’t Kurt Cobain rape a mentally challenged girl?
  21. oldmanmcgenty

    PO: Brian Fallon, Sleepwalkers

    This is probably the most interesting thing he has written since 59 Sound.
  22. https://smartpunkshop.com/products/iron-chic-you-cant-stay-here Smart Punk exclusive /200
  23. oldmanmcgenty

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Why did I click on this twice ?