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  1. sounds like they're just tossing whatever color variant is in arm's reach into the mailers.
  2. sounds like they're just tossing whatever color variant is in arm's reach into the mailers.
  3. i ordered a green from the spotify promo and a gov. ball orange. got correct shipping confirmations for each, and they showed up today... but they're both green. thanks, cult? i wonder if that means someone who ordered green is gonna get my orange. :"^(
  4. weird angles/lighting, but here's some stuff i've picked up recently: not pictured: david bowie - blackstar, and the bouncing souls - s/t.
  5. super excited for this record! bad habits was definitely a weird track to put out for these guys, but i liked it. hoping for more alex influence on the other tracks, though. nabbed the deluxe LP bundle. fingers crossed for some socal/LA shows set around coachella this year...
  6. sorry my pictures are a little late, i wanted to wait 'til i was moved back into my dorm before opening my SS package... which was seriously fucking cool and thoughtful. so here's the architects border wars vol. 1 & 2 (vol. 1 is autographed, which is sweet). i love comics, especially comics connected to good music and frank iero so this is awesome. similarly awesome: that reggie vinyl. i may have actually achieved some air time when i pulled it out of the box i was so excited. i've been dying to get the tricolor variant for ages! and now i have it! next are the two am! 12"s, which, augh. yes. they will definitely be getting some use from me. i am pretty obsessed with them. :^( i haven't had a chance to spin the aeges record yet, so i went and listened to one of their songs on youtube, and now i have one more reason to upgrade to a decent functioning turntable. as for the cool substream mags, they're probably the biggest hint (besides the playlist) as to who my secret santa was. i had a pretty good idea before i listened to it, which turned out to be correct! thank you ScottHeisel for such great gifts!!! p.s. really digging the rosenstock and sidekicks on the playlist. also thanks to themeconspiracy for being patient and a great mod while i tried to get my shit together in november.
  7. hello theeere. my name's hannah, i live in southern california, and i'm a ramen-guzzling student working on a psychology degree. my hobbies include gaming (world of warcraft, hearthstone, fallout, skyrim) and following frnkiero andthe cellabration around on tour with amigos. this means i get to travel a lot, and so far my favorite cities have by far been portland and salt lake city. i also go to a lot of shows in the los angeles area; the most recent was the get up kids at the troubadour and the next is gonna be against me! at the observatory. my favorite color is grey. i really love star trek and lord of the rings, and classic horror movies, especially the nightmare on elm street series. if you're stumped on vinyl (i know a few of the things on my wishlist are pricey and not super feasible for a secret santa) i also love drinks and can't afford them! feel free to send me some of your favorites. i particularly like rum and whiskey. punk music means a lot to me–jawbreaker, black flag, the cramps, etc. and so does dr. pepper. secret santas are a lot of fun and i've already started putting together the package for my giftee! woo!
  8. found a pink/blue copy of tighter! and thanks for the info on rebel, didn't know it was still up. bump!
  9. my white (clear?) whale in the middle there. :* also been going a little against me! crazy not pictured, because i'm lazy: transgender dysphoria blues - blue/white swirl and hot topic/webstore represses of danger days and may death never stop you
  10. I'll check it out, thanks! And bump bump bump.
  11. I didn't think I'd have too much trouble finding that one either, but I haven't seen anyone let theirs go. Last of either up on Discogs was April, but I did start looking pretty recently.