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  1. Geeeez OP! Those are all insane grails that we’re hard af to find in the early 00’s, much less today. Best of luck on this search and thanks for letting me know El Mark exists on vinyl haha.
  2. Count Your Lucky Stars is doing PWYW on their Bancamp until tomorrow, lots of good Emo and Indie stuff to check out. https://countyourluckystars.bandcamp.com/music
  3. Big Scary Monsters is doing pay what you want on their Bandcamp right now, and they have some BANGERS! https://bsmrocks.bandcamp.com/
  4. This is a top 3 best PJ show for me but I'm torn on buying it because of those digital tracks. I'be been holding off on getting that 4 disc boot set because I figured we'd get a Vault release eventually. Now that we have I just don't know which to choose.
  5. Smartpunk has their variant up and surprise...it's yellow! It's also currently on sale for $16.50 preorder. https://www.smartpunk.com/110243/Movielife-CISOAH-475
  6. I really liked the new song, it was completely different but I just took it as the band growing and putting music out as 40 yo's instead of 20 yo's. Who knows though, it could be really bad, I just hope for tour dates.
  7. The regular TBS version was pushed back to July 14th so I'd assume the variant will probably be around the same time.
  8. It happens all too often, just ask Fucky Labrador on eBay.
  9. This is me right now, debating on sleeping for 3.5 hours or just staying up. Hopefully Amoeba has PJ and The Cure, the only 2 releases I wanted this year.
  10. The card was unmarked so I had to enter email, hopefully it still works. Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living www.atozmedia.com/soundcard 54M57PF55A
  11. I got super excited there was 40% off until I read your previous post haha. I def may have to go this Wed to see if there are any new markdowns though. Thanks for the tips.
  12. Someone grabbed this, thanks for posting though.
  13. I didn't doubt for a second this would sell out, in glad I got back in on time but bummed I was a few days late for $25 store credit. Supposedly next month is supposed to be a big record too.
  14. They're already saying on their message board this will sell out given the hype of this record and people signing up left and right. Also someone on r/vinyl that claims to work for VMP said this is an exclusive and won't be getting any other reissues for awhile. The Avalanches and Anderson Paak variants shot up in value and those are minuscule compared to an actual Demon Days pressing imo, I wouldn't risk it and suggest you sign up if you don't want to pay a ton. the $10 credit can be used to reduce your membership also, so you'd only be paying $19 for the month. Just make sure you cancel before the new record is shipped or you'll be charged another month.